President Museveni of Uganda accepts corruption as a means to stay put in power: 

If he stops corruption that will be the end of his rule:


Written by Kakwenza Rukirabashaija 


Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni thinks that by handpicking the wealthy sons and daughters of the stinking rich corrupt National Resistance Army (NRA) politicians to fill the key government positions, will fight and erase the cancer of corruption which has eaten and sank the country into the bottomless abyss - beyond rubicon. 


It is a well-known fact that all these potbellied NRA historicals came from the bush in 1986 donning tattered clothes and shoes, had nothing in their names but upon installing themselves into power, began to loot the coffers mercilessly and 35-years later they own everything and yet their bellies are not near becoming full. They are like greedy hyenas who want to eat the same amounts as elephants.

Himself, family members and close associates have been named in mouth gaping scandalous corruption syndicates - domestic and international. A recent foreign one is where he and Sam Kutesa were marked as exhibits 1510 and 1504 respectively in the U.S. Courts during the trial and indictment of a Chinese investor, Patrick Ho. Since he says that corruption is caused by poverty pressure, are they poor?

Elsewhere, people leave politics and go into business because they believe that they can earn more there but here in Uganda, people see politics as the quickest way to become rich.

Where would Museveni and his cartel be if they had not masqueraded as liberators? Everyone wants to become a politician including the best lawyers, doctors, academicians etcetera because they believe it is the quickest way to amass wealth.

Well, that is the reason why they do not want to go. They have looted Uganda to the bone and they fear that once they are removed from power, they will lose everything they have fleeced including facing the comeuppance of the laws against illicit enrichment. They fear facing a functioning government system. They would rather be succeeded by another thief. One thief out, another in kind of leadership.

That describes why they do everything—including stealing elections, murdering and imprisoning critics—to retire into the presidency so that they do not lose their power. Losing the power would conceivably mean that they would no longer protect their loot in a new functioning government.

Uganda may have the best laws against corruption as enunciated in the Anti-Corruption Act, 2019 but because of poor enforcement as a result of syndicated corruption which begins with the president and his family, the perpetrators are never successfully prosecuted but instead the small fish suffer.

His family members who are inside the caboodle of corruption are immune against the laws because they are of the kindred consanguinity with the president.

If you may ask yourself, is it possible for the descendants of most thieves to be honest or they will exponentially be more thieves than their parents since children learn their ways from their parents? In Ruhororo there is a saying that a child learns of its mother's pilfering tricks by simply being clutched on her back.

Imagine Gen. Museveni of 1980, young and patriotic, went to the bush to fight the Milton Obote government which he accused of corruption and vote-rigging but when he overthrew it and assumed office, he has done worse.

Mr. Museveni, do you want us to believe that you failed to solve the Ugandan problems in the last 35-years you have been president but you will solve them in the next five years?

Tubalemu amagezi sebbo. You are just enjoying the corruption and without it, you can never even win an election!

Uganda is trying to remind the  USA about keeping off the sovereignty of its country:

Keep off our affairs, we know better:


Written by Frank Kisakye


Uganda President Yoweri Museveni for over 35 years


The government of Uganda says it is baffled by a recent US government report titled ‘2020 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Uganda’ released on March 30, 2021.

In the report, the State Department of the United States of America raises various concerns and allegations of torture, kidnap, arbitrary arrests and murder, human rights violations against members of the opposition, refugees, gays among others. Based on the report, the US imposed travel sanctions against unnamed top Ugandan officials.  

Now, in an undated and unsigned response released by the Uganda Media Centre, the Uganda government reminds the US government of its sovereignty and that their partnership and sustenance of that relationship depends on principles of mutual respect, non-interference. 


Uganda reminds the USA that more than anyone, it knows its responsibility of safeguarding and upholding human rights and that it will not be bullied by anyone and ordered through undue pressure on when and how to uphold human rights having already suffered the blunt realities of political insurgencies, political instability, dictatorships and uncontrolled media.

Uganda's response goes on to claim that the US compiled their report based on blatant limited knowledge about the realities on the ground in Uganda and biased media reports, which it says were planted by opposition politicians and their sympathisers. It also reminded the US that no government in the world can tolerate violent riots and every effort has to be made to nip the riots from the onset hence the heavy security deployment and arrests.  

Government says it responded highhanded to opposition politicians during the runup to and after the January 14 election, particularly Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine of the National Unity Platform (NUP) and Patrick Oboi Amuriat of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) because they publically declared 'Plan B' and disregarded and violated nearly all COVID-19 pandemic regulations.  

"The government in its approach to the pandemic has prioritized the protection of human life. Since without the right to life it is impossible to enjoy any other right. The report deliberately ignores the conditions under which the elections were held. A total lockdown was declared on March 18, 2020, because of the pandemic given the rate and speed of infection at the time and the fact that how to manage it was unknown then," the response reads in part. 

The Uganda Security officers chasing after the media at the United Nation Human Rights offices in Kampala earlier this year

On the freedom of the media, the government says it strongly believes that the media is an important part of a democratic society and is essential to the protection of human rights, fundamental freedoms and socio-economic transformation. Uganda says the media is "fiercely independent" to the point that government is always engaged in diffusing 'lie after lie' planted in the media by the opposition and their sympathisers. It further said in Uganda, the content published in the media is not controlled or influenced by government but rather business interests and the private sector. 

"The report also strangely makes baseless allegation of restriction and trampling on the freedom of expression and media. Uganda presently boasts of 322 privately-owned radio stations, 40 television stations, 56 licensed online publishers, and many newspapers with national coverage. Through these outlets, citizens of Uganda are free to express their views. In 2016 alone, Uganda spent Shs 350 billion (about $95m) in media advertising. The top twenty spenders were all private-sector institutions while more than 90 per cent of the media channels that consumed the money are all privately owned. Government of Uganda has only 24 media houses that command a small listenership/viewership and miniscule revenue. This is out of 322 stations across the country, since the airwaves were opened in 1992."


Unfortunately for USA these are the Uganda peace keeping African troops from Somalia now stationed in Kampala!


"This state of affairs openly contradicts the false narrative in the report. It is the private sector in Uganda NOT the government that largely determines major commercial and by extension, editorial decisions. Uganda’s media is fiercely independent and the same media has no recourse to intelligence services information used against opponents, often the way the same media relies on their intelligence agencies as sources of news to shape public opinion. As many Ugandans and foreigners who live in the county know, the Government in Uganda is always on the backpedal, rebutting lies after lies and heading into ‘storms’ almost always created and/or emanating from the privately-owned media houses; the same houses that gobble all the advertising revenue including the government’s own promotion expenditure."


Uganda says that the constant heavy deployment of security to curtail riots is not unique to the African country of Uganda, even the USA does it!

On free and fair elections, the government says except once in 2011, all the five elections held since 1996 have been subjected to the scrutiny of the Supreme court, the highest court in the land and on all occasions determined that they'd been held in compliance with the Ugandan laws. 

"Needless to say, a number of electoral reforms have been implemented on the basis of the lessons learned from the elections of 2016 and we call upon all our partners to interest themselves in those reforms, in order to appreciate the robustness of our electoral legal framework which, by most accounts, is one of the most progressive in Africa and beyond." the report states. 

On errant conduct of security officers, government says it objects the 'false impression' that Uganda security officers Ugandan officers who take the law unto themselves and make mistakes in their line of duty are not apprehended.

It says, "in 2019 alone, some 2,175 complaints were registered against errant Police officers and the Police Standards Unit (PSU) investigated to conclusion some 1,446 while 729 are still under inquiries. As is the case with UPF, the UPDF too deals sternly with errant officers. For example, on February 19, 2021, the UPDF court-martial took action against seven soldiers who were implicated in the assault of some reporters. The Chief of Defense Forces (CDF) later publicly apologized to the Media fraternity on this matter."

On prisons conditions, Uganda says the US report omitted to comment on the milestones that the government of Uganda has registered in detention centres especially the prison services with Ugandan prison services rated among the best on the African continent and a benchmark for best prison services in developing countries.

"The Government of Uganda has taken demonstrable steps to improve the prison conditions affecting all prisoners and especially those with disabilities. This, it has done by increasing prison holding capacity from 14,334 in 2012/2013 to currently 19,456, expansion and construction of disability-friendly prisons for example Rukungiri and Mutufu; Kyangwali, Butyaba and Kitalya Minimax. Mutukula, Nebbi, Adjumani, Ragem and Orom-Tikau.. There is no such thing as ‘Forced Labour’ in Uganda Prisons Services as alleged in the report. [On] the contrary there are existing Policies and legislations regarding prison labour, composition of prison labour, nature of work done, earning scheme and payment of prisoners, employment of vulnerable persons in place. Strict measures are in place to ensure that officers in charge (OCs) comply with these regulations.

The report further perpetuates a falsehood that female suspects are detained in the same cell as men that is utterly baseless. In Uganda, all police cells have both female and male and the fake pictures that made their round on social media purporting to show female suspects jointly in detention with males were taken in the police station waiting area during statement taking. The report reaffirming this false goes confirms the limited knowledge of the authors of the reports on prison services conditions in Uganda."


The Uganda government reminds the USA government of its sovereignty and that their partnership and sustenance of that relationship depends on principles of mutual respect, non-interference.

But then, neither is this sovereignty of Uganda a personal asset of one tyrannical family dynasty!





Wano e Buganda enteekateeka z'okuziika Ssaabasumba Lwanga zigenda mu maaso:

Added 7th April 2021


Obutebe nga butegekeddwa ku Lutikko e Lubaga awagenda okuziikibwa Ssaabasumba Lwanga (mu katono) enkya.


ENTEEKATEEKA z'okuwerekera Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga abadde Ssaabasumba w'essaza ekkulu erya Kampala zigenda mu maaso mu Lutikko e Lubaga.

Dr. Lwanga waakuziikibwa enkya mu Lutikko munda era abaanaatuula wabweru obutebe butegekeddwa bulungi okusobozesa abakungubazi okutuula obulungi nga bagoberera ebigenda mu maaso.



Omubiri gwa Dr. Lwanga gumaze okusiibwa mu chapel gye gugenda okusula enkya, aleetebwe mu Klezia gy'anaaziikibwa.


Kitalo kino. Abaganda tebaziika mu ssabo, ne munyumba ze mirimu; nga efumbiro, eddiiro, oba ebisenge byokusulamu. Ate kyabulabe eri obulamu bwabasigaddewo, okuziika abagalwa bammwe okumpi nammwe abalamu. Omuganda agamba nti bwofiirwa omwaana tosulanaye kuntaana.






The International Criminal Court has sentenced Bosco Ntaganda to 30 years:

November 8, 2019

Written by VOA

Bosco Ntaganda

Bosco Ntaganda


The International Criminal Court sentenced former Congolese rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda, 46, to 30 years in prison Thursday for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

ICC judges found Ntaganda guilty of 18 counts in July, including murder, rape, sexual slavery and enlisting child soldiers. The court in The Hague said Thursday in its ruling that judges determined individual sentences for each count, which if added together would total 218 years in prison.

But ICC rules cap sentences at 30 years. Judges may decide to impose a life sentence instead, but in their ruling, the judges said because many of the individual crimes involve overlapping conduct, they did not warrant a life sentence.


Ntaganda has been in custody since March 2013 and that time is being deducted from the 30-year sentence. During his trial, Ntaganda denied being a killer and a war criminal, saying he never attacked civilians and "always protected them."

Prosecutors said he commanded a rebel group, the Union of Congolese Patriots (UPC), that killed, raped and exploited people in Congo's eastern Ituri province in 2002 and 2003. A lawyer for victims told the court that girls as young as 12 were forced to serve as so-called wives to senior rebel commanders. 

The attacks by the UPC allegedly targeted specific ethnic groups such as the Lendu, Bira, and Nande. One alleged co-conspirator was Thomas Lubanga, who was sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2012 after the ICC convicted him of conscripting child soldiers.

Ntaganda remained at large for seven years after his indictment was issued in 2006, irritating judicial officials with occasional appearances in public. He co-founded the Congolese rebel group M23 in early 2012. In a surprise move, however, he surrendered at the US embassy in Kigali, Rwanda, in March of 2013. Experts say he may have turned himself in because fighting within M23 caused him to fear for his life. 


Abatemu bannyonnyodde Poliisi ebiwuniikiriza, baakatta aba boda boda 13 ne babanywamu omusaayi

By Musasi wa Bukedde


Added 9th November 2019


Abatemu bannyonnyodde Poliisi ebiwuniikiriza, baakatta aba boda boda 13 ne babanywamu omusaayi.


Pop2 703x422

Minister Karoro (mu kitengi) ng’awuliriza abakwate bwe beewaako obujulizi. Baabadde ku poliisi ye’ Kazo.


EKIBINJA ky’ababbi kiwuniikirizza abeebyokwerinda mu bitundu bya Kiruhura mu Ankole bwe bategeezezza nti baakatta abavuzi ba boodabooda 13 nga bwe banywa omusaayi gwabwe.


Bano okwogera bino, baabadde ku poliisi mu disitulikiti y’e Kazo eyakutuddwa ku Kiruhura eyabakutte mu kikwekweto ky’okufuuza abamenyi b’amateeka mu kitundu. Abaakwatiddwa bammemba b’akabinja ka ‘Twilight’ akabadde katigomya aba boodabooda mu bitundu kuli, Ssembabule, Kiruhura, Kazo, Mirama Hills n’ebitundu bya Ankole ebirala.

Ku Lwokuna, poliisi yalaze bannamawulire ne minisita Mary Karoro Okurut abasajja bataano abaakwatiddwa ku by’okutemula aba boodabooda. Bano kuliko, Clesensio Kiiza 20, Godius Ahebwa 19, John Tumuhairwe 29, Sam Ssemanda 57, (omusamize w’e Ssembabule ku kyalo Keizoba) ne Enos Kabagambe 20 ow’oku kyalo Kakinga mu ggombolola y’e Burunga.


Ahebwa yagambye nti, yeegatta ku kibinja kino mu 2016 era yaakatta ababoodabooda munaana ng’akozesa muguwa. Ono yannyonnyodde nti, Kiiza ye yamuyingiza mu kibinja kino era mukama waabwe yadduse.

Yannyonnyodde nti bwe yayingira akabinja, Kiiza yamugamba nti waliwo omusamize e Ssembabule asobola okubawa eddagala ne batakwatibwa era n’amutwala ewa Ssemanda e Ssembabule n’abawa eddagala ne balinywa n’abakalaatira nti, omuntu yenna gwe basooka okutta balina okunywa omusaayi gwe era bwe banaakikola, bajja kuba bamaze okweteerawo obukuumi obutakwatibwa.

“Omuntu eyasooka gwe nasooka namuttira mu kibira e Ssembabule era omusaayi gwe ne ngunywa.” Ahebwa bwe yagambye.

Yagaseeko nti, owa bbooda gwe yaddako okutta, yamuttira ku lutindo lw’e Rushere ate eyaddako n’amuttira ku kyalo Kabagore ate omulala yamuttira mu kibira ky’e Kazo eyaddako, yagambye nti, baamutta omulambo ne bagusuula mu mugga gw’e Rwenkoma ate omulala baamuttira Nshwerenkye n’eyasembayo baamuttira ku kyalo Kirundi e Ssembabule era nga byonna babikola ne mukama waabwe Akandwanaho ow’oku kyalo Kyera e Ssembabule. Ono buli ppikippiki gye babadde bamutwalira ng’abasasula wakati wa 200,000/- ne 300,000/-

. N’abalala okwabadde Kiiza bannyonnyodde nti, okutemula kw’aba bboodabbooda babadde bakufunamu akasente okuva ewa Akandwanaho era y’abadde abafunira n’aba bboodabbooda be balina okutta.

Wabula Ssemanda ye eby’okukolagana n’akabinja k’abatemu bano yabyegaanyi wadde nga bo baabadde bamulumiriza. Omwogezi wa poliisi mu bintundu by’e Rwiizi, Richard Ecega yagambye nti, bagenda kukozesa obujulizi abatemu bwe beewaddeko okubatwala mu kkooti.

Abantu be batta kuliko; Mathias Kentore eyattibwa mu October omwaka guno, omulala eyategerekekako erya Nuwagira okuva mu Mirama, Coleb ow’e Bwesibirabo n’abalala okuva mu Kazo.


Olaba Minister bweyekozesa nga eyekanze enyo abaana bano ettemu lyebabadde bakola kubaana banabbwe? Mbadde nti abo abewaana okulwana entalo ebikolobero ebyo byebayigiriza abagyasi okukola abalabe baabwe. Era kyova olaba nga abakulembeze be ntalo mu Africa nga Terminator oba ono abadde afuga Sudan mumateeka gokulwana nokuttingana kooti ya ICC yateekebwawo okuwuliriza ebikolobero bino omuntu byasobola okukola obubi enyo kumuntu munne. Kyewunyisa nti jo jjuuzi South Africa kkooti eno yagivaamu era oluvanyuma netandiika okukola ebikolobero ebibi enyo kubagenyi ab'Africa abaali batude muggwanga lino. Era yo ensi Uganda nerabula kkooti eno nti nayo eyagala kuva mu kkooti eno kubanga eyikirizamu baddugavu bokka.






Abavubuka wano e Buganda battottode engeri gye battamu Nagirinnya ne ddereeva we boogedde: "Omulimu gw'omugagga twagukolera kaasi wa 1,500,000/-"

By Musasi wa Bukedde


Added 10th September 2019


Omutemu bamukutte n’agamba: Amannya nze Kasolo. Ffe twasse omuwala Maria Nagirinya. Ddereeva we Ronald Kitayimbwa Ssaalongo ye twamuttiddewo, omulambo ne tugussa mu bbuutu y’emmotoka. Agattako: Okutta Nagirinya twabadde ku mulimu gwa mugagga waffe. Yatusasudde kaasi 1,500,000/- (akakadde kamu n’ekitundu). Omulimu gwe twagukoze tatubanja. Naffe tetumubanja.


Loota1 703x422

Kasolo agambibwa okuvuga mmotoka ya Nagirinya (waggulu).


Kasolo asinga kumanyibwa nga “Arsenal”. Kyokka oluusi yeeyita Hussain oba Kopian.


Ye ne banne okuli Johnson Lubega (alina enviiri z’abaraasi) ne Hussein Kisekka baakukunuddwa mu kifo kya Mabiito e Nateete okumpi n’e poliisi, ekimanyiddwa olwa bamalaaya abeetundirawo.

Okubakwata kyaddiridde omuyiggo gw’abeebyokwerinda okuli bambega b’amagye aba CMI.


Okubafuna, waabaddewo okwekenneenya essimu ya Nagirinya ne kizuulwa nga bwe yamala okuwambibwa ku Lwokusatu nga August 28, 2019, enkeera ku Lwokuna essimu ye eraga nga baagiggyako ssente emitwalo 50 ku Mobile Money e Nateete.

Nagirinya yawambibwa e Lungujja mu kiro kya August 28, ng’ali ne Kitayimbwa eyali amuvuga.


 ngoye ezaasangiddwa mu nnyumba yabagambibwa okuba abatemu
Engoye ezaasangiddwa mu nnyumba y’abagambibwa okuba abatemu.

Emirambo gyabwe gyazuulwa ku Lwokutaano nga August 30, e Nakitutuli-Nama mu Mukono. Essimu ya Nagirinya yalaze nga ssente zaggyibwayo ku Mobile Money e Nateete.

Bambega baagenze mu kifo ekyo ne bakwata addukanya Mobile Money ayitibwa Nakubulwa. Ono ye yabategeezezza nti ssente tezaggyiddwaako mukazi.

Zaggyiddwaako basajja era abamanyi bulungi bavubuka b’e Nateete. Yabuulidde abaserikale nti bannannyini ssimu atera okubalaba ku Mabiito-Nateete.

Ku Ssande ekiro, abeebyokwerinda baazinze ekitundu ne bakwata abavubuka bano. Eggulo abaakwatiddwa baabazzizzaayo okulaga gye babadde basula ne gye bassa essimu ya Nagirinya.


 asolo ku kkono ne ohnson ubega
Kasolo (ku kkono) ne Johnson Lubega.

Baafunyeeko essimu emu endala yabadde tennazuuka we bwazibidde eggulo. Nga babakutte, Kasolo yattottodde ebyaliwo.

Agamba: Nze Kasolo era bwe twawamba Nagirinya nze nnavuga emmotoka ye. Kitayimbwa eyali avuga Nagirinya ye olwamuggya ku siteeringi, twamukubirawo jjeeke y’emmotoka ku kawompo n’afiirawo, omulambo ne tugussa mu bbuutu.

Bwe twava e Lungujja, emmotoka twagitwala mu Kitooro e Nateete emabega wa poliisi.

Awo we twaggyira omulambo gwa Kitayimbwa mu mmotoka ya Nagirinya ne tugussa mu ndala Prado eyalimu omukazi n’abantu abalala.

Nagirinya naye twamussa mu Prado nga mulamu. Kasolo yavuga emmotoka ya Nagirinya n’agenda nayo e Kireka (bye baakolayo tannabyogera).


 bantu nga bakuhhaanye okulaba abagambibwa okuba abatemu
Abantu nga bakuhhaanye okulaba abagambibwa okuba abatemu.

Oluvannyuma n’agizzaayo e Nateete we yagisuula. Aba Prado baavuga omulambo gwa Kitayimbwa ne Nagirinya (nga mulamu) ne bagenda e Nama- Mukono, we battira Nagirinya olwo emirambo gyombi ne bagisuula mu mwala ne bagibikkako ebisubi. Mu mmotoka ya Nagirinya baanyagamu emitwalo 17 n’essimu ze bbiri.

Mu kumutulugunya baamusaba “PIN” gye baakozesa enkeera okuggyayo ssente emitwalo 50 ku Mobile Money.

Bambega baategeezezza nti abaakwatiddwa bakyalina bingi bye bababuuza okuli okwogera omugagga eyabatuma.


 ortune yebare
Fortune Ayebare


Kasolo abadde yaakayimbulwa okuva e Luzira kyokka emisango egyamusibya gyabadde teginnamanyika.

Abatemu mu kutta Nagirinya n’okuggya omulambo gwa Kitayimbwa mu mmotoka, omusaayi gwabasammukira.

Omu ku batemu ekikooti kye yalimu yakirekawo e Nama ate abalala abaali mu Prado engoye ne bazisuula e Namanve.

Bambega nayo baagenzeeyo n’abatemu babalage we baasuula engoye. Nakubulwa addukanya Mobile Money yategeezezza nti bizinensi agikola ne bba Disan.

Edduuka lyabwe liri mu Musoke zooni. Adam Ssozi, akulira ebyokwerinda mu Musoke Zooni yategeezezza nti Nakubulwa yakwatiddwa Lwakutaano.

“Abatuuze bankubidde essimu nga bambuulira bwe waliwo abasajja b’emmundu abasazeeko Mobile Money.

Nnayanguye okutuuka ne ndaba abatuuze bange Nakubulwa ne bba nga babassa mu mmotoka Noah ne mbawondera okutuuka ku poliisi e Nateete”, bwe yannyonnyodde. N’agamba nti atwala poliisi yamukakasizza nti baliko bye babeetaaza ku buzzi bw’emisango.

James Kiganda, muliraanwa wa Disan agamba; Disan alina obuyumba bubiri obwa Mobile money, ng’akamu (akali mu langi za Airtel emmyuufu) n’akalala ka MTN.

Nakubulwa akola emisana ate bba n’akola ekiro okukeesa. Ekifo we bakolera, waliwo ebbaala nnyingi ezikola okukeesa.





Singa no bano abassi tebakiriza musango okubasinga singa bafuna lawyer asobola okubayamba okuvunuka omusango guno negutuuka ku manslaughter. Governmenti ya Uganda erina omuze ogwokutwala abavubuka nga bano nebayigiriza ebyamagye nokutta omuntu omulabe, nobutujju. Tewali atabalaba wali ku kkooti ya Uganda nga bakwata abasibe abawangude emisango. Ebatwala mubuli nsi kakati ziwera, nga eringa egoberera obukambwe bwensi nga America. Mukifo kyokuyigirizibwa okukola emirimu egyobuntu bulamu tewali. Abavubuka abaddugavu abasibiddwa bwebateebwa okuva mumakomera basulibwa kumakubo awatali kubagoberera okulaba nga bayambibwa okuvamu abantu abomugaso. Ebisubizo byabavubuka bikoma mukwogera ebikolwa tewali. Ekivudemu misana kwebaka ekiro bwekituuka nga abavubuka bangi bazukuka nga bagenda kweyiya! Oyo ye Tear Gas wa Police agaana abantu okwekunganya bateese ekyokukolera obulamu bwabwe yayitirira da nabatamisa obulamu. Gwe ensi yo Mukama gyeyakuwa nakuzaliramu lwaki ojiyita akasi akabi enyo?