Abavubuka mwenyigire mu bulimi - Kabaka awadde amagezi.

Dec 08, 2014

Kabaka ng’awuubira ku bantu be ku mbuga y’eggombolola y’e Buwama mu ssaza ly’e Mawokota e Mpigi ku Lwomukaaga ku mikolo gy’Abavubuka mu Buganda.


KABAKA Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II alagidde abavubuka okwongera okwegatta 

beenyigire mu bulimi nga balima ebirime eby’ettunzi okusobola okwekulaakulanya.

Omutanda ng’ali ku mikolo gy’abavubuka mu Buganda ku mbuga y’eggombolola y’e Buwama mu ssaza lya Mawokota mu disitulikiti y’e Mpigi ku Lwomukaaga, yawadde abavubuka amagezi okukozesa ebifo ku masaza ne ku magombolola okukolerako emirimu egy’enjawulo egy’enkulaakulana

n’asiima abatandiseewo emirimu ne bayambako n’abalala okwebeezaawo.


Ente Omubaka Kenneth Kiyingi Bbosa (Mawokota South) gye yatonedde 

Ssaabasajja ku Lwomukaaga. 

Kabaka alagidde abavubuka okwekebeza Kabaka yakubirizza abavubuka okwekuuma:

“Omwaka guno tujjukiziddwa ensonga y’ebyobulamu. Abavubuka tusaanye okwekuuma nga tuli balamu, okwekebeza buli mwaka kubanga si kirungi okugenda mu ddwaaliro nga tumaze okugonda ate omuvubuka alina okulya obulungi.”

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga yakunze abavubuka okukozesa emikisa Kabaka gy’abatee

reddewo; mu by’obulimi beekwate BUCADEF n’okuyingira Ssuubiryo Zambogo SACCO.

Omulamwa gwabadde; Omuvubuka omulamu ate nga mukozi ye nnamuziga w’enku

laakulana mu Buganda, era wano Minisita w’abavubuka e Mmengo, Henry Ssekabembe, we yategeerezza nga bammemba ba Ssuubiryo Zambogo SACCO bwe batuuse ku 1,500 nga kati balinawo n’obukadde 285.


Abamu ku Baamasaza ku mukolo gw’Abavubuka mu Buganda e Mawokota ku Lwomukaaga.

Omukolo gwetabyeko; ssentebe w’abavubuka mu Buganda, Richard Kabanda, Kayima David Ssekyeru, Katikkiro eyawummula Dan Mulika, sipiika wa Buganda Nelson Kawalya n’omumyuka we Ahmed Lwasa, Minisita Amelia Kyambadde, Omubaka Kenneth Kiyingi Bbosa (Mawokota South) ssaako baminisita b’e Mmengo, abakulu b’ebika n’Abaamasaza.

Abayimbi; Mathias Walukagga ne Fred Ssebbale be baasanyusiza abantu ba Kabaka.


The first bank in The Ganda Kingdom

By Henry Lubega

Posted  Sunday, March 1  2015 


Before 1906, there was no banking institution in Uganda until November of the same year when the national Bank of India opened its first branch in Entebbe, and four years later it opened the first bank in Kampala, although it was later taken up to become Grindlys Bank.

The National Bank of India was followed by Standard Bank of South Africa Limited when on September 19, 1912, it opened its first branch in Kampala. And a few years later it opened another branch in Jinja.


Barclays followed in 1927 when it opened two branches in Kampala and Jinja. In 1954 three more banks; Bank of Baroda, Bank of India and The Nedelandsche Handel-Maatschappij M.V (Netherlands Trading Society) opened in Uganda.

According to Saben’s commercial directory and handbook of Uganda, as early as 1949 the banking system had been established in Uganda but did not control much of the financial liquidity that was in circulation across the board in the country.

“Much of the money was controlled in the bazaars and other channels which were predominantly controlled by people of the Asian origin. These people played a key role in the buying of cotton.

However, areas where banks were non-existent, merchants in those areas played the part of the banks. This was through taking drafts in exchange for cash or physical items in exchange for hard cash,” Saben wrote.

By 1950, it was realised that to bring more Africans into the business there was need to provide them with credit. Unfortunately, the commercial banks at the time would not extend credit to Africans because of the nature of their securities.

Under Ordinance number 20 of 1950 the Uganda Credit and Saving Bank was created purposely to extend credit facilities to Africans with the aim of furthering agriculture, commercial building and co-operative society purposes.

On October 2, 1950, the bank was opened and by 1961 it had spread to places like Arua, Fort Portal, Jinja, Soroti, Gulu, Masaka and Mbale, taking only African deposits.

Building Society

Two years later, the first Building Society in Uganda was opened as a subsidiary of a Kenyan owned firm Savings and Loans Society Limited. 

More financial institutions continued to open up in Uganda with Lombard Bank from Kenya, in partnership with Uganda Development Corporation, opening the Lombank Uganda Limited in 1958. It was this bank which first introduced the hire purchase system of shopping in Uganda.

It was not until 1966 that through an act of Parliament that Bank of Uganda was created. Prior to this, issues to do with money were handled by the East African currency board which had its head offices in Kenya.

In daddy’s scientific footsteps: With her 5th degree, Butambala girl lives the American dream:

Written by Joseph W. Kamugisha & Ronnie Mayanja

 Created: 29 May 2012


PhD Holder: Dr Sala Nanyanzi Senkayi(centre) and mother(right) and supervising Professor(left)

   Sala and her Daddy.

It is every parent’s dream to see their children grow up and graduate from university.

But often do you meet a five-degree holder, topped off with a Doctorate degree or PhD?

Well, recently the Ugandan community in Dallas Fort Worth not only embraced one, they also welcomed their community’s first and youngest female PhD holder in the names of Dr Sala Nanyanzi Senkayi. It has been a long time coming for the young lady, the daughter of Dr Abu Senkayi (PhD) and Sunajeh Senkayi, having began her humble journey at Texas A&M University, with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree.

She would later pick up two other B.Sc degrees and a Master of Science degree) from the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). And then came her PhD in environmental science from the same University of Texas at Arlington, for which she wrote a dissertation on “Proximity to Airport and Cancer Incidences in Texas”.

Many people will be familiar with the adage that it takes a village to raise a child; that is what many friends and well wishers of the Senkayi family said during Sala’s graduation party. The proud parents could be seen beaming with excitement as speaker after speaker, spoke about their daughter’s achievement.

Emcee Frank Sentamu, added excitement to the evening when he suggested that the two doctors should change their names to Dr Senkayi Senior and Dr Senkayi Junior as a way of separating father and daughter.

The journey that first inspired the young Sala could be traced back to her childhood. According to her father, on the day he got his PhD, Sala ran to the stage, grabbed her Dad’s hat and put it on her own head, as if to suggest that one day she would wear her own. Several years passed but Dr Abu Senkayi did not imagine ever having the pleasure of participating in the hooding process of his only daughter.

The hooding process is normally reserved for the graduate’s major professor, but in one of those rare occasions when a parent of the student is a Doctorate degree holder, the pleasure and opportunity of carrying out this exercise is often passed on to the parent, which in this case was Dr Abu Senkayi an environmental scientist himself.

Sala owes her success to the inspiration and support of her parents, and brother Ali Senkayi, an electrical engineer. She is also quick to mention the collective effort of many other community friends and relatives who encouraged her along her academic journey.

Dr Abu Senkayi, an official Buganda Kingdom representative in North America, also mentioned that Sala had been involved in planning for Buganda cultural activities in Dallas. In 2001, young as she was, Sala played a prominent role during Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s, visit to Dallas. The same was the case when the Nnabagereka of Buganda, Sylvia Nnaginda, visited in 2005.

The Senkayi family, originally from Kibibi in Butambala, left Uganda in the 1970s and settled in the United States. They visit Uganda regularly and were here only last December, to participate in the Ugandan Diaspora conference the Serena Hotel. Dr Sala is also an active community organizer who spends time going to schools and colleges to talk about Environmental protection.

Besides her commitment to the community, Sala maintains a full time job in the same office block and department with her father, at the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Her EPA mentor proudly noted, during the evening graduation dinner, that Sala is “a very dedicated girl, who takes her job very seriously and devotes a lot of time into everything she does.”

Before Sala joined her father as an EPA employee, the father remembers bringing her to the office on special days when employees are allowed to bring their children to the office. One could say that all this gave the little girl some early inspiration to follow in her dad’s footsteps.

But when asked why she chose environmental science Sala said: “I’m not trying to follow my dad’s footsteps per se, because I like Biology and my dad is a soil scientist. But I also like my dad because he is a cool guy!”

Sala says she enjoys her work environmental protection, and her fellowship in the Ugandan community. “Getting a degree is just part of the story” she says. “Making friends, helping each other, as Ugandan community members to advance each other, is what will help us succeed here in the Diaspora.”

With her five degrees, the single Dr Sala intends to keep her job at EPA, although she could go into academia; and she still cherishes working with children on environment-related programmes.

“I can now say that I’m free at last,” she says. “I have all the time I need to live and enjoy my life.”

Pulezidenti Museveni atunze ente 400 mu lufula y’e Luweero

By Musasi wa Bukedde

Added 15th August 2016

 Pulezidebti ( mu byeru) ng’aggulawo lufula.

PULEZIDENTI Museveni mulunzi era mu kiseera kino agamba nti alina ennume 400 ze yamaze okufunira akatale mu lufula y’Abamisiri ey’omulembe gye yagguddewo e Luweero. Lufula eno yagguddwaawo ku Lwokuna lwa wiiki ewedde.

Pulezidenti yagambye nti ennume zino bagenda kuziggya ku ffaamu ye, bazitwale bazirunde zisobole okutuuka ku mutindo oguvaamu ennyama etundibwa ebweru w’eggwanga. Lufula eno ey’omulembe eyitibwa “Egypt Uganda Food Security Ltd “ ng’esangibwa ku kyalo Nyimbwa mu Luweero, yeesudde kiromita 30 okuva mu Kampala.

Erimu ebyuma ebiri ku mulembe ebikozesebwa okulongoosa ennyama y’ente nga bitandikira mu kusalako omutwe, okubaagako eddiba n’okusala amagumba mu bwangu. Mulimu ebyuma ebiyonja ennyama n’ebyenda n’ebitundu ebirala mu ngeri ey’omulembe . Oluvannyuma ennyama eno egenda kutundibwa ku katale k’ensi yonna .

Lufula eno egenda kusala ente 400 buli lunaku ng’ennyama etwalibwa bweru w’eggwanga. Pulezidenti Museveni we yasinzidde okukunga abalunzi abalina ennume bazirunde mu ngeri esingayo okuba ennungi basobole okuziguza Abamisiri bafunemu ssente eziwera.

Bannannyini lufula eno baatandiseewo ekifo eky’enjawulo mwe bagenda okutendekera abalunzi ku mutindo gw’obulunzi bw’ente ogw’enjawulo ezituukana n’akatale kano.

Lufula eno yaakugaziyizibwa epakirenga ennyama mu mikebe gattako okulongoosa amaliba gakolebwemu ebintu ebiralaDayirekita w’ekifo kino, Sherif El Kallini yagambye nti bagula ekika ky’ente zonna omuli maleeto n’ez’olulyo lwa wano. “Wabula tusinga kwagala ente eriko ebiwandiiko ebiraga ebyafaayo byayo nga birungi era nga tesukka myaka esatu wabula ng’erina obuzito bwa kkiro 300 n’okusingawo.

Zino zivaamu ennyama egonda eyeetaagibwa ku katale k’ensi yonna . Buli kkiro tugigula wakati wa 3,500 /- ne 4,000/.,” bwe yagambye. Omukugu okuva mu yunivasite e Makerere, Denis Asizua yagambye nti ente erundibwa mu ngeri ey’omulembe nga ya nnyama, omulunzi alina okugirabirira obulungi.












 Talya nkima

senya enku

twokye ennyama. Mugema bwafa tutekako mulala




Obutiko bwa Nakasogolero.









nyizibwa ku kivundu ekiri e Muyenga
Kampala, Uganda.
Mar 22, 2015
Amazzi g’omwala
(omugga) gw’e Nakivubo mu bitundu by’e Bukasa, mu kiseera kino maddugavu bwe zzigizzigi 


MINISITA omubeezi avunaanyizibwa ku butonde bw’ensi, Flavia Munaaba Nabugere, agenze buku¬birire e Muyenga awali ekivundu ekisaanikidde ekitundu n’atuula n’abakulembeze b’ekitundu ne bayisa amateeka amakakali aga¬naayamba okunogera ekizibu kino eddagala.

Olukiiko luno olwatudde ku Muyenga Community Hall, ku Lwokuna lwetabiddwaamu n’abakungu okuva mu bitongole nga KCCA, National Water n’ekya NEMA, ekivunaanyizibwa ku kukuuma obutonde bw’ensi.

Olukiiko lwakubiriziddwa, Yasin Omar, ssentebe wa LC 1, owa Muyenga Hill. Minisita yennyamidde olw’ebitongole bya gavu¬menti eby’enjawulo okuba nga biremeddwa okukolera awamu okulwanyisa abantu abazimba mu ntobazzi.

Yanenyezza KCCA okuwa abantu pulaani z’okuzimba mu ntobazzi. Minisitule y’ebyettaka y’efulumya ebyapa ku ttaka ly’entobazzi ate ekitongole kya NEMA kiwa abazimba ebbaluwa ezibakkiriza okuzimba mu nto¬bazzi kuno gattako ekitongole ky’amazzi ekya National Water, ekitafuddeeyo ku kukuuma ettaka eririna okulekebwayo nga tonanatuuka ku mazzi.

Abakulembeze ba LC okuva mu bitundu by’e Bugoloobi ne Bukasa ebisinze okukosebwa baategee¬zezza minisita nti wadde bulijjo embeera ebadde mbi, mu kiseera kino olw’okuba ng’omusana gwase nnyo, beesanze ng’amazzi tegakyasobola kutambuza bikyafu ebitambulira mu mwala ekivundu ne kyeyongera.

Ssentebe Yasin yagambye nti, baasazeewo okutandika kaweefube w’okuggya abantu mu ntobazzi gavumenti enaatandikira awo. Kaweefube waabwe ono baamutuumye ‘Bukasa - Bu¬goloobi Wetland Relocation.’


1 Bannannyini mayumba agali mu ntobazzi bagenda kutandika okuwa omutemwa buli mwezi era ssente ze banaasonda, gavumenti kw’egenda okwongereza okugulira abatuuze bano ekifo ekirala gye banaasengukira.

2 Abakulembeze bagenda kukola ebikwekweto nju ku nju , nga bafuuza buli mutuuze alage kaabuyonjo ye. Abanaasangibwa nga tebalina, bagenda kuweebwa ebibonerezo omuli n’okugobwa ku kyalo.

3 Abalimira mu lutobazzi, balagiddwa okukuulayo ebirime byabwe mu bwangu.

4 Abazimba amayumba nga tegasussa ffuuti 200 okuva ku nnyanja, bayimirizibwe. Ate abazimba nga tebasussa mmita 100 okuva ku mwala gwa Nakivubo bayimirizibwe.

5 Aba LC tebagenda kuddamu kuteeka mukono ku ndagaano yonna egula mu ntobazzi. Ebyapa by’abo abaagula mu ntobazzi, minisita alabe nga bisazibwamu.

6 Minisita yalagidde ekitongole kya KCCA okuteekawo olusalosalo olwawula ekitundu ekitakkirizibwa kukoleramu kintu kyonna n’abantu kye bakkirizibwa okusengamu.

Minisita yagambye nti amateeka gano singa tegassibwa mu nkola, eggwanga lyolekedde okufuuka eddungu kubanga mu kiseera kino ennyanja evunze, nga yeetaaga okutaasa mu bwangu okusinziira ku mbeera y’omugga gw’e Nakivubo nga bwe guli. Kibi nyo okutabula amazzi amabi namalungi awamu.

Emikolo gya NRM gy'ameenunula g'emyaka 33 giri Tororo:

By Musasi wa Bukedde


Added 26th January 2019


BANNAYUGANDA 200 be basuubirwa okufuna emidaali egibasiima olw’okukolerera enkulaakulana y’eggwanga olwaleero, Gavumenti ya NRM bwenaaba ekuza emikolo gy’okwenunula.


Capture 703x422


Emikolo gya leero gyakubeera mu kisaawe ky’essomero lya Muwafu Primary School mu ggombolola ye Nabuyoga mu disitulikiti y’e Tororo.

Eggwanga ligenda kuba lujjukira nga bwe giweze emyaka 33 bukya NRM ejja mu buyinza.


Col. Shaban Bantariza amyuka omwogezi wa Gavumenti yagambye enti ebikujjuko biri wansi w’omulamwa ogugamba nti; “ekiseera ky’okujaganya olw’essuula empya eyaleetebwa olw’emirembe, obumu n’enkulaakulana mu Uganda.

Pulezidenti Museveni eyakulemberamu olutalo lw’e Luweero okuva mu 1981-86 y’asuubirwa okubeera omugenyi omukulu.


Abaganda abazilwanako bekokola ekyabalwanya


NRM yawamba obuyinza nga January 26, 1986 nga yamaamulamu Gavumenti ya Tito Okello Lutwa eyali eyamaamulako Milton Obote.






Some Lukiiko Ganda members instead of standing up to question and debating the Buganda Kingdom fiscal budget are whispering to the press about their problems:


BUGANDA STATE, KAMPALA: A section of Buganda Lukiiko members (parliament) have punched holes in the kingdom’s 2017/18 budget, saying it ignores key multi-billion revenue sources.

Speaking to Daily Monitor on condition of anonymity recently, members wondered why billions of Shillings have been earmarked for maintenance of specific income generating infrastructure yet they were not indicated as revenue sources in the Shs74b budget that was read last month.

“When we preach transparency and we don’t practice it, then it becomes a problem,” one of the dissatisfied members said. According to the disgruntled member, the kingdom budget did not show how much money will be collected from the multi-billion Mirembe Villas real estate project, which the kingdom is jointly carrying out with some Chinese investors at Kigo on the shores of Lake Victoria.

“Each apartment will cost an average of $260,000 (about Shs936m). Already, 49 apartments are on sale but the kingdom’s share is not stated in the budget,” one of the Lukiiko members said. “Lease fees collected by the Buganda Land Board (BLB) from Kabaka’s land and rental fees from the kingdom buildings such as Masengere, among others were also not indicated as sources of revenue in the budget yet they are the key revenue contributors,” another Lukiiko member noted.

According to the budget, making access roads within Mirembe Villas, the rehabilitation of Masengere House, Kabaka’s Lake, Mengo Court and other unnamed kingdom installations will consume Shs4.5b this financial year.

BLB was allocated Shs7.9b to scale up the Kyapa mu Ngalo campaign, popularising the e-card land registration as well as operationalising land laws such as Envujjo and Busuulu.

Buganda Kingdom Information minister Noah Kiyimba defended the budget, saying sources of revenue for the kingdom are clear and all Lukiiko members took part in the budget process and wondered why some are questioning it.





Kabaka Mutebi praises Nkangi's 'selfless service'

March 9, 2017

Written by URN

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has heaped praise former Katikkiro Jehoash Mayanja Nkangi for standing with his family when Sir Edward Mutesa II was in exile.

Nkangi, 85, passed away on Monday morning at Nakasero hospital where he had been hospitalised for several weeks.


In his message read out by his sister, Nnalinya Sarah Kagere to hundreds of mourners at Namirembe Cathedral today, Kabaka Mutebi expressed sadness over the death of Nkangi noting how the deceased began serving the kingdom over 59 years ago.


Kagere represented the family of Mutesa during a requiem mass. She also carried a written condolence message from the Kabaka.


The Kabaka described Nkangi as a person who has exhibited hard work, humbleness, patience and respect for all people in his service over the years.


"We have walked with him during times of joy, sadness and challenges. We appreciate his role when the kingdom experienced turbulent times in 1966. We thank God for his life and for enabling him fulfill all his responsibilities," read part of the condolence message.


Mutebi appealed to his subjects to pick an example from the late Nkangi's transparency and service. On her part, Kagere described Nkangi as a wise man, hard worker and transparent.

Nalinya Kagere addressing mourners at Namirembe. Photo: @Bugandaofficial

Nkangi served in many high-profile offices in his long public life, including as Katikkiro (prime minister) of Buganda from 1964 to 1966 when the Obote I government attacked Mengo palace and exiled the then Kabaka Mutesa. Nkangi also fled to exile in England and continued to perform his duties albeit in abeyance, even after Mutesa's death.


When Mutesa died in November 1969, Nkangi together with the then crown prince and now the Kabaka, Mutebi, performed the succession rituals expected of a crown prince within the norms of the kingdom.


Later, Nkangi returned in 1971 upon the fall of the Obote regime and participated in the return of Mutesa's remains in March the same year. He again finalised the rituals that were supposed to be performed by the crown prince Mutebi.


Kagere recounts the death of her father Mutesa describing it as a bad dream and at the time she got close to the late Nkangi as a 'young girl' while in exile, in London.


Kagere further described Nkangi as a great statesman of Uganda, saying that while in exile the deceased at all times kept the hope alive within Mutesa's family saying that he kept telling them that a day would come and they would return to their home land.


Nkangi kept in his custody Buganda's ceremonial mace - the Ddamula - a symbol of authority of the office of Katikkiro from 1966 until 1993 when kingdoms were restored.


The deceased participated in the enthronement of Mutebi at Naggalabi - Buddo in July 1993.






Katikkiro wa Buganda, Mr Mayiga attunse n'abeebibanja ku ttaka lya Buganda. Bakoonye ennyumba Military Poliisi n'ebiyingiramu:

By Musasi wa Bukedde

Added 16th October 2016

Ekizimbe ekigambibwa okuba ekya Katikkiro Mayiga (mu katono) ekyamenyeddwa.


KATIKKIRO Charles Peter Mayiga olwategeezeddwa nti abeebibanja ku ttaka eriri e Nakaseke basitudde olutalo, ne yeesitula n’abalumba.

Yayitidde ku poliisi y’e Nakaseke n’assa omukono mu kitabo kya poliisi era n’aweebwa n’abapoliisi abeegasse ku baserikale abamukuuma ne boolekera ettaka eririko enkaayana ku kyalo Nabbiika mu ggombolola y’e Nakaseke mu disitulikiti y’e Nakaseke.

Ettaka lino liri ku Block 1029 Plot 6 ne 7 Bulemeezi era kuliko yiika 100 ezaasibiddwaako ssengenge mu nteekateeka eyakoleddwa ofiisi ya Katikkiro ng’ekolaganira ne Buganda Land Board n’ekigendererwa eky’okulikulaakulanya basseeko ffaamu ya Katikkiro.

Wadde abatuuze bakissa ku Katikkiro nti y’abagoba ku ttaka era abadde agendayo ntakera okulambula emirimu egirikolerwako, Mmengo yatangaazizza nti ettaka lino ssi lya Mayiga ng’omuntu wabula lya Bwakatikkiro era alirambula mu buvunaanyizibwa obwamukwasibwa Kabaka okulondoola emirimu gy’Obwakabaka.


Akanyoolagano ku ttaka lino kaatandika 2014 era abeebibanja balumiriza abantu ba Katikkiro okukozesa eryaanyi ne babakoonera amayumba.

Mu kwesasuza, abatuuze baalumbye ennyumba ebadde yaakazimbibwa ku ttaka lino ne bagikoona ne bagiyiwa ku ttaka. Baatwaliddemu ne kaabuyonjo ne ssengenge eyasibwa okwetoloola ettaka ne bamusala.

Ennyumba eyakooneddwa yazimbibwa ofiisi ya Katikkiro okusuza abakozi abanaddukanya ffaamu.

Abatuuze baagikoonye matumbibudde era kino ky’ekyanyiizizza Katikkiro Mayiga ne yeesitula n’abalumba ku Mmande.

Africano Tebeesigwa omu ku beebibanja abali ku ttaka lino yagambye nti okusika omuguwa kwatandika mwaka guwedde Katikkiro bwe yagendayo n’Abasaveya ne bapunta ettaka lino.

Akakuubagano ak’amaanyi keeyongera ku nkomerero y’omwaka oguwedde nga batandise okulisibako sseng’enge ne batwaliramu ebibanja by’abantu abagambibwa nti beesenzaawo mu bukyamu.

Tebeesigwa yagambye nti tewali kuliyirira kwonna kwakolebwa okuggyako okubatiisatiisa okubasiba nti beesenza ku ttaka mu bumenyi bw’amateeka era ne babalagira okulyamuka.

Tebeesigwa yannyonnyodde ebyabaddewo nga Katikkiro abatuuseeko ku Mmande nga October 10, 2016 ku ssaawa nga 7:00 ez’emisana era yatandikidde mu kubabuuza kana n’akataano.

Tebeesigwa yategeezezza nti: Katikkiro yantunudde mu maaso nga mukambwe nnyo n’ambuuza, “Ani yabasenza wano?” Nabadde sinnayanukula, basajja be ne bayiika ku nnyumba yange ne bagikoona era nabadde ngezaako okubakomako ne bampisaamu empi!

Bwe baavudde ku yange ne balumba eya munnange Cosma Kyombe nayo ne bagikoona nga batugamba nti twesenza ku ttaka lya Katikkiro mu bukyamu.

Baavuddewo batukomekkereza okwamuka ettaka, bwe tuba twagala emirembe. Tebeesigwa yagambye nti mu kusooka baakoona ennyumba z’abatuuze ssatu ate lwe bazzeeyo ku Mmande ne bakoona endala bbiri.

Kigambibwa nti abatuuze be baasooka okukoonera ennyumba be bamu ku baakulembeddemu okumenya ennyumba ku ffaamu y’Obwakatikkiro.

Veronica Nalubowa omu ku batuuze yagambye nti ye ne bba omugenzi Boniface Mugerwa baasenga ku ttaka eryo mu 1970 era balinako ekibanja kya yiika 7 wabula mu kusiba sseng’enge baazitwaliddemu.

Yagambye nti balina obulumi kubanga be bagobwa ku ttaka ate nga mu kiseera kye kimu ne poliisi ebayigga ng’ebavunaana okumenya ennyumba ku ffaamu ya Katikkiro n’okusala ssengenge era abatuuze abawerako baliira ku nsiko nga batya poliisi okubaggalira.

Tebeesigwa gwe baakoonedde akayumba.



Katikkiro Mayiga yategeezezza Bukedde nti yagenze e Nakaseke ku ttaka lino mu buvunaanyizibwa obwamukwasibwa Kabaka okulondoola emirimu n’ebintu by’Obwakabaka.

Yagambye nti ettaka lino liri wansi wa Bwakabaka era kimukakatako nga Katikkiro okulitaasa naddala nga waliwo bannakigwanyizi abaagala okulitwala nga bakozesa olukujjukujju. Yajulizza Buganda Land Board ku bisingawo ku ttaka lino.

Omwogezi wa Buganda Land Board Denis Bugaya yategezezza nti ettaka lino lya Bwakabaka nga liri kw'ebyo ebintu by'Obwakabaka ebyawambibwa mu 1966 ng'era limu kw’eryo eryazzibwa e Mmengo mu 2013.

Kyokka yagasseeko nti liri ku mayiro ya Bwakatikkiro, wabula lirabirirwa Buganda Land Board era y’evunaanyizibwa ku nteekateeka ezirikulaakulanya.

Bugaya yagambye nti olw'okuba ettaka lino lyamala ebbanga nga teriri mu mikono gya Bwakabaka, lyasengebwako abantu mu bitundu ebimu kyokka enteekateeka weeziri okulaba nga beetegereza buli omu engeri gye yajjamu wano balabe eky'okumukolera kuba balina emirimu gy'enkulaakulana gye baagala okukolerawo.

Bugaya yanyonyodde nti " Ng'enkola y'Obwakabaka bweeri twagala buli alina ensonga yonna engumu ajje twogere naye kyokka abo abaagala okutwala eby'obwereere tetugenda kutunula mu nsonga zaabwe kuba lino ttaka ttalize, Obwakabaka lye buteeseteese okukolerako emirimu gy'enkulakulana."

Bugaya yagambye nti Katikkiro okugendayo tekitegeeza nti ettaka lirye ng’omuntu ng’abatuuze bwe balowooza, wabula yagenzeeyo ng'akulira emirimu gy'Obwakabaka era ateekeddwa okulaba ebifo ebyo byonna ebiyinza okukolerwako enkulaakulana asobole bulungi okuginnyonyola ne bannamikago.

Ate ku ky'okumenyebwa kw'ebintu, Bugaya yagambye nti mu kusooka abatuuze baakola omusango gw’okumenya ebintu bya nnannyinni ttaka bye yateekawo okukugira ettaka lino; kyokka n’agamba nti tewali kintu kya batuuze kye baayonoonye.

Yagambye nti Obwakabaka tebulina muntu yenna gwebugenderera kulumya mu nsonga eno wabula abantu basaanye okukimanya nti Obwakabaka nabwo bubeera n’ebyabwo era ebirina okukuumibwa ku lw'obulungi bw'abantu baabwo.


Sam Ssebalamu amyuka omwami wa Ssaabasajja atwala ggombolola y’e Nakaseke, yagambye nti ettaka lino lyadda mu ofiisi ya Katikkiro mu 2014 era ne lipuntibwa mu 2015 ne lisibwako ssengenge.

Kyokka Ssentebe w’akakiiko k’eby’ettaka mu Disitulikiti y’e Nakaseke, Geoffrey Mukiibi yagambye nti ettaka eryo Disitulikiti y’e Nakaseke.

Okusinziira ku kyapa ssentebe wa ggombolola y’e Nakaseke, John Mugerwa kye yalaze bannamawulire, ettaka erikaayanirwa lye limu ku ttaka eriwerako yiika 800 eisangibwa ku BLOCK 1029 Nabbiika Estate mu Bulemeezi.

Mugerwa yagambye nti ettaka lino lyerimu ku lyali limanyiddwa ng’ettaka lya kkwiini ( Crown Land) oluvannyuma eryafuulibwa Public land nga Uganda efunye obwetwaze mu 1962.

Mugerwa yanenyezza abamu ku baami ba Ssaabasajja mu Nakaseke be yagambye nti beenyigidde mu kubuzaabuza abantu nga babalimba nti ettaka lya eryo lya Mayiro ya Katikkiro.

Bino byonna birese abeebibanja batabuddwa ku kiddako. Omuduumizi wa poliisi mu Disitulikiti y’e Nakaseke, Justus Asiimwe yagambye nti enkaayana ku ttaka eryo zirudde okuva Katikkiro lwe yasiba ssengenge omwaka oguwedde, kyokka nga wakyaliwo okubuzaabuzibwa ani mutuufu ku njuuyi zonna.

Asiimwe yagambye nti poliisi eriko abatuuze babiri b’enoonya b’eteebereza okuba nga balina kye bamanyi ku kumenyebwa kw’ennyumba y’oku ffaamu.



E Buganda okutuula ku (kibanja)- mpola okutta Ssekabaka Mwanga kyekyabireeta. Gwe ate ba jjajja baali kuttaka lino emyaka mingi. Ggwe muleefu azunga ogya otya nogamba nti nze kambawe ettaka lyenakuba mukyapa. Abo abatasobola kukubisa ttaka lyabwe ate nga Baganda mubeere mu bibanja bwemuliggaggawala mulikuba ettaka. Kakati muleefu yasiibula. Ani alamula ettaka lya Buganda buli Muganda alituuleko ntende?







Tokyasaana kuyitibwa na Katikkiro wa Bwakabaka bwa Buganda:


World Media


19 September, 2014

Wano nga Katikkiro wa Buganda amatizza President wa Uganda


                               Ebbaluwa y'Abalangira n'Abambejja ba Buganda nga badamu Katikkiro wa Buganda                                                                              




Bulange – Mmengo.






Bwe wajja ku bwa Katikkiro twafuna enkenyera olw’engeri gye wa bufunamu, naye oluvannyuma twafunamu essuubi ettonotono nti oba onoobikkako ku mize gyo gye tumanyi. Era ne tutwala obuvunaanyizibwa okukuwandiikira ebbaluwa nga tukusaba oyigire ku nsobi za gwe waddira mu bigere. Eky’ennaku twawona mubbi ne tufuna omuzigu. Munno obuzibu bwe yalina n’Olulyo Olulangira gaali Masiro g’Ekasubi kyokka gwe mu kifo ky’okulaba ekyo n’oba mwegendereza, wa kikinaza buwawaatiro! N’ogoba olulyo olulangira lunnannyini masiro mu masiro nti toyagala  bulombolombo bwalwo, n’otuuka n’okulonderayo akakiiko akako ku buwangwa bw’Olulyo Olulangira nga ffe bannannyini otuyigganya! Olina ekitalo kye we wulira. Okumanya osiiwa n’ofuna obuvumu okutongoza Mugema w’Amasiro n’embiri owuwo atali wa nnono yaffe! Ssebo oli muwemu, tojooga oweweeta mbwa kabina. Tetumanyi kikuwaga ku yingirira buwangwa bwa lulyo Olulangira, naye beera mu kakafu nti oja ku kyasimula.

            Jjuuzi twakubwa enkyukwe bwe wali otegeka okugenda e Bulaaya amawanga gaayo bwe gaatandika okulondobamu abantu be gakkiriza okuyingira ewaabwe ne be gatakkiriza, nga gakozesa ekipimo kya kugaana bisiyaga. Ekituufu tetukuwulirangako ku buvunaanyizibwa bw’oyolesa ne we kiteetaagisa ng’ovumirira ebisiyaga. Kya twewuunyisa Abaganda abaavaayo okuvumirira ebisiyaga okugaanibwa ne bakkirizaayo bannaabwe bokka, nga Katikkiro Mayiga gw’ omu ku bo. Tulina okukwekengera mu nsonga eyo kubanga toyagalira ddala buwangwa ng’ate n’abasiyaga kye basookerako kuwakanya buwangwa era tebaagala bulombolombo; ekijja mu bwongo kye bakola.

            Wegambagamba nti oli muto, wandiba omutuufu kubanga byonna by’okola bya kito. Naye abakulu ka tukubuulire; oweza emyaka 45  n’envi, ekyo kiraga nti n’obuto bwe weegamba tobumanyi. Kati kyetendeke okyemanyiize nti oli musajja mukulu era otandike okukola ebiyisa omuntu nti ‘musajja mukulu’. Okoze eby’obujoozi bingi ku Buganda nga welimbise mu buto era gwe wakubiri okuddirira Apolo Kaggwa mu ba kaggwensonyi abatyoboodde ennyo ennono n’obuwangwa bwa Buganda. Oli mubuufu bwa Apolo Kaggwa obulako kutta Kabakawo nga bwe yakola Kabaka Mwanga, olwo omaleyo byonna bye yakola Obwakabaka. Labira ku bitabo by’owandiise ebijooga Obwakabaka bwaffe, ne Apolo Kaggwa yeepanka okuwandiika ennono y’ensibuko ya Buganda.

Otumanyidde n’osukka n’otuuka  okujooga Kabakawo n’omutuula mu kifuba! Ffe tulaba okaada nga Kabaka ng’era omuyisa nga nti mwenkana; olambula Obuganda ne bakuzimbira ebiyitirirwa n’okukusimbira ebitooke, ba kukubira eŋoma ng’oyitawo era ne bakweyalira, otambula ne Nnamulondo kw’otuula era ddala ng’omuntu agwa mu ssa lya Ssabasajja; nga tetumanyi nti oli musajja munne! Ekyo tetusobola ku kigumiikiriza. Bino bye bimu ku by’ejjoogo ly’okoze ku Bwakabaka bwa Buganda ebikugobesezza ku bwa Katikkiro;

  1. Tulowooza nti olina engeri gy’oteeteramu n’abantu abalya ebisiyaga okusinziira ku by’olugendo lw’Ebulaaya. Kitukuba ensonyi okubeera ne Katikkiro omusiyazi, ekyo kizira nnyo mu Buwangwa bw’Obwakabaka bwa Buganda.
  2. Watuula Kabakawo mu kifuba, n’otakoma okwo n’otwelagirako mu lwaatu! Nnabagereka naggulawo omwoleso Katikkiro Mayiga n’alangirira ku laadiyo ya CBS okuguggalawo; Nnabagereka naggulawo eby’abakyala Katikkiro Mayiga n’abiggalawo; Nnabagereka naggulawo olukiiko Ttabamiruka Katikkiro Mayiga n’aluggalawo! Ekyo kikolebwa bba Kabaka yekka ne balamube Abalangira n’Abambejja. Ha! Wamulumbye n’Ebulaaya ng’akola ekisaakaate!
  3. Abataka abakulu b’Obusolya bwe baakusaba okubanyonnyola endagaano ey’ekimpatiira gye wajja nayo ku bwa Katikkiro, wa bayita masaŋanzira nti tosobola kusomera ndagaano mu masaŋanzira. Ekyo kiwemula Omuganda obutamanya bukulu bwa jjajjaawe omukulu w’akasolya k’ekika.
  4. Wawamba amasiro g’Ekasubi n’olangirira ku ladiiyo CBS nti toyagalayo bya Bulombolombo. Ssebo, Obuganda ggwanga lya bulombolombo era naffe Abalangira tuli ba buloombolombo; e Kasubi olinayo kakwate ki kw’osinziira okutwewanikako? Bakuziika mu masiro e Kasubi oba olinayo jjajjaawo? Okwo okumanyiira kwooleka  nti tomanyi bukulu bwa Balangira nti bakusinga.
  5. Watongoza Mugema w’embiri n’Amasiro ng’otyoboola obuwangwa n’ennono ya Buganda n’olulyo olulangira. Kale gwe musajja wattu Mayiga omanyi ki ku nnono ya Mugema n’olulyo olulangira? Weeyitaki, gw’ani azanyira ku nnono yaffe?
  6. Otunda ettaka ly’embiri n’Amasiro; tulina obukakafu kwe watundira ettaka ly’olubiri lw’omutuba gw’omulangira Kaweesa e Kawempe Jinja Mawuuno. Ekyo kyooleka obujoozi bw’olina ku lulyo olulangira n’olukwe okusaanyaawo ensibuko zaalwo. Awo ekyama ekiri mu kuwamba Amasiro g’e Kasubi kyeyeludde.
  7. Watyoboola olulyo olulangira ng’oteeka akakiiko k’obuwangwa e Kasubi ng’olangiridde nti toyagala bulombolombo bwa lulyo olulangira. Byonna ebikolebwa ku nsibuko zaffe embiri n’amasiro bikulemberwa Balangira. Omulangira ye mwana omulenzi azaalibwa mu nsikirano y’olulyo olulangira.
  8. Oswaza Obwakabaka bwa Buganda ng’ogenda osabiriza olutakoma. Gwe munnaffe oli kaggwensonyi toswala, naye Obuganda obufudde bulombi obuteesobola, ekyo kituweebuula. Gwe mu kukuzibwa tebaakukubira ku sabiriza? E Buganda omwana bw’ayitiriza okusabiriza aswaza muzadde we. Eky’ennaku omudidi gwe bakuwa osinze kugukozesa ku tutyoboola na kusaanyaawo bya buwanga bya Buganda.
  9. Ozanyidde mu lulimi lwaffe Oluganda mu kiseera nga tutakabana kulutereeza. Olulimi ye nnamuziga kwe tutambuliza obuwangwa n’ennono ya Buganda. Bwe tuba tukola emikolo n’obulombolombo tetuba bakassiru, tubeera twogera ng’ebigambo bye twatula biwa amakulu mu lulimi Oluganda. Kale nga Katikkiro oyogera otya Oluganda mu ngeri y’ekiyaaye, ate mu lwatu? Odidde ebigambo bye mukozesa mu masanyu eyo mu kiro obisonseka mu lulimi lwaffe olutukuumira obuwangwa n’ennono.
  10. Gwe Katikkiro asoose e Buganda okukuumibwa ng’omubbi ng’era ogobererwa oluseregende lwa motoka ezikubyeeko abaserikale eb’ebika byonna okuva mu gavumenti ya Uganda. Kale tutya nti toli waffe, toli wa nnono ya Buganda ne by’okola byonna tebyooleka kitiibwa kya Buganda. Tukakasizza nti tolina kya Buganda ky’omanyi; mukyo tosobola ku kitegeera nti Obwakabaka bwa Buganda butambulira ku buwangwa na nnono. So si ku butetenkanya kwa bwongo bwoogi okw’abantu abayivu abalinga gwe abawandiika eby’obulimba ku Buganda.


Kale nga bwe wagamba nti toli Muganda, tukakasa nti ekyo kituufu era tuzudde nti oli wa ggwanga eliyitibwa Abahizu mu Tanzania okulilaana ennyanja Tanganyika mu bantu abayitibwa Abaziba. Bajjajjaabo bajjira mu kibinja okujja e Buganda era bonna ne bayingira ekika ky’Omutaka Namugera Kakeeto okufuuka ab’Omutima. Omuntu asobola okuva ewaabwe n’ajja e Buganda naye tasobola kufuuka Muganda, era ebika tubizaalibwamu tetubiyingira buyingizi. Kale omuntu atali Muganda tasobola kulya bwa Katikkiro bwa Buganda kubanga tabeera wa nnono yaffe ng’era tamanyi buwangwa bwayo nga naawe bw’okirabye. Empewo z’Obwakabaka bwa Buganda si z’ewammwe era tezikikwatako. Ebivve byonna by’okoze bivudde ku kuba nti toli wammwe, by’oyonoona tomanyi buwangwa bwabyo era tebikutiisa kwonoona kubanga tolina ky’obyeguyaamu.


N’olweekyo, ffe Abalangira n’Abambejja ba Nnannyini lulyo Olulangira olulimu ennono y’ensibuko y’obuwangwa bwa Buganda, tukugobye ku bwa Katikkiro bw’Obwakabaka bwa  Buganda nga tusinziira mu buyinza obutuweebwa ennono ya Buganda mu nsikirano yaffe ng’Abalangira n’Abambejja. Tokyaali Katikkiro wa Buganda era toddamu okukaalakaala nga Katikkiro. Tewali kulabula kulala.


Omulangira Lukenge Katoogo


Ssentebe w’olukiiko lw’abalangira n’abambejja (Amyuuka)


cc     Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi

cc     Abalangira abakulu b’eMituba

cc     Ssabalangira wa Buganda

cc     Abataka abakulu b’obusolya bw’ebika bya Buganda

cc     Abalangira n’abambejja bonna

cc     Bazzukulu ba Buganda

cc     Bannamawulire






Akakiiko akakung’aanya ebirowoozo ku nsonga za Buganda kaagala nnongoosereza mu ssemateeka:
World Media
29 December, 2014

AKAKIIKO Kabaka ke yalonda okukung’anya ebirowoozo ku nsonga za Buganda eby’okuteekebwa mu nnongosereza mu Ssemateeka w’eggwanga kamaliriza okubaga entegeka ezigenda okugobererwa mu mulimu guno nga kalinda lukiiko lwa Baminisita e Mmengo okutuula okuzitongoza.

Baminisita abali ku kakiiko kano kuliko Ssentebe Daudi Mpanga ng’ono ye Ssabawolereza w’Obwakabaka era Minisita wa gavumenti ez’ebitundu, Apollo Nelson Makubuya, Amb. Matovu, Christine Nagawa Mugerwa Kasule n’omwogezi w’obwakabaka, Dennis Walusimbi Ssengendo.

Nga November 27, 2014, akakiiko kano kaatongozebwa Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga bwatyo n’akasindika okutema empenda ezigenda okuyitibwamu okukunganya ebirowoozo by’abantu ba Buganda.

Ng’ayogera ne Bukedde, Mpanga yategeezezza nti “ akakiiko kaffe oluvannyuma lw’okutongozebwa, Bammemba ffena twatuula nga December 10,2014 ne tufuna ebirowoozo ebinaatulambika mu mulimu guno nga tulindiridde lukiiko lwa baminisita kutuula amangu ddala ku ntandikwa ya January 2015 okuzikakasa.

Ebirowoozo bino byalina okutongozebwa nga December 18, 2014 kyokka ne kitasoboka, wabula Mpanga yannyonnyodde nti amangu ddala nga bamalirizza ensonga eno, abantu bajja kumanyisibwa engeri gye banaawaayo ebirowoozo byabwe okugattibwa ku nsonga ez’awamu Mmengo z’erina.

Walusimbi yagambye nti ensonga enkulu ze baagala okwongera okuggumiza mwe muli okunyweza ekifo kya Kabaka mu Ssemateeka era nti Buganda bwa bwakabaka ng’ekitikkiro kyabwo ye Kabaka, Okugabana obuyinza ( Federo), ensonga y’ettaka n’okunyweza ensalo z’Obwakabaka.

Okukung’anya ebirowoozo byennongoosereza mu ssemateeka kwatandika mwaka guno era agava mu Palamenti gagamba, wenaddiramu okukakalabya emirimu mu February 2015 ogumu ku mirimu ababaka kwe bagenda okutandikira, kwe kutunula mu birowoozo ebireeteddwa nga Sipiika Rebecca Kadaga ayagala May 2015 w’anatuukira ng’ensonga eno evudde mu ddiiro.

Akakiiko ka Mpanga kalagirwa okukwatagana n’akabondo k’ababaka ba Palamenti okuva mu Buganda era Ssentebe w’akabondo kano Godfrey Kiwanda Ssuubi yategeezezza nti beetegefu okwanja ensonga zonna ezikwata ku Buganda

kuba bagenderera kugonjoola ensonga za Buganda okuyita mu ssemateeka ono.

Kiwanda yannyonnyodde nti “ Wadde ssemateeka waffe alaga nga Buganda bweri awamu era ekulemberwa Kabaka, waliwo obufuzi obulala ate yo gavumenti bw’egamba nti yatongoza okuli n’abo betumanyi ng’abaami b’amasaza, ensonga ya federo gye tugenda okusooka okwanja.” Okusobola okutuukiriza bino, Kiwanda yategeezezza nga bwe balina entegeka y’akakiiko k’akabondo akafuzi okusisinkana akakiiko k’e Mmengo mu wiiki ey’okusatu mu January 2015 ate oluvannyuma akakiiko k’e Mmengo kasisinkane ababaka bonna, basobole okutwala eddoboozi ery'awamu.



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Posted on 2nd December, 2014

Ensi Buganda si yaffe abatuula e Mmengo - Katikkiro wa Buganda Mr Mayiga ajukizza Abaganda:

By Dickson Kulumba


Added 26th October 2017


KATIKKIRO Charles Peter Mayiga agambye nti Buganda si yaabo abatuula e Mmengo wabula ensonga z’Obwakabaka zikwatibwako buli muntu yenna n’olwekyo nga kimukakatako okwenyigira mu nteekateeka z’enkulaakulana ezitereddwawo.


Kyanamukakamakula2 703x422

Katikkiro Mayiga ng'ali n'abantu be Kyanamukaka- Buddu mu disitulikiti y'e Masaka abaleese e Mmengo amakula ga Kabaka okuli ente, amatooke n'ebirala.


Mayiga yabadde ayogerako eri abatuuze okuva mu ggombolola y’e Kyannamukaaka mu ssaza ly’e Buddu abazze e Mmengo n’amakula ga Kabaka ku Lwokuna October 26, 2017 nga yabasisinkanidde mu kizimbe Masengere bw'atyo n’abeebaza olw’okuwaayo ettoffaali eryaddaabiriza ekizimbe kino.

“Amakula kabonero ka kwagala kubanga Kabaka waffe ate era alina abantu mu Lubiri.

Eky’okubiri kabonero kabuwulize…kabonero akalaga obumu era ffena Kabaka ye Kitaffe, abaana bwe babeera balabirira kitaabwe, buli omu atoola ky'alina.

Tulina enteekateeka ngazi kyokka tezisobola kugenda mu maaso okuggyako nga mwe muzeenyigiddemu kubanga Buganda si yaffe abatuula e Mmengo,” Katikkiro Mayiga bwe yannyonnyodde abantu bano.

Bano baakulembeddwamu omumyuka wa Pokino, Mwalimu Abdallah Kato wamu n’omwami w’eggombolola y'e Kyanamukaka, Hajj Zakaliya Ssali ne bawera okwongera okwenyigira mu mirimu egikulaakulanya Obwakabaka bwa Buganda.

Amakula ge baaleese kuliko; ente (4), embuzi (2), enkota z’amatooke 18, enkoko (2),ennaanansi (5), ekisero ky’amapaapaali (1), emikeeka (2), ensujju (2), ebibbo (3), enkota ya ndiizi (1), ekibbo kya ovakedo (1) ne kkiro y’omuceere.



Sebo Kattikiro Ssematteka ki gwoyogereramu agamba bwatyo?




Buganda Kingdom revives quest for federal government after being ruled 30 years by a Republican African dictator:

Appolo Makubuya the newly appointed Buganda Kingdom third deputy

prime minister and minister for constitutional affairs shaking hands with

the Kingdom Katikiiro Charles Peter Mayiga at Namirembe Cathedral

where he held a thanks giving service for his appointment.



By Stephen Otage


Posted  Wednesday, November 11   2015 


Kampala. Buganda Kingdom has reignited its long-standing quest for a federal system of government, saying it is the only vehicle to transform the kingdom. 


Speaking at a thanksgiving ceremony for his appointment as third deputy kingdom prime minister and minister for constitutional affairs at Namirembe Cathedral in Kampala, on Sunday, Mr Apollo Makubuya said it was pointless for Buganda to continue supporting those who are opposed to a federal system.

“We need to negotiate with the rest of Uganda and divide power equally because this will help Uganda develop very fast, this is where I am going to concentrate and whichever politician is visiting the prime minister asking for political support, they must first declare their stand on federo,” he said.

He said if power is divided equally, Uganda would be able to solve its problems.

“Since 1993 when Buganda was restored, it is 22 years since we have been running the kingdom activities without taxes or donations, meaning the kingdom can stand on its own and it has done tremendous work,” Mr Makubuya said.


The kingdom minister also said rather than compete, a federal system would complement government efforts and ensure there is rule of law so that areas such as education, health and conservation of natural resources are respected.

“Article 1 of the Constitution says power belongs to the people and government derives its power from people’s wishes, which government should always listen to,” he said.

Ms Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker of Parliament, who attended the service, said the message would be delivered to the relevant offices.


Ababaka ba Buganda abatuula mu Parliament ya Uganda, bakwasizza Katikkiro ensonga 6 ze basaba akoleko
At  Mengo-Bulange, Kampala, Uganda, Oct 16, 2014

ABABAKA ba Palamenti abava mu Buganda baasisinkanye Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga ku Bulange e Mmengo eggulo ne bamwanjulira ensonga mukaaga ze baamusabye okubaanukula ku lw’obulungi n’enkulaakulana y’obwakabaka.

Ensonga zino kwabaddeko okumusaba abatuusize okusaba kwabwe eri Kabaka nti balina ennyonta ey’okumusisinkana era Mayiga n’abategeeza nti waakutuusa okusaba kwabwe kuno era alangirire kyonna kyannaabera amuzeemu.

Ssentebe w’ababaka bano, Godfrey Kiwanda Ssuubi nga ye yasomye ekiwandiiko omwatereddwa ensonga zino yagambye nti baagala okutangazibwa ku ndagano eyakolebwa wakati wa Gavumenti eya wakati n’Obwakabaka bwa Buganda n’okubabuulira ebyakaanyizibwako we bituuse.

Mu kwanukula, Katikkiro yagambye “ Nsooka okutangaaza nti ekyakolebwa ndagaano wabula si kutegeeragana butegeeraganyi ng’abasinga bwe bakyogera.

Pulezidenti Museveni yateekako omukono ku lwa Gavumenti ate Kabaka n’ateekako omukono ku lwaffe abantu ba Buganda. Endagaano yakazza ebyapa by’ebintu byaffe 213, n’okutusasulako obuwumbi bubiri ku bbanja ery’obuwumbi obusukka 20 ze tubanja gavumenti mu bupangisa.”

Mayiga yayongedde nnanyonnyola ku nsonga eno nagamba nti Obwakabaka bwamaliriza dda okuwereeza gavumenti byonna ebikwata ku kuliyirirwa okwa Poloti 52 okuli King Fahd, emmotoka ekika kya Rolls Royce ezaali eza Ssekabaka Muteesa II wamu n’ebikwata ku Muteesa House e Bungereza bwatyo n’alaga nti wakyaliwo n’ebirala bingi ebikyabanjibwa n’abasaba okwongera okugatta eddoboozi lyabwe ku nsonga zino.

Eky’okusatu kye bamusabye kwabadde kubategeza wa Buganda weeyimiridde ku nsonga z’ennoongosereza mu Ssemateeka w’eggwanga era essira basaanye kuliteeka ludda wa?

Katikkiro Mayiga eyabaddeko akamwenyumwenyu, yagambye nti ensonga za Buganda kuva ku kakiiko k’Omulamuzi Odoki naka Polof. Ssempeebwa mu 2005, zafunzibwa mu nsonga Ssemasonga taano okuli Buganda efugibwa Kabaka, okugabana obuyinza mu nkola ya Federo, Okukuuma ettaka n’ensalo za Buganda, okukola obutaweera wamu n’obumu nagamba nti ssemateeka alina okulaba ng’atumbula bino.

Ku kulwanyisa obwavu, ababaka basabye Kamalabyonna ababulire, Buganda we yimiridde nabaddamu nti essira lisinze kuteekebwa ku kuzzaawo obulimi bw’emmwaanyi n’ebitooke era emyaka etaano egijja atunulira okulaba ng’ebitundu ebisukka 80 ku 100 nga bali mu bulimi buno ate olunaku buli muntu okuyingiza waakiri 3,000/- olunaku.

Tukusaba Ssebo Katikkiro okuzaawo olukiiko olwali lwatondebwawo wano e Mmengo okukwanaganya awamu n’akabondo kano naddala mu biteesebwa mu Palamenti,” Kiwanda bweyasomye.

Kino Katikkiro yasuubiza okukitunulamu n’olukiiko lwa Baminisita okulaba ng’olukiiko luno luzzibwawo kubanga lwamugaso.

Mu ngeri y’emu ababaka baasabye Katikkiro okuvaayo n’eddoboozi limu okunenya ku bantu abaagala okwesimbawo naye ne bakozesa erinnya lya Kabaka nti y’abatuumye okwesimbawo. (ddala kimenya mateeka ga M7)

Mayiga yazzeemu nti “ Mwenna mukozesa erinnya lya Kabaka mu by’obufuzi byammwe kyokka temusaanye kulikozesa mu ngeri mbi eraga okwawula. Naye amagezi amalala gembawa kwe kulaga abantu bammwe nti ensonga za Buganda temuzitiirira ng’oli ne bwakulima atya empindi ku mabega ng’omulaga nti nawe oli munywevu.”



Katikkiro Mayiga atesezza nabakola ku masiro bateeke ebiragiro bya Ssabasajja mu nkola:
Kampala | Jul 04, 2015
Bya Dickson Kulumba


KATIKKIRO Charles Peter Mayiga agenze mu masiro e Kasubi n’alagira abagavunaanyizibwako okuteeka ekiragiro kya Kabaka mu nkola n’agamba nti ekiragiro kya Kabaka tekiddibwaamu era n’abawa ennaku nnya okubeera nga kiteereddwa mu nkola.


Kabaka Mutebi II yatuuza olukiiko mu masiro e Kasubi ku Lwokutaano lwa wiiki ewedde nawa ebiragiro okwali okuddamu okukyusa akasolya k’enju Muzibwazaalampanga oluvannyuma lw’Abakugu abali ku mulimu guno okumutegeeza nti

ebizizi by’akasolya kano akaserekebwa nga bwe kawanikibwa waggulu ennyo n’olwekyo nga kalina okukakanyizibwa era n’awera n’okusamira mu masiro gano.

Mayiga yagambye nti “ Ssaabasajja bye yalagira birina okugobererwa. Wano waliwo abantu bangi saagala kwogera kinnadirira eri oyo atagoberere Ssaabasajja Kabaka kye yayogera.

Kabaka bw’ajja awantu n’agamba nti ensonga etambule bw’eti saagala ate kuddayo kuwulira muntu agamba nti ate waliwo kino na kino.

Nnina bye mbadde mpulira era bwe kitaatereezebwa wiiki eno, mujja kutegeera nti nze Kamalaby’onna alina Ddamula.


Ebiragiro Kabaka bye yalagira bwe bitaateekebwa mu nkola muntunuulire ababeera wano mu masiro wiiki eno nneeggwaako nga tebiteereddwa mu nkola, mujja kutegeera nti nze nnina Ddamula.

Ssemasonga ya Buganda esooka egamba okunyweza, okutaasan’okukuuma Nnamulondo, Kabaka bw’ayogera ekintu ate oli addamu atya?” Katikkiro yayongeddeko nti omulimu guno gulina okutambuzibwa mu nnono ne mu bukugu kubanga Ssekabaka Muteesa I ennyumba teyagirekamu byuma ngab’omulembe guno okugiteeka mu ebyuma bubeera bukugu.

Bino Katikkiro yabyogeredde ku mukulu kwe yalambuliza Obuganda omulimu ogukolebwa mu masiro e Kasubi nga

yasookedde mu nju Muzibwazaampalampanga nga mu kweyanjula eri Bassekabaka yagambye nti alina okulumwa olw’omulimu gw’amasiro okutambula akasoobo.


Mu kuteeka ekiragiro kya Katikkiro, abavunaanyizibwa ku masiro okuli Nnaalinya Beatrice Namikka, Katikkiro w’e Edward

Mulumba n’Omumyuka ow’okubiri owa Katikkiro wa Buganda, Hajj Mohamood Ssekimpi, basazeewo okugoba omuzaana

wa Ssekabaka Walugembe Muteesa I, Nabalyo Munyeenye ku bigambibwa nti yeenyigira mu bintu by’obusamize mu


Abantu bazze mu bungi nga Mayiga yaweerekeddwako baminisita Christine Mugerwa Kasule ne Noah Kiyimba ng’ensimbi 672,000/- ze zaasondeddwa okwabadde abakyala okuva e Ssingo abaleese 400,000.


Kikulu nyo okuwuliriza obulungi nokuganyulwa mumagezi agakuweebwa nga ozimba enyumba. Amasiro gano gatekwa okufuna ebbaluwa eyo bugumu bwekizimbe, eyomuliro okugutaasa, etc nga ekibuga Kampala bwekiri mu matteeka ge nsi zonna agataputa ebibuga. KCCA ensonga zino bazimanyi okuyamba mukuzimba kuno.



        Kattikiro Mayiga (L front row) seated in line.


The Kattikiro has said that he is going to become very strict for all those subjects that want to meet their King.

With a row simmering between Buganda katikkiro and members of the royal family (Abalangira), Charles Peter Mayiga has moved to restrict princes’ access to the Kabaka.


Addressing the Buganda Lukiiko (Parliament) at Bulange on Monday, Mayiga hinted he could enforce cultural norms that regulate the Kabaka’s interaction with princes.

“Our traditions prohibit a prince from getting close to the Kabaka; we had loosened a bit because of cultures copied from monarchies such as England’s,” Mayiga said.

He announced that any prince visiting the Kabaka’s palace and other cultural sites would have to seek the katikkiro’s approval.

Kasubi tombs

Mayiga’s comments came after a September 19 letter written to him by Lukenge Katoogo, the vice chairperson of the governing council of the royal family, denouncing Mayiga’s leadership.

The letter, titled “You are no longer fit to be called katikkiro of Buganda kingdom”, was copied to Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II and clan heads, among others people.

The major source of Mayiga’s problems with the royal family is the reconstruction works on Kasubi tombs, with Lukenge blaming Mayiga for sidelining the royalty.

“You chased the royal family from the tombs because you don’t want our cultural practices; forgetting the tombs are our ancestry, you continued harassing us and also went ahead and named a [reconstruction] committee,” Lukenge wrote.

The letter also accuses Mayiga of treating himself as an equal to the Kabaka, citing the arches and banana trees that decorate the roads during his fundraising tours as well as moving with his own chair, something royalty considers a preserve of the Kabaka.

Mayiga did not directly respond or refer to most of the contents of the three-page letter, but announced that he would not allow the princes to convene any meetings from the tombs.

“None of the structures at Kasubi was designed for meeting purposes,” Mayiga said, further adding that the known ancestral place for the royal family is ekigango (meeting place) on Balintuma road near Nakulabye.


Mayiga also warned kingdom officials against making statements in the media unless sanctioned by him. To further plug holes in the control of information, Mayiga said, three kingdom employees were to be sacked for leaking secrets to the media.

“We have people that are turning themselves into unofficial spokespersons; they have issued media statements [on the progress of the Kasubi tombs reconstruction] without my approval; this must stop,” Mayiga said.

However, the katikkiro admitted that he was disappointed with the slow progress of the reconstruction works. The works are seven months behind the March 16, 2014 deadline he fixed in July last year as he launched the ettoffaali fundraising drive.

He blamed the slow progress on both cultural and technical complexities.




Abalangira baanukudde Katikkiro nate:


Nov 03, 2014




OLULYO olulangira lutiisizza okuwandiikira Pulezidenti Museveni okulungamizibwa ku magye ge yawa Katikkiro, Charles Peter Mayiga oba galiwo kutangira Balangira kuba mu masiro gye balina obutaka bwabwe. Bongede okuwabula  abamawulire nti ekigango kikozesebwa nga ofiisi.



Ssabalangira nga anyonyola ennono.


Kino kiddiridde Katikkiro ng’ayita mu mumyuka we Owookubiri, Hajji Mohamood Ssemambo Ssekimpi okuwandiikira Ssaabalangira, Ying Moses Kayima ng’amutegeeza nga bwe watali nkiiko zonna zikkirizibwa mu masiro e Kasubi.


Ebbaluwa eno eyawandiikibwa ku Mmande nga October 27, 2014 yayimiriza n’olukiiko lw’Abalangira olwali lulangibwa ku Leediyo okubaawo nga October 29, 2014 ne lutabaayo nga ku kino Abalangira baategeezezza nti Katikkiro yatadde abaserikale bangi ku masiro e Kasubi nga n’eyabadde agenda ku nsonga endala ng’aziyizibwa!


Omulangira Samuel Bemba ng’ono y’avunaanyizibwa ku nnono n’obuwangwa mu lulyo olulangira era omukwanaganya w’Abalangira ne Mmengo yategeezezza nti “ Katikkiro okugamba nti Abalangira obutaka bwabwe buli ku Kigango, mukyamu era bingi by’atamanyi kubanga Abalangira n’Abambejja obutaka bwabwe busangibwa mu masiro eri Bassekabaka mwe basibuka.”


Ku lwomukaaga lwa wiiki ewedde mu lukiiko lwabwe ku Kigango e Namirembe- Bukesa, baayongedde okwanukula Katikkiro ku bye yayogerera mu Lukiiko lwa Buganda olukulu olwatuula ku Mmande nga October 27, 2014 mwe yagambira nti Abalangira tebalina kusemberera Kabaka ne bagamba nti kirabika Katikkiro afuuse Gavana wa Buganda yonna ng’ayagala buli omu kusooka kuyita wuwe okulaba Kabaka.



Bemba yagambye nti “ ku mulembe guno tewakyali Mulangira ayinza kutuula ku Nnamulondo nga Kabaka waali kubanga buli omu akimanyi ng’ensonga eno Ssekabaka Daudi Chwa II yagirambika bulungi, Abalangira ne Kabaka ne baba nga bali wamu okubugiriza Kabaka kuba kwanywerera ng’alabise eri Obuganda.”


Mayanja Nkangi atanganzizza

Jehoash Mayanja Nkangi eyaliko Katikkiro wa Buganda ku nsonga z’Abalangira zino, yategeezezza nti kirabika Katikkiro Mayiga yabadde ayogerera mu byafaayo eby’eddakyokka teyavuddeyo kugamba nti waliwo Omulangira ayinza okwegeza mu Nnamulondo n’agamba nti ensonga zino zirina okutunulwamu n’obwegendereza.


Nkangi yayongeddeko nti, “ Mu nnono za Buganda, Katikkiro y’avunaanyizibwa ku bantu bonna mu Buganda era ng’ono y’avunaanyizibwa ne ku Balangira ng’Abaganda gwe basaba okubalaga Kabaka waabwe.


Mayanja Nkangi


Bwe wabeerawo obwetaavu, Katikkiro agenda mu Kigango n’asaba Kasujju Lubinga okumulaga Omulangira agenda okufuuka Kabaka.”


Abalangira n’Abambejja bagamba nti obumu ku butakkaanya bwabwe ne Katikkiro kwe kubeera nti tayagala kuwabulwa nga bazze bamuwabula enfunda nnyingi ku nsonga ez’enjawulo kyokka n’abajolonga nti bamuwandiikira emikuku gy’ebbaluwa.


“Twagala nnyo okukwatagana ne Katikkiro naye Ssaabalangira azze awandiikira Katikkiro ku nsonga nnyingi kyokka nga tabeerako ky’akola.


Okugeza twamuwabula ku linnya Masengere lye yatuuma ekizimbe ekiri mu kuzimbibwa mu mbiriizi za Bulange kubanga luno lubeera lukiiko nga tasobola kutuuma kizimbe kyaffe erinnya bweriti naye yagaana,” Bemba ku lwa Ssaabalangira bwe yayongeddeko.


Ensonga y’entuula y’Abalangira mu tenti emu ne Kabaka ku mikolo, Bemba yagambye nti ennono eri bweti:


Ssaabalangira atuula ku mukono gwa kkono ate Katikkiro ku mukono ogwa ddyo kyokka ng’Abalangira n’Abambejja ba Mujaguzo nga bali emabega okubugiriza Kabaka naye kirabika Katikkiro asindiikiriza Ssaabalangira olw’okwagala okulaga nti y’afuga buli kimu.


Omwogezi w’Obwakabaka ayogedde ku nsonga zino

Wabula Omwogezi w’Obwakabaka, Denis Walusimbi Ssengendo yagambye nti ensonga z’Abalangira Katikkiro yazirambika bulungi mu Lukiiko lwa Buganda kyokka n’alaga nti ekikulu mu kino, buli luuyi lulina okutuukiriza obuvunaanyizibwa bwalwo era n’asuubiza nti bajja kwongera okuwuliriza ensonga zonna ezireetebwa Abalangira. 

Embiranye etandikira wano;

Katikkiro Mayiga alaze Abalangira we bakoma


Abalangira bangi babano nga batekayo okwemulugunya kwabwe:



Posted on 28th October, 2014
Katikkiro Mayiga alaze Abalangira we bakoma:
Kampala | Oct 28, 2014
       Katikkiro nga ali mu lukiiko  mu USA.



KATIKKIRO Charles Peter Mayiga ayatulidde Abalangira nti mu nnono za Buganda tebateekeddwa kusemberera wadde okuliraana Kabaka.

Yayongeddeko nti Abalangira era tebalina na kusemberera kiwu wadde Nnamulondo nga Kabaka tagituddeko kubanga bamanyiddwa nti okuva edda bayinza okukozesa omukisa guno ne bagiwamba.

Bino yabyogeredde mu lukiiko lwa Buganda eggulo, bwe yabadde ayanukula omubaka Ffeffekka Sserubogo eyasoose okutegeeza nga bwawulira nti Ssaabalangiratayisibwa bulungi.

Katikkiro yatangaazizza nti mu bitiibwa nga bwe biddiring’ana, Ssaabalangira ssi yasooka okwanjulwa, ayanjulwa oluvannyuma lw’okwanjula Mugema, ne kuddako Kasujju akuuma Abalangira olwo ye Ssabalangira n’ayanjulirwa mu Bataka abakulu b’ebika.


Mu lukiiko luno Katikkiro yalambise ebintu musanvu ebigenda okukolwako okuli okumaliriza ennyanja ya Kabaka, okukunga abantu okulima emmwaanyi, okwongera amaanyi mu kusimba emiti, okukwasanga abasika enkumbi mu nnyimbe, okwongera amaanyi mu nsiisira z’ebyobulamu, okumaliriza Amasiro

g’e Kasubi ne Wamala, okumaliriza Masengere n’okutandika okuddaabiriza amasiro amalala.

Era wajja kubeerawo n’okwongera amaanyi mu by’obulambuzi n’okufuba okulaba nti ebyassibwa mu ndagaano ne Gavumenti bissibwa mu nkola.

Yayogedde ku bisoomooza Obwakabaka omuli; ebyassibwa mu ndagaano wakati wa Kabaka ne Gavumenti okuba nti bingi ku bino tebinnassibwa mu nkola ng’ebyapa ebingi ebitannakomezebwawo, ebbanja eddene erikyabanjibwa, n’ebirala bingi.

Yayogedde ku bika n’agamba nti omukulu w’ekika yenna omupya assibwawo ateekeddwa kumala kuyisibwa wa Katikkiro olwo n’alyoka ayanjulwa ewa

Kabaka era okuggyawo abaddewo kisaana kukolebwa nga bayita mu kkooti ya Kisekwa.

Mu nteekateeka y’okutereeza emirimu e Mmengo, Katikkiro yalangiridde nti bagenda kugoba abakozi basatu olw’okukukusa fayiro za Kabaka.


The Katikkiro of Buganda has denied that the Central Government is buying him  for political favours:

 "Museveni can’t buy me" says Mr Mayiga, as the Secretary of bazzukulubabuganda fomulates his government's corruption!

5th December, 2019

Written by Baker Batte

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga

The present Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga


The Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga has said he is not a prized commodity that can be traded.

Addressing the Buganda Lukiiko [parliament] at Bulange Mengo on Monday, Mayiga said those who claim President Museveni bought him with a Shs 300m dummy cheque don’t know what they are talking about.

Mayiga used his speech in the Lukiiko to address social media speculation that he too had been bought by the president after a picture of him receiving a dummy cheque of Shs 300m from President Museveni during the King Edward Muteesa II memorial lecture on November 18 at Sheraton hotel circulated widely.

“There are some people who asked me why I accepted the Shs 300m from the government. They wonder whether this was meant to buy me. If you look at me, do you think I can be bought? I can’t be bought and I’m not for sale,” Mayiga said.

He explained that the money was for the reconstruction of Kasubi tombs that were torched in 2010, before he became Katikkiro.

He said during the time of Katikkiro John Baptist Walusimbi, government gave Buganda kingdom Shs 2 bn for the reconstruction of the tombs and promised that if Mengo gave proper accountability, more cash would trickle in. Hence that’s how they promised another Shs 2 bn that had never come until last month when the president delivered the Shs 300m.

“By the way, don’t the people of Buganda pay the most tax in Uganda? What’s wrong if they return some of it to us and we reconstruct the tombs of our departed kings? The president didn’t get this money from his pocket. Therefore, he didn’t buy me. I can also assure you when he calls me for more, I will go and pick it,” Mayiga said.

In a press statement recently, the minister in charge of information at Mengo, Noah Kiyimba, said that so far Shs 6bn has been spent on the reconstruction of the mausoleum, a Unesco World Heritage site. He added that construction work is almost 95 percent finished and very soon they will be able to hand it over to the Kabaka.


The Poor records of work done by the King of Buganda's Government since the 31st July 1993 when King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi was crowned the 36th King of Buganda:



It helps for the people of the State of Buganda to come out and say their minds especially about the accountability of the state of Buganda against its subjects:


Mr Mubiru the Secretary General of  bazzukulubabuganda international, stationed in Buganda







The Kattikiro of Buganda(Cultural P.Minister) is warning illegal tenants to recede from the Land of the State of Buganda:

Buganda Kingdom prime minister Charles Peter Mayiga cuts

 Buganda Kingdom prime minister Charles Peter Mayiga cuts a tape to

open their new offices at Masengere House in Mengo at the weekend.

Photo by Stephen Wandera 

By  Stephen Wandera


Posted  Tuesday, September 1   2015 


Kampala, Buganda State:

Registration of tenants on Buganda Kingdom land in Kampala and surrounding districts starts today, with a warning to illegal tenants to secure their tenancy or risk losing out.

According to kingdom prime minister Charles Peter Mayiga, some people connive with district officials to illegally acquire titles on Kabaka’s land, which is leased out to the public.

“Whenever anyone buys land in Buganda, that person should first find out the status of the land. Some districts have been on our land for so long when the land was under government,” he said.

Fraudsters warned

Mr Mayiga said some district officials have sold Kabaka’s land while others have fraudulently acquired freehold land titles on the land. He advised such buyers to first consult Kabaka’s chiefs before making any transaction.

Speaking at the launch of the mass registration exercise of tenants on the kingdom land in Kyadondo and Busiro counties at the weekend, Mr Mayiga said no legal tenants would be evicted.

This two-month exercise is voluntary, with each tenant paying a subsidised fee of Shs600,000 for surveying the land as well as processing a title deed, Mr Mayiga noted.

“This is a historic day where tenants are to get title deeds on Buganda Kingdom land for the first time. This is a golden opportunity that people should embrace to survey and title their land,” he said.

He advised them to use the titles to secure bank loans and to get out of poverty.

The kingdom premier hailed President Museveni for returning kingdom land but also said the Kabaka still expects to receive more.

The chief executive officer of Buganda Land Board, Mr Kyewalabye Male said after October 31 , 2015, anyone registering land will have to pay the usual fee of Shs1.5 million.

“The registration has been ongoing in the other counties of Buganda Kingdom. A total of 58,000 tenants have been registered. Come September 1, we are embarking on Busiro and Kyadondo,” he said, adding, “We have already educated the public and we expect a smooth exercise.”








Abalangira beepima batya ku Katikkiro alina Damula!
25 October,, 2014
      Abamu ku balangira nga bali ne minisita Wamala Ggaganga
         (mu kkooti eya kitaka) n’omumyuka owookubiri owa Katikkiro
                       Mohamood Ssekimpi (akutte akabokisi ka gaalubindi).
Newaakubadde okuva edda abakopi be balwanirira ekitiibwa ky’Abalangira n’abambejja, kyokka ku luno Abalangira bewaggudde ne bava mu kigango kyabwe e Namirembe ne bazinda Bulange e Mmengo bagugulane ne gavumenti ya Kabaka gye bagamba nti ebayisaamu amaaso n’etyoboola ekitiibwa kyabwe.

Beemulugunya nti tebakyatuuzibwa ku mwanjo mu nkiiko za Kabaka ng’ate n’omukulembeze waabwe Ssaabalangira alekebwa n’abundabunda ku mikolo egy’Obwakabaka bwe batyo ne bawulira nga baweebuuse.

Wewaawo okuweebuula Abalangira n’abambejja kikolwa kya kivve mu Buganda naddala bwe kiba nga kikoleddwa mu bugenderevu, wabula ate eky’okusaalirwa, ennaku zino Abalangira bafunye omuze ogufulumya ebiwandiiko bye bawandiise mu ngeri ebaweebuula bo bennyini.

Ebiwandiiko ebityoboola Katikkiro Mayiga ebifulumizibwa Lukenge Katoogo ku lw’Abalangira si bya kirangira. Abalangira baba bantubalamu abatayinza kujolonga oyo Kabaka gwe yakwasa Damula n’amulagira okumufugirako Obuganda. Oyo bw’omujolonga olwo ne Kabaka oba tomuwadde kitiibwa.

Kijja kuba kya kusaalirwa nnyo Abalangira bwe bataalabe mulimu omunene Mayiga gw’akulembedde ogw’okukola ebyo ebiyinza okuzza Buganda ku ntikko. Leka ekitiibwa ky’Abalangira eky’okutuula ku mwanjo kirwanirirwe naye nga n’ebyobuwangwa, ebyenfuna n’ebyokugabana obuyinza Mayiga by’assizzaako essira nabyo tebisuuliddwa muguluka.

Abalangira si bannabyabufuzi n’olwekyo ekitiibwa kyabwe tebajja kukirwanirira nga beekalakaasa nga bwe batandise okukola. Waliwo n’abakulembeze ab’ennono nga Omutaka Kasujju Lubinga abalangira be bayinza okweyambisa mu kukola ku bibaluma, awatali bo kusituka kwekalakaasa mu ngeri eweebuula ekitiibwa ky’Obulangira.

Nkugambye era awo Mzee Zedde w’alabidde ennaku etekoma! Ggwe kale nga kyalabwa ani Abalangira okwekalakaasa mu ngeri ebamalamu ensa? Tolaba n’ensi okufa ttogge, kale nga kyalabwa ani Omulangira nga Lukenge Katoogo, eyemanyi ng’Obulangira bwe si bwa munguuba, ate ng’awalampa atya Katikkiro wa Kabaka n’atuuka n’okwepampalika nti amugobye ku bwakatikkiro! Kale ng’amugoba atya? Amugoba ng’ani?

Nedda abalangira mulimba nammwe, muddeyo mu kigango kyammwe muyite omukungu wa Kabaka David Ntege omuliga avunaanyizibwa ku by’enkiiko, ajja kubatereeza eby’ekitiibwa kyammwe n’amaanjo gammwe.


Naye ebyo eby’okwekalakaasa n’ebyokubambira Katikkiro mubiveeko.





Posted on 15th October, 2014


The Katikkiro of the State of Buganda, Mr Mayiga has critisised the National Policies of the ruling political party (NRM) for the first time in many years: 

Change of direction? Apart from offering ideas which Buganda Katikkiro (prime minister) Charles Peter Mayiga thinks would help in the transformation of the country, Mayiga in his book- "Uganda 7-Key Transformation Ideas," challenges some of the views President Museveni has espoused in the past and punches holes in the story of “Steady Transformation” during Mr Museveni’s time.


Eriasa Mukiibi Sserunjogi writes




President Museveni (centre) receives Kabaka

President Museveni (centre) receives Kabaka Ronald Mutebi (2nd left) at State House, Entebbe, in September 2009, seven years ago.


To transform Uganda, Mr Mayiga argues, seven things need to be sorted out. These are rule of law, good governance, the economy, education, monetising agriculture, infrastructure ad settling the Buganda question.

The list of the issues to be addressed that Mr Mayiga puts out, of course, is not new, except that there is some freshness to the way he puts them across. But perhaps more importantly at the moment, Mr Mayiga tackles Mr Museveni’s governance record with a boldness that he has not exhibited during the years he has been katikkiro.

Mr Mayiga was appointed katikkiro in May 2013 and has less than six months to run on his four year term, which is renewable. He replaced Mr John Baptist Walusimbi, who was himself appointed to the kingdom’s topmost administrative position in a clear attempt to de-escalate tensions between Buganda Kingdom and President Museveni’s government.

Before Mr Walusimbi’s appointment, relations between the kingdom and the government were very bad. Mr Daniel Muliika, Mr Walusimbi’s predecessor, had openly backed Dr Kizza Besigye’s shot at the presidency in 2006 and his sacking after just a year in office and replacement by Mr Walusimbi, which was openly opposed by some Buganda loyalists, signalled a change of approach by Kabaka Mutebi.

Mr Walusimbi is an engineer and his firm had participated in the lucrative refurbishment of State House Entebbe, which made kingdom loyalists to associate him with Mr Museveni. On taking office, Mr Walusimbi approached his tasks in a heavily depoliticised manner and seemed to move to repair relations with the government. At some point he picked some Shs1.2b from the central government for the kingdom to assist in promoting agriculture.

But even then, Mr Walusimbi’s team was stuffed with radical players, including the influential Mr Mayiga himself, who was the kingdom spokesperson and minister for cabinet affairs.

As the fallout between the government and the kingdom over land escalated, Mr Mayiga and two other kingdom officials were picked up by State functionaries and detained in different places in western Uganda for more than a week.

The other officials were Mr Medard Lubega Sseggona, who then deputised Mr Mayiga as kingdom spokesperson, and Ms Beti Nambooze, who the Kabaka had appointed to chair a sensitisation committee on land matters. Mr Sseggona and Ms Nambooze would later be elected to Parliament.

Given his firebrand character during his long service to the kingdom, Mr Mayiga was expected to continue the hardline stance when he took over as katikkiro. But he moved to further de-escalate the tensions between Mengo and the central government the moment he took over from Mr Walusimbi.

Within three months of Mr Mayiga’s appointment as katikkiro, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between President Museveni and Kabaka Mutebi at State House Entebbe.

In the MoU, the central government accepted to restore to the kingdom a number of its assets which were confiscated after the 1966 invasion by government forces of the palace of King Edward Muteesa, Mr Mutebi’s father. Muteesa fled to exile in London, from where he would die in 1969. The kingdom was abolished after the attack, only to be restored in 1993 under Mr Museveni.

But Mr Museveni and the kingdom quarrelled almost immediately after the restoration.

In the new book, Mr Mayiga says the fallout “started with the promulgation of the 1995 Constitution, which did not cater for much of Buganda’s proposals”. The new Constitution, Mr Mayiga writes, “ was expected to heal the wounds of the 1966 Crisis and resolve the Buganda Question,” an aspect to which he commits a full chapter in the book.

Change of direction?

Mr Mayiga had been a protagonist in the fallout and on being appointed katikkiro he restated the five key demands that Buganda has – the first one being respect for the king – but he clearly moved to change approach.

Before he assumed the position, ruling party members were not welcome at Buganda functions, especially those that took place in Lubiri at Mengo. Insults and objects would be hurled at those that dared to attend.

Mr Mayiga changed this by having President Museveni attend Kabaka Mutebi’s 20th coronation anniversary in Lubiri Mengo in July 2013. At the function, of course with the Kabaka in attendance, attendees tried to boo the President in protest against his presence, but Mr Mayiga warned them against the act.

He reminded them about the supremacy of the will of the kabaka in Buganda, saying it is the kabaka who had invited the President and disrespecting the kabaka’s guest amounted to disrespecting the kabaka himself. The hecklers went quiet. This was just days after the said MoU had been signed and land titles returned to the kingdom.

Mr Museveni said while ending his speech at the function: “Finally, I congratulate Your Highness, the Kabaka, on the Memorandum of Understanding you signed with me the other day. That MoU deals with the issues some people who like to recklessly fish in troubled waters have been using regarding some issues including the former masaza-magombolola estates as well as the harmonisation of the rights of the indigenous cultural groups in Buganda.”

In a further indication of the warming of relations between the two centres of power, Mr Museveni sent Vice President Edward Ssekandi to Kabaka Mutebi’s 60th birthday with a nice present – a posh car.

Opposition politicians, many of whom had viewed Mengo as an ally in the fight against Mr Museveni, were most dejected. Some of them openly spoke out against Mr Mayiga, who they accused of selling out to Mr Museveni.

Ms Nambooze and FDC spokesperson Ssemujju Nganda, two radical Baganda politicians who had made the kingdom radio station, CBS, their base, went off the station’s talk shows.

In the meantime, Mr Mayiga waged the biggest social fundraising drive to happen in the country in many years, raising billions to rebuild the burial site for Buganda’s kings, Kasubi Tombs, and complete a commercial building near Bulange, the seat of Buganda Kingdom.

He preached hard work and a renewal of faith in people’s abilities on his visits across the kingdom, and on many cases conducted fundraising and mobilisation drives in other parts of Uganda and abroad.

To many, Mr Mayiga seemed bent on recreating Buganda as an economic and not necessarily a political empire.

Change of direction?

For those who looked at Mr Mayiga’s intentions in that way, Uganda: 7-Key Transformation Idea will have come as a surprise.

Apart from offering ideas which Mr Mayiga thinks would help in the transformation of the country, he challenges some of the views Mr Museveni has espoused in the past and punches holes in the story of “steady transformation” during Mr Museveni’s time.

Over the years, for instance, Mr Museveni has placed the blame for Africa’s failure to defend itself against colonialism at the feet of the pre-colonial rulers like Buganda’s Muteesa I and Mwanga II.

At the height of the disagreement between Mr Museveni and Kabaka Mutebi in September 2009, when more than 30 people were shot dead in Kampala and other Buganda townships as people protested the government’s blocking of the Kabaka’s visit to Kayunga, Mr Museveni addressed Parliament.

“We are totally against the kings being involved in politics. The kings failed to defend the sovereignty of Africa. That is why we were colonised. The colonisation of Africa was a vote-of-no-confidence in tribalism and the pre-colonial kings. Africa failed to defend herself because of tribalism and tribal political organisation. Modern Africa must transcend and discard tribal organisation,” Mr Museveni told Parliament.

In the introduction to the book, Mr Mayiga writes: “I believe I understand why Africa is backward. But my major interest is in getting solutions. I see little value in dwelling on slave trade, or the failure of the then leaders to beat off colonialists when they first came in the 19th Century. In any case, slave trade and colonialism triumphed because the aggressors came with superior technology.”

Mr Museveni has penned numerous treatises attempting to explain the genesis of Africa’s troubles, and slave trade, colonialism and neo-colonialism feature prominently in his writings.

Mr Mayiga says whereas describing the problem is important, getting the prescription right and implementing them in the right way is what will get Africa out of its problems.

Mr Mayiga writes: “Now we can start off on why Africa lagged behind in technological innovation despite being the cradle of civilisation. Such arguments are long, but we don’t have that much time; instead we ought to concentrate on flushing out poverty.”

The arguments about direction aside, Mr Mayiga takes issue with much of what has been under Mr Museveni’s government, including the building of roads, which Mr Museveni has in the recent past presented as one of his biggest achievements.

Mr Mayiga writes: “And I see the roads under construction – I, actually, regularly use the ones whose reconstruction or repaving (very few are brand new … most are merely being maintained or improved upon) has been completed. Between the major towns, the ride is in fact generally smooth, never mind that the roads are single lane. Ideally roads should be at least double lane - for safety and ease of traffic.”

When people are in danger, Mr Mayiga writes, the police will have no means of transport or equipment to respond in time, and when they go to the courts their cases will not be resolved years on end. He dots the 456-page book with examples, many drawn from his experience.

In the end, as we stated at the outset, it would appear to the reader that very little works in Uganda.

And, for those who followed Mr Mayiga before he became katikkiro, would not be surprising. The only surprising element is that he chooses to release the book at this time, only six months before the expiry of his first tenure as katikkiro, a job he has done while taking care to keep off national politics.

Could Mr Mayiga be signalling that he will serve only one term as katikkiro, especially given that Kabaka Mutebi, through his actions and appointments, has in the recent indicated that he wants no more trouble with President Museveni?

It is hard to attempt an answer to this question.




 The Buganda princes disown Pater Mayiga as Katikiro:


On July 21, 2011, then Buganda Premier Eng. J.B. Walusimbi called for an extraordinary high-level meeting at the kingdom’s political seat in Bulange, Mengo.

Walusimbi was a soft-spoken leader whose diplomatic style of governance had won hearts in the central government.

In fact, it was a shock that during his reign tensions between Buganda and Mengo hit boiling levels, leading to the infamous 2009 Buganda riots that left a trail of bloodshed and unprecedented levels of destruction of property.

At that time, there were calls within some radical quarters in the Kingdom to overthrow Walusimbi, with many royal members accusing him of being in bed with the central government.

Some sections of Buganda seem to have enjoyed the belligerent nature of Walusimbi’s predecessor, the radical Dan Muliika.

At the Bulange meeting, Walusimbi met with senior kingdom officials who included Moses Kayima, Omutaka Nakirembeka, princes, cultural officials among others.

In his opening remarks, Walusimbi blasted what he described as “overwhelming acts of insubordination, indiscipline and impunity” by Buganda princes (Abalangira).

He further accused them of using media platforms and informal meetings to “abuse the institution of the Kabaka, seize ownership of Amasiro (Kasubi tombs); and harass leaders in a bid to sell off over 350 miles of land for personal gain.”

He also named the ryal members whom he said were hell-bent on “destroying the institution of the Kabaka.”

They included Prince David Alexander Ssimbwa, the son of Kabaka  Daudi Chwa II; Prince Bamweyana Walugembe; Mutebi Ssekamaanya (son of prince Hannington Muteb); Princess Gladys Nandawula (daughter of prince John Lukanga and grandson of Daudi Chwa II.).

Others were Edward Ndawula Kimera, Paul Lukenge Katoogo, Kajumba Genza, Luwaga, Ndagire, Nakibinge, Bannaava and Bassaava.

During the meeting, some princes tried to defend themselves against the accusations but it was later agreed the public be informed about their unbecoming conduct.

The public was told in an announcement that they should not tolerate lies, persuasion or intimidation by these royals.

Calm before storm

When Walusimbi gave way for Prime Minister Peter Mayiga, it was hoped that he would bridge the gap between Mengo and this section of ambitious royals.

However, this was not meant to happen.

a cross section of royals led by Lukenge Katoogo have initiated a grassroot campaign to overthrow Mayiga.

They accuse him of blocking them from overseeing the management of works at Kasubi tombs, saying such moves are disrespectful of royals.

The groups further claims that Mayiga formed a special committee to manage the tombs without consulting them before kicking out royals.

Mayiga is also faulted of not speaking out against immorality in the country including homosexuality. They said when the international community rose up in arms against the Anti-gay law, Mayiga remained mute.

“Mayiga should have showed responsibility as a leader to condemn this vice. Instead, he just travelled abroad to beg for money (etoffali project),” said Lukenge in a document being circulated in media houses.

“These actors are opposed our cultural norms which threatens the future of Buganda as a tradition and kingdom. He should have condemned them.”

Mayiga is also accused of presiding over “royal functions organised by Nnabagereka Sylvia Nagginda yet he is not a royal member.”

The premier is also faulted for “cultivating a ground for a begging culture in the Kingdom yet Buganda can take care of itself.”

Lukenge noted: “When a child over begs, it embarrasses the parents.”

He also blamed Mayiga for travelling in a “large convoy of security men from government,” adding, “We don’t think he is one of us. Why is he worried of moving around freely with his people?”

However, insiders say this group is opposed to Mayiga as he has blocked them from selling land for personal benefit.

Mayiga was not readily available for comment.

His supporters said the premier has blocked greedy royal members from meeting the Kabaka.

“These princes and princess are just selfish. They did not appoint Mayiga. How on earth can they imagine that he will be overthrown? He asked people to voluntarily contribute money to develop Mengo’s income-generating projects. But these greedy people want free money to spend at their will,” said a royal member who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely.

“Buganda is not for princes but all of us. Whoever puts his needs above Buganda’s interests is an enemy of the kingdom,” the source added.


In a recent article, Patrick Nakabale, Central Region Youth MP and General Secretary NRM Parliamentary Caucus, commended Mayiga “for not heeding the views and opinions of some elements who would want to continuously saw seeds of discord between the Kingdom and its people on the one hand, and the central government and the rest of the country on the other.”

This, said Nakabale, “also bolsters the recent Memorandum of Understanding that the central government signed with Buganda Kingdom. “

“The Katikkiro is a leader who is upbeat and passionate about the development of Buganda Kingdom. At least for most of the time he has engaged the Government, he has been gentle, civil and all-accommodating,” noted Nakabale.

“He hasn’t been the aggressive politician he was before being appointed Katikkiro. In fact some pundits had started to think that his appointment as Katikkiro, the Kabaka was looking for someone who would fiercely engage central government. They have since been proved wrong as Mayiga has shown that he is not for war but peace and the speedy development of the Kingdom.”

Nakabale praised Mayiga for traversing most of the Kingdom territories interacting with his people and mobilising resources from the subjects to support Buganda.


Eno ye bbaluwa egoba abalangira mu masiro g' Ekasubi:




Posted on 11th October, 2014

Now it is seven years for the Katikkiro of Buganda:


By World Media


11 May, 2020


The Katikirro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga had a press conference to mark his 7th year as the Prime Minister of Buganda. On the same event, he told the press about a book that he was soon to launch and unveiled some of the achievements of his seventh year.

Yet, behind the press conference was a coded message. It was the Katikirro’s farewell speech. We can now reliably confirm that as soon as the Lockdown is fully lifted, the Kabaka will unveil a new Katikirro.

According to our sources, the Katikirro had planned to use the press conference to prempt the news of his replacement. “He had not planned to mark his 7th anniversary. But he felt it best to set the record straight on his achievements before his replacement is announced. He has not had it easy. There have been many unfriendly forces,” Mugwanya tells us.

Mugwanya continues; “one of the things the Katikirro did was to streamline processes. He put in place things such as approval matrix. He formalized the procurement process at the Kingdom. By doing this, he earned himself many enemies. Take an example of the Majestic brands, it meant that to work with the Kingdom, you had specific targets and deliverables. This did not go well with many people. Many were selling off land in the Kingdom without following process, Katikirro made it practically impossible for all this to continue.”

As such, Katikirro told the press that although the journey had not been easy, there were some things to celebrate. He talked of Masengere for example. But he could not explain the flattening of Ngule as the Kingdom beer brand.

But his body language was revealing. It revealed a hurting man, hurting, angered, betrayed and feeling like his reign had been nipped short in the bud. He took swipes at some of his public enemies, Tamale Mirundi and Frank Gashumba.

He described Mirundi as a drunkard and Gashumba as a conman. Only a man on his way out could afford to go bareknuckle. We can confirm that Mayiga has begun delagating most of his duties as he prepares to handover. “He tried to ask for an extension. But the Kabaka thinks it is time for a fresh pair of gloves. His replacement is equally young though less charming. Kabaka thinks after seven years, there is not so much someone can turn around. Katikirro will be remembered for etoffali and kyapa mu ngalo,” Mugwanya opines.

The Central Government will have Katikirro to thank for a fonder relationship between Buganda and the NRM government. It is these ties that he fought hard to mend. A part of him realized that he could win more through friendship than having rifts. Yet never before had many people dared to attack the institution of Buganda than in his time. “Remember when Sheikh Muzaata took him on. Remember when many poor Baganda defied the kyapa mu Ngalo. At some point Mayiga’s problem was shooting beyond his reach. He had to temper his ambitions. He tried to catch more than he could handle. It is this humility that was lacking. He saw himself as Mr. Superman, Iron Man. He thought past Katikirros were docile. He did not bother to learn from them but little did he know that Buganda was not built in one day. We cannot say that he failed to try, let us say he tried and failed.”

It will be the end of a reign for a man who came in seven years ago. The youth in Buganda will miss him. But eventually even the best of dancers exits. To some, Mayiga had become as big as the institution he represented. That has a way of getting into people’s heads. It was his undoing. Over-ambition flared with over confidence.






Mayiga alabudde Muzaata ku by'okuzimba Buganda: 'Aboogerera Ettoffaali amafuukuule tebayinza kunzigya ku mulamwa'
Mar 24, 2015
  Mayiga ng’ayogera eri Olukiiko mu Bulange.



KATIKKIRO Charles Peter Mayiga akunze Obuganda obutawuliriza balumba nteekateeka ya kusonda ssente z’Ettoffaali n’ategeeza nti: Abo tebayinza kunziggya ku mulamwa era nkeera Kawempe.

Mayiga ng’ali mu Lukiiko lw’e Mengo olwatudde eggulo mu Bulange yagambye nti: Abaagala okuwa ettoffaali weebali, abalitikkula nabo weebali n’emirimu gye lirina okukola nagyo gikyali mingi!

Bino bijjidde mu kiseera nga waliwo olutalo wakati wa Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata eyavumiridde ettoffaali ne Bobi Wine eyamuwadde nsalessale wa Mmande (eggulo) okumenyawo ebigambo ebyo era bw’atakikola amwanukule mu ngeri entuufu emugwanidde.

Mayiga yagambye nti abavumirira ettoffaali bagezaako kulemesa kaweefube wa kuzza Buganda ku ntikko. 

Yagambye nti abantu ssente bazisonda kyeyagalire n’agattako nti: Ggwe ssebo okukung’aanya obukadde bubiri n’ekitundu eza ddoola okuyita kyangu! Obukadde bubiri obwa ddoola ‘it’s not a joke’. Tugenda kugenda mu maaso n’okusonda ettofaali era enkya (olwaleero) nkeera Kawempe.

Olukiiko lwamukubidde emizira ng’abali waggulu ku ‘kabanyi’ (omwaliilo ogwa waggulu awatuula abantu baabulijjo) bwe baanukula nti “Bagambeko” ate abalala nga boogera linnya “Muzaata”.

Katikkiro okwogera bino yabadde ayanukula ebigambo by’omukiise w’Olukiiko luno Hussein Kato Galiwango (akiikirira abantu ba Kabaka ababeera e Mbale) eyabadde alaze okutya olw’amaloboozi agakolokota ettoffaali n’agabuuza nti “Linaggwa ddi?”

Katikkiro yagambye nti enteekateeka y’ettoffaali eyamba Buganda okukola emirimu egy’enkulaakulana mu ngeri ey’omwoyo gwa Buganda ogutafa.

Yawagiddwa abakiise abaagambye nti abaagala okulaba obukulu bw’enteekateeka y’ettoffaali bagende balambule Amasiro ne ku lwa April 13, bagende mu Bulange nga Katikkiro akwasa Kabaka ekizimbe Masengere balabe enkyukakyuka ezze mu Buganda.

Katikkiro yagambye nti enteekateeka y’okusonda ettoffaali ey’omwaka guno gwonna yawedde okutuukira ddala mu December 2015.


Omuyimbi Ronald Mayinja naye yeegasse ku Bobi Wine okugamba Muzaata amenyewo bye yayogedde n’okwetondera Buganda olw’okuvvoola abasonda ez’ettofaali n’abalikung’aanya.

Mayinja yagambye nti kino Muzaata bw’atakikola mangu, agenda kumukubamu oluyimba olumuvumirira.

Mayinja yategeezezza Bukedde eggulo nti Buganda ebadde mu maziga okumala ebbanga ate nti kyasukka Amasiro bwe gaakwata omuliro nti ate mu kiseera ng’etandise okukulaakulanyizibwa bwe wavaayo omukulembeze agezaako okukotoggera, aba alina kulwanyisibwa na maanyi.

Mayinja yagambye nti ekyasinze okumunyiiza y’engeri Muzaata gy’avvoola amasinzizo n’agayita Ebizikitizikiti, n’Ebikanisakanisa ebifaanana leeba z’embwa we zizaalira!


Kyokka Muzaata yategeezezza Bukedde nti obubaka bwe yabuwa okukubiriza abantu okukola emirimu gya Katonda baleme kusoosoowaza za ku nsi zokka.

Yatangaazizza nti obubaka buno yabuwa emyezi nga mukaaga emabega ng’ali Butambala ne yeewuunya ebigendererwa by’abaatandise okusaasaanya obutambi kwe yaweera obubaka obwo nga bataddeko ebigambo ebikuma omuliro mu bantu.

Eggulo Bobi Wine yategeezezza nti akomyewo okuva e Dubai  ‘zaabike emipiira’ ne Muzaata!




Buganda Kingdom Attorney General, Apollo Makubuya in the 61st Kabaka Birthday

Cycling race competition at Bulange, April 9 2016.



Ssabasajja Kabaka Mutebi,

Mulubiri e Mmengo,

Kampala Kyadondo.


Gusinze Ai Ssabasajja,


Ensonga: Obuganda bwandiba mu Ssengavuddemu


Ssabasajja Kabaka gye buvuddeko twamuloopera engeri abakungu mu Bulange e Mmengo gye balumba Ennono ya Buganda bwe baazinduukiriza Omulangira Katebe ne bamukuba emiggo wamu n’ab’omunjuuye. Ensonga enkulu bw’etyo elimu n’amawano, teyatwalibwa ng’ekikulu era tekyayogerwako, n’Omulangira Muwenda Mutebi bwe baalya ne Katebe Obuganda teyafaayo. Ekyo kitwoleka nti oba oli awo, twaloopera muganzi mu nzikiza.

            Tuzze tusonga ku bikolobero ba katikkiro bye bakoze era bye bakyakola Obuganda, nga bajooga n’okutyoboola Obuwangwa n’Ennono yaffe Abaganda. Ssabasajja twamuloopera kaweefube abalabe ba Buganda gwe baliko okusangulawo Obwakabaka bwa Buganda nga bayita mu kukyusakyusa Obuwangwa n’Obulombolombo bwaffe. Twalambulula enkola zaabwe nga tusonga ne ku bantu ba kaggwensonyi abali mu Bulange, abeeyita Abaganda nti era bafiira ku bya Buganda naye nga mu mazima batukuusa. Buganda bali mu kugilya bagitunda okugimalawo.

            Abantu abo, we twogelera bino, bakyaliyo mu Bulange bagenda mu maaso tewali abagambako. Buli kikolobero Abaganda kye babakwatiramu, beesingisa Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi nti y’abeera abatumye okukikola. Eky’ennaku, Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi tavaayo ku bakangavvula ne bwe tumutegeeza, wabula tulaba ayongera kubaweelera okugenda mu maaso. Bwe wabaawo Omuganda avaayo okwesimba mu mukolobezi yenna okumukangavvula nga yeesingisizza Nnamulondo, Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi avaayo bukuukuubira okutaasa basajjabe.

            Eky’okulabirako kili mu Masiro e Kasubi. Katikkiro Mayiga yagawamba ng’ayogera lwatu nti ye, omwana wa Kabaka omukulu, Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi amuwadde Amasiro okugazimba nti era tayagalayo bya Buwangwa na Nnono ya Lulyo Olulangira kubanga bimulemesa okutuukiriza ebigendelerwa bye. Eyo Mayiga amazeeyo emyaka nga tewali kanyego okuva ewa Kabaka wadde ng’Abaganda bamulaajanidde nyo okubataasa ku Katikkirowe. Abaganda bwe balabye Kabaka tafaayo, ne basinziira okwelwanako beetaaseeko katikkiro omukolobezi. Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi yalaba guli gutyo, olwo n’avaamu eddoboozi ng’agoba Katikkirowe Mayiga mu Masiro n’abalogo Nnamikka ne bba Mulumba abaliyo. Era Kabaka n’alangilira nti Amasiro e Kasubi Nnabulagala agaggaddewo okutuusa nga gawedde okuzimba.

            Abaalowooza nti Kabaka yali avuddeyo okutaasa Obuganda ku Katikkirowe Mayiga, ekya Kabaka omulamu okuggala Amasiro ga Ssekabaka kyatuleetera enkenyera. Tuludde nga tusomesa nti Kabaka omulamu talina buyinza wadde akamu mu Masiro g’abafu, alinayo buvunaanyizibwa ng’Omulangira. Bwe twakyetegereza, twakizuula nti tekwaali kugolola nsozi, wabula kwali kutaasa musajjawe Ssabalabbayi Mayiga obusungu bw’Abaganda abaali baswakidde olwa kaggwensonyi oyo okubanyaga  ng’abakana omusimbi gw’ettaffaali n’emitwalo enkaaga mbu ez’obusenze ku ttaka lya Kabaka. Kyokka n’akozesa ensimbi zaabwe z’abakamuddemu okujooga n’okutyoboola Obuwangwa n’Ennono yaabwe.

            Twawulirako nti ne bajjajjaffe Abataka abakulu b’Ebika nabo beegaganula ne balagira Kabaka okugoba Katikkiro Mayiga omulabbayi ku bwa Katikkiro. Ekyo kituwa essuubi nti bajjajjaffe baweddemu empewo ne bategeera obukulu n’obuyinza bwabwe ku Kabaka ne mu Bwakabaka. Naye tukimanyi bulungi nti tewali Mutaka, ku baliwo mukaco kano, asobola kwogera kintu kyonna Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi ky’atayagala ekimunyiiza oba kyatamugambye. Awo tukyalinawo okwebuuza nti, ‘ddala ani yawadde Abataka amaanyi n’obuvumu okulagira Kabaka gwe baludde nga beegayilira okusisinkana, nga buli lwe bamulabako ku mikolo bayaayaana buyaayaanyi?’ Awo tulabawo akakodyo.

            Kimanyiddwa nti Obwakatikkiro buzze butambulira mu mikono gy’abalabe ba Buganda bokka okuva lwe bwawambibwa Apolo Kaggwa Gulemye, era tekibangawo ne bakkiriza atali omu ku bbo okubulya. Omuganda omutuufu, atali wa kinywi, okubulya asanga obuzibu obutalabwangako. Twalaba ekyaliwo nga Katikkiro Muliika alidde. Omwaka ogumu Muliika gwe yamala ku Bwakatikkiro yakyuusa entegeka z’abalabe ba Buganda ku Bwakatikkiro, era yagenda okubuvaako nga butandise okudda ku buwangwa obutuufu. Walusimbi bwe yajja, enkola Muliika gye yalekawo yamulema okukyusa, era yabuvaako ng’akukkuluma.

            Ekyaleeta Mayiga kwali kukola ebyalema Walusimbi. Ekyo Mayiga yakyogelerawo nga tannaba na kukwasibwa Ddamula nti, ‘nzize okumaliriza ebilemye Walusimbi.’ Kye yasookerako kwe kuwamba Obwakatikkiro mu lwatu kubanga ekyo Walusimbi kyali kyamulema. Waaliwo obubonero obwakulembera okujja kwa Mayiga, nga bukolebwa mu bugenderevu, okutegeka Abaganda bakkirize ebikolobero ebijja baleme okubyogerako olw’okuba kilabika Nnamulondo y’esiimye, nti era omuntu oyo muganzi nnyo eri Kabaka. Obubonero bwe bumu butandise okulabika nga bukulembera okujja kwa Katikkiro Apolo Makubuya. Olwa leero obuganzi bwa Makubuya eri Nnamulondo buyimbilirwa buli wamu, ne we kiteetaagisa. Ako kabonero ka nkukunala nti Makubuya ye Katikkiro addako.

            Apolo Makubuya abadde nnyo wakati mu buli muvuyo ogukoleddwa ku Bwakabaka bwa Buganda n’Abaganda, naye nga mwegendereza obutaggyaayo bwanga butereevu. Kale abadde teyeelaga ng’ali mabega wa ntimbe. Oyo ye Makubuya omuganzi eri Kabaka.

            Wano jjo ly’abalamu, Abalangira baakwata ekyapa nga Makubuya ne Mayiga babbye ne batunda ettaka ly’embuga ya Nnalongo Mawuuno. Wabula beewolereza nti Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi ye yabatuma. Mu kifo kya Kabaka okuvaayo n’agoba abakulu abo olw’okumuwemula, Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi yakyuukira Balangira, okukkakkana nga Ssabalangira Kayima Moses amugobye. Era eyo ye yali entandikwa y’omuvuyo gw’okuleeta ensowole okuva mu kika kye Ngabi (Abalangira abapangilire) okufuga Olulyo Olulangira, nakaakano ogukyagenda mu maaso.

            Ani yali akilabye? Enaku zino buli kika e Buganda kilangira. Emmamba ziri ssatu naye zonna zilina Abalangira abenkana n’abaana b’eŋoma, Effumbe nalyo lirina Abalangira ab’enkana n’abaana b’eŋoma, Enkima, Eŋonge, n’ebirala bingi. Kale enkyukakyuka zilaga nti nabyo luliba lumu ne bijja ne bifuga Olulyo Olulangira olw’abaana b’eŋoma omuva Kabaka wa Buganda.

            Ebyo byonna Katikkiro Omugole, Apolo Makubuya abilinamu omukono wamu ne Amb. Matovu, Mayiga, Musanje Godfrey n’abalala bangi abakyali mu lutimbe.

            Omugole Apolo Makubuya yali ku mwanjo nyo wakati mu kuleetebwa kw’amawano g’ensonga z’omwana matankane “Omulangira” Ssemakookiro Richard. Kale tetuyinza kuwubisibwa ku buwufubwe mu bikolobero by’akoze Buganda. Era kigambibwa nti Apolo Makubuya amanyi bulungi obuzaale bw’omwana Ssemakookiro nga ne bazadde b’omwana abatuufu, taata ne maama (abaddala) abamanyi bulungi nyo, nga ffe bwe tubamanyi.  

            Abaganda baludde nga bakisongako nti Apolo Makubuya ow’Effumbe muzzukulu w’Omutaka Walusimbi e Bakka, alina endagaano mu kyama ey’okuba Katikkiro alondoole okutuusa ng’omwana Ssemakookiro Richard akuze, si na kindi ng’alidde Obuganda (afuuse Kabaka).

            Ekyo nakyo tukirinze okubaawo tukirabeko nga Katikkiro Apolo Makbuya alidde. Kw’olwo tulivaayo ne tuggyayo buli mazima agali mu kyama ekyetoolodde omwana “Omulangira” Ssemakookiro Richard. Tukwagaliza obwakatikkiro obulungi sebo Makubuya Apolo ow’Effumbe.


Tusaba Ssabasajja Kabaka atwale okulabula ku nti kwa nsonga. Waliwo ebilango ebiyita ku zilaadiyo ne mu mpapula z’amawulire nti, “Obuganda buli mu kutegeka Nnaggalabi!?’

            Mu buwangwa bwa Buganda, Kabaka bw’akolebwako emikolo gy’e Nnaggalabi taddayo ku linnyayo kigere kye obulamu bwe bwonna. Mu Buwangwa bwa Buganda, buli Nnaggalabi lw’ateekebwa teekebwa waba waliwo Kabaka alidde oba anaalya Obuganda. Kaakano bwetulaba nga Nnaggalabi ategekebwa, tumanya nti eliyo emikolo gya Ssemanobe ku Kabaka alidde oba anaalya.

            N’olw’ensonga eyo, enteekateeka (z’okutemula Kabaka asikizibwe omwana) ezaaliwo nga Ssemakookiro Richard aleetebwa, zitandise okuddamu okulabikako. Olaba ne Nnaggalabi ateekebwa teekebwa!!! Tukiraba nti olukwe luno lwe luleeta Makubuya ku bwa Katikkiro kubanga amanyi bulungi amayitire ga Ssemakookiro Richard.


Wangaala ai Ssabasajja Kabaka

Ewangaale Nnyaffe Buganda enunulwe ku babbi b’ettaka lyaffe.


Nze owuwo Jjunju Kamulali,

Ssentebe w’Olukiiko lw’Abazzukulu ba Buganda.