In Uganda, 280 Ugandan youths have lost Shs 180m in online job scam as they used the banned international Facebook website:


Written by URN


Agnes Igoye, coordinator of anti-human trafficking


Over 280 youthful Ugandans have lost more than Shs 180 million in an online job scam. The victims aged 18-30 are crying foul after they were defrauded money ranging from Shs 600,000 to Shs 1 million per person as medical and ‘Interpol’ expenses for job interviews in Uganda and Arab cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The fraud started when a Facebook page dubbed, Reliant Recruiters International (RRI) was created and started announcing quick local and international job opportunities. In a space of less than two months, RRI had received dozens of followers.

Agnes Igoye, who is spearheading the investigations on the side of the anti-human trafficking department at the ministry of Internal Affairs, says by the time the page was suspiciously pulled down a few weeks ago, it had more than 1,000 followers.

Over 200 complaints have been filed by victims at the ministry, Nateete and Nalukolongo police stations. Venis Baguma Tumuhimbise, the coordinator of anti-human trafficking at the ministry of Internal Affairs has tasked Igoye to work with detectives at Criminal Investigations Directorate after it emerged that Nateete and Nalukolongo police stations have reportedly been frustrating the victims.

Maggie Nanteza, one of the victims said they were promised a free visa to Dubai but after reaching RRI offices which were at Makanga House in Nalukolongo, they were informed that they needed to pay for medical tests and Interpol services.

According to some of the receipts which have already been obtained by Igoye and her team, the least amount each of the victims paid was Shs 600,000 on the promise that they were to fly out of the country in two weeks.

But to their shock, RRI bosses who have since been identified as Grace Nankya and Bernard Kyenzeni, stopped picking their calls when the two weeks elapsed. Natenza and others decided to visit Makanga House where they received the bitter news that RRI had shifted to an unknown place.

Igoye and her team have since established that people fell victim because they were promised a monthly salary of Shs 1.5 million on top of a free visa. Many of the victims have indicated that they were working in local companies and organizations but they were laid off during the first Covid-19 lockdown.

“I was working but I lost the job. But when this opportunity came, I visited their offices and I confirmed that they existed. I was attracted by the free visa and the Shs 700,000 for medical and Interpol expenses was not much since I needed a job,” another victim who identified herself as Janie said.

Uganda went into the first lockdown in March last year in a bid to control the spread of Covid-19. The second lockdown was announced in June this year and was partly lifted on July 30.

Igoye has called upon all the victims to come out and record statements that would be of help during the prosecution of Nankya and Kyenzeni once they are arrested. CID team are now working with the ministry of Internal Affairs to have the culprits arrested wherever they are.

“I want to advise the youth if you want to go abroad, crosscheck with the ministry of Gender about license labour companies. Please go to the right places and get the rightful information. Do not leave in secret. Once they coach you to lie to immigration, just no it is a scam. Don’t be duped with free visa” Igoye warns.

Grace Akullo, the CID director, in her 2020 report indicates that Shs 15.9 billion was lost in cyber scams last year.


That is the problem of keeping the African masses in ignorance and illiteracy so that the unprogressive African leadership can do their own thing as they so wish.

Online services have come to stay in the normal technology of the human life. It is like what the current saying goes that human life must start to learn to live with the pandemic of COVID19 as any other disease other than getting locked up in doors in the hope that such disease will eventually go away.
The point is why has the country of Uganda locked out the famous international Facebook media and yet the unemployed youths of this country have a need to use it to further their life's expectations!

Now that a cyber crime has been committed, how is the Uganda CID going to successfully investigate this crime without the help of the vast technology of Facebook?

Or are these officials going to blame Facebook and its commercial interests on the continent of Africa!
Look at the cyber crime of blogger Lumbuye. One can listen to the You tube that is broadcasting President Museveni as being sick and about to die on 7th July, 2021. ( Surely one cannot hear the blogger Lumbuye's voice at all.

Calling the digital representative of Google to provide witness is paramount. Unfortunately for Turkey, this country seems determined to keep its Turkish Airways planes flying comfortably in the country of Uganda as Uganda people themselves suffer modern online ignorance and illiteracy!

Kisaanidde buli muzzukulu wabuganda okukyalira ko omukutu gwa Whatsapp. Essimu eri Kampala 0772005287:

Okwokya omuliro amasiro gaba Ssekabaka basatu balamba wano e Buganda:

Anti bingi nyo gyebiri buli kaseera

kumukutu guno kuliko nokuyombera ddala;



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18 May, 2020


Kyetagisa okugendayo nobuntu bulamu, nobugunjufu mukukubaganya ebirowoozo:


World Media


Published 28 May, 2020


What is all this about:

City Cassanova Gareth Onyango has reportedly resumed his old ways with cheating rumors circling over his relationship with Buganda Princess Vicky Nkinzi who is currently engaged to him.

Gareth in plain sight went back to his old-form and started flirting with a Kampala slay queen on Social Media.

Enter Facebook informants who informed Princess Nkinzi Vicky. The apparent Kampala Slay Queen in play is one Anita Beryl.

When Princess Vicky confronted Gareth with his flirtations evidence, the man came good, went on his knees and apologized profusely.

Pre- Covid 19 City lock down, reports had it that two were secretly planning a mammoth Buganda Kingdom introduction party with gradual plans for gargantuan wedding of the year.

City Clubman was in the previous years in a long relationship with a Mukiga Beauty from Kabale Nikita Bachu with whom they have a Child. The two were actually also Business Partners running City events together. Gareth lost Nikita Bachu over philandering allegations. 


Ku Kkono, Omumbejja Nkinzi ne Onyango nga basanyufu. Ate ku ddyo, ng'ali mu biseera bye ebyeddembe


Published 29 November, 2019


Gareth Onyango owa kkampuni ya Flames Marketing & Advertising omu ku bavubuka abamanyiddwa okulya obulamu era kitunzi akolagana n’amabaala ag’enjawulo mu Kampala okugatumbula, ‘yawangudde omutima gw’Omumbejja bw’amusabye akkirize okumuwasa. 

N’Omumbejja yazzeemu nti nzikiriza olwo kwe kumunaanika empeta. Bino byabadde ku kabaga k’amazaalibwa g’Omumbejja ababiri bano ge baakulizza mu Thailand.

Ebifaananyi ebyakubiddwa n’akatambi akakwatiddwa nga Onyango afukamidde asaba Omumbejja obufumbo n’oluvannyuma ng’alaga olugalo kwe yatadde empeta ebyasaasaanye ku mikutu gya ‘social media’ byacamudde abantu bakira ababiraba nga babayozaayoza okutuuka ku kino.


Omumbejja Nkinzi ne Onyango okumala ebbanga bazze balabibwa nga bali bombi ku bubaga obw’enjawulo ne mu bifo ebisanyukirwamu wano mu ggwanga n’ebweru.

Olw’essanyu lye yafunye n’okukakasa nti ddala ali mu kintu ng’enjogera y’ennaku zino, Onyango yakyusizza n’ekifaananyi ky’abadde akozesa ku nnamba ye eya WhatsApp (Profi le picture) n’awanikayo eky’ababiri (ng’ali n’omumbejja) buli muntu kati kw’atuusizza amaaso.


Omwogezi w’Obwakabaka era Minisita w’amawulire e Mmengo, Noah Kiyimba bwe yatuukiriddwa ku nsonga eno yategeezezza nti ensonga eno nkulu ddala era Katikkiro wa Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga y’alina okufulumya obubaka obutongole obugikwatako eri Obuganda.

Eno yemu kunsonga ezogeddwako omuzzukulu. Eriyo ensonga nyingi nyo abazzukulu zebogerako.






The Bishops of Uganda have at last come out to condemn the brutality that the government of Uganda is exercising  against its citizens:

11 November,  2019

Written by URN

Army arresting female students at Makerere University

Army arresting female students at Makerere University


The Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Uganda has condemned the brutality with which security responded to the Makerere University students strike over fees.

The Ugandan clergy had come under criticism from a section of Ugandans for their loud silence on the brutality of the security forces against its citizens. When a students strike broke out on October 22, the army with the help of police responded with highhandedness and broke into students' halls of residence and hostels - arresting and torturing students. Security also descended on journalists who were covering the strike; arresting, torturing and destroying their equipment. 

Then last week on November 4, severe savagery and brutality were again manifested by police as they almost washed away former Forum for Democratic Change president Dr Kizza Besigye with a highly pressurized water cannon in Kireka. Besigye was waving to supporters from the open roof of his vehicle in Kireka enroute to his party headquarters after police blocked their party conference in Namboole.

On the very same day (November 4), police again brutally arrested journalists who were marching peacefully to Naguru to hand in a petition to the police boss, Martins Okoth Ochola to protest against brutality meted out on journalists covering the Makerere University strike. 

Police spray a highly pressurized water cannon directly at Kizza Besigye in Kireka

Now in a statement, the bishops observe that the amount of force used by security agents while arresting protesting students, journalists and opposition groups over the recent weeks was uncalled and violated human dignity. 

The statement signed by the chairperson of Uganda Episcopal Conference Joseph Anthony Zziwa, the Bishop of Kiyinda Mityana Diocese, the bishops have termed the brutality as abuse of power. 

They called for respect of Article 24 and 44(a) of the Constitution which mandates everybody to respect human rights and dignity.

“The same constitutional provisions guarantee the right to protection from inhuman and degrading treatment by prohibiting any forms of torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment” the statement dated November 8 reads in part. 

The bishops acknowledge the condemnation of the brutality by members of parliament and government; urging all parties in the disagreement to choose dialogue over violence. 

“It will not help to make our country a family where everybody can [not] live in peace and harmony. We, therefore, call upon government to promote dialogue and to always listen to the grievances of its citizens”.  

The statement drafted during the November 4-8 Assembly of the Uganda Episcopal Conference was released to the press on Sunday by Father Phillip Odii, the executive secretary for social communications.

It calls on individuals, communities and institutions to respect the rule of law and endeavor to seek peaceful ways of resolving conflicts. 

The Makerere University fees strike broke out on October 22nd as students protected institution policy to annually increase tuition by 15 per cent. Students opposed to the increment assert that it will affect private sponsored students and deny them basic fundamental human rights – education. 

Although the violence has subsided, scores of students were injured or suspended by the university administration.  


And with such military violence happening in the country of Uganda, the Kabaka of Buganda is one of the vulnerable institutions that must keep quiet at all costs. In the whole history of formulating the new country of Uganda, the Ancient Monarch has suffered the biggest brunt of this self inflicted violence. Now that this country is independent, parliament as the most powerful institution is unfortunately very much in sync with all that the current Executive President of Uganda is doing wrong.






There is now a 46-page report that mentions how Kabaka Muteesa II annoyed the Queen of England when he refused for his country to join the Colonial Federation of East Africa in 1955:

The Ganda love for King and Country on the African Continent

Even the small African black kids are very Patriotic

The Queen tried to withdraw the African recognition of the Kabaka Muteesa as the King of Buganda: 

Muteesa by refusing to join up with this British order,  was blindfolded, bundled into a powerful  plane of the British Royal Air Force and flown into exile in the United Kingdom:

By Faustin Mugabe


20 October, 2019


 New agreement. Kabaka Edward Muteesa II (extreme left) after the signing of the 1955 Buganda Agreement at Namirembe, Kampala. PHOTOS COURTESY OF FAUSTIN MUGABE  

Thursday, October 17, marked exactly 64 years since Kabaka Edward Muteesa II of Buganda returned from forced exile in London, England.
He had lived in England since November 1953 when he was abducted and bundled into a British Royal Air Force plane that was waiting at the Entebbe International Airport tarmac. Muteesa was forced into exile on the orders of Queen Elizabeth II of England.

The arrest
On November 30, 1953, Muteesa was abducted at the Government House, now State House, on Nsamizi Hill in Entebbe.
Muteesa had been in a meeting with then Governor of Uganda, Sir Andrew Cohen, which ended bitterly with the Kabaka opposing the orders given to him by the governor on behalf of the Queen of England.
Some of the contentious issues that that they failed to agree on during their meeting were that Buganda should not secede from Uganda; Buganda to adhere to the 1900 Agreement and Buganda to accept the formation of the East African federation – all of which Muteesa rejected.

The British had anticipated Muteesa’s response, and so they sent two British commandos to arrest the unsuspecting Kabaka. The two soldiers, who were also pilots, had landed at Entebbe the previous night.
As Governor Cohen engaged Muteesa over the sticky issues, the two commandos listened in from the next room. And when Muteesa rejected the British’s demands and got up to leave the room, the governor opened a door to a room where the commandos came out from.
They pounced on the Kabaka, covered his head with a blanket and they headed to the waiting plane. A few minutes later, they were in the sky, heading to England.


There is the Former Governor of Uganda Andrew Cohen (left)  who had no respect at all for the Native African Aspirations. He stands next to the King of Buganda who happened to love his country and his African people with all his life (Kabaka Edward Muteesa II).



Queen unhappy
Kabaka Muteesa’s insistence on Buganda’s position infuriated the Queen of England. Indeed, many did not know that the Queen herself ordered the exiling of Muteesa until a report was later published.
The 46-page report titled Withdraw of the Recognition of Kabaka Muteesa as the King of Buganda: By Her Majesty the Queen of England mentions how the Kabaka irritated the Queen.

“The Kabaka repeatedly made it clear at this meeting that he would not drop the demand for independence (or separation) of Buganda. Moreover, he made it plain that he intended publicly to oppose the decisions of Her Majesty’s government in the Lukiiko and would not undertake to advise the Lukiiko to accept them,” the report reads in part.
The governor repeatedly emphasised the gravity of the situation which would be created by the persistence in this attitude.
He pointed out more than once during the interview that while the Kabaka was entitled to make confidential representations to Her Majesty’s government, if he persisted in his determination to publicly oppose the decisions of Her Majesty’s government this would constitute a breach of agreement.


“It was made clear to the Kabaka that open opposition to the decisions of Her Majesty’s government might lead to the withdraw of recognition from him as native ruler,” the report adds.
The report also quoted governor Cohen mentioning of a meeting in which Muteesa vowed to oppose the Queen of England in as a far Buganda was concerned.
“When at the meeting on November 6 [1953], the Kabaka repeatedly made it clear that, so far from accepting the decisions of the Secretary of State, he would not even agree to keep silent when they were discussed by the Lukiiko [parliament], but would publicly oppose them. It was clear that a very grave situation had arisen.”

Other meetings were held, but Muteesa still stuck to his guns.
The report further mentions that when Muteesa returned with three of his ministers on November 30, 1953, he brought with him a telegram and a letter addressed to the Secretary of State, informing him that he could not sign the undertaking without consulting the Lukiiko.
The governor explained that this consultation was out of the question since the undertaking concerned the line which he would take in his speech at the opening of the Lukiiko.

Finally, the governor, in accordance with his instructions, specifically said if the Kabaka persisted in his attitude, it would involve a breach of the 1900 Agreement which would entitle Her Majesty’s government to withdraw recognition.
The report further reads: “The governor was, therefore, obliged to sign a formal document notifying the Kabaka that that Her Majesty’s government had withdrawn recognition from him under Article 6 of the [1900] Agreement and that was no longer recognised as native ruler of the Province of Buganda.
“He also signed a proclamation bringing into force in Buganda the provisions of the Emergency Powers Order-In-Council, 1939, and signed the necessary regulations under that order.”
Under these regulations, Cohen made an order for the deportation of the Kabaka who was then escorted to Entebbe airport from where he was taken to the United Kingdom.


Kabaka Muteesa hugs his wife as he lands at Entebbe airport on Monday, October 17, 1955.



Governor announces Kabaka’s forced exile
It was almost four hours after the plane lifted from Entebbe that the country got to know about the banishment of the Kabaka.
In those days, the best and quickest means of mass communication was through radio. So governor Cohen went to Radio Uganda and personally announced that Edward Muteesa II was no longer the Kabaka of Buganda and that he had been deported on the orders of the Queen of England and that he was on a plane en route to the United Kingdom.
The news of the deportation of Muteesa was so shocking that one of Buganda’s princesses, Nalinya Zalwango, died upon hearing the announcement on Radio Uganda. Zalwango was close to Kabaka Muteesa.
In his book, The Desecration of my Kingdom published in 1967 when Muteesa was again in exile after the 1966 Buganda Crisis, he mentions the death of his sister.

Muteesa says the morning before he left for meeting with Cohen, he confided in Princess Zalwango and told her that he felt that something peculiar was bound to happen to him in Entebbe.
Meanwhile, from Radio Uganda the governor proceeded to Mengo and addressed the Buganda legislative council, the Lukiiko, during which he suggested that since Muteesa was no longer the king of Buganda, a new Kabaka should be elected. There was a protest inside and outside the Bulange, Buganda’s legislative house.
After tempers cooled, the Buganda parliament decided to take the matter to the courts of law. However, a diplomatic course was also later adopted. In both, Buganda won.

Muteesa returns
And on Monday, October 17, 1955, Kabaka Muteesa returned from exile in England. He arrived aboard the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC), which later became British Airways.
He was welcome by thousands of people who lined up along Entebbe Road. He was entertained by the King’s African Rifles and Uganda Police bands as well as traditional dancers from Buganda.

The following day, October 18, at Namirembe the 1955 Buganda Agreement, also known as the Namirembe Agreement, was signed.
The agreement was a changer in the politics of Uganda; the Kabaka ceased being an absolute monarch.
The 1955 Buganda Agreement stipulated that the Kabaka of Buganda and his prime minister (Katikkiro) would be elected by the Lukiiko.






Wano e Buganda, Ab'e Katooke beegugunze ne baziba oluguudo:

By Musasi wa Bukedde


Added 13th October 2019


ABATUUZE b'e Nabweru mu Kibwa beegugunze ne baziba oluguudo lw'e Katooke - Kibwa nga balaga obutali bumativu olw'embeera oluguudo mwe luli.


Kibwa0 703x422



Bakumye omuliro nokwongera okusima ebinnya mu oluguudo lwonna nga bagamba nti telukyabayamba okuggyako okwonoona ebidduka byaabwe.

Oluguudo luno lusaagibwa mu munisipaali y'eNansana mu disitulikiti y'e wakiso.

Abatuuze bagambye nti oluguudo lwabwe lwasemba okulimwa emyaka esatu egiyise kyokka nga bbo basasula omusolo buli mwaka.

Embeera y'oluguudo bagitadde Ku bakulembeze baabwe,bebagambye nti tebakoze kimala.

Okwekalakas kuno kuviiriddeko entambula okusannyalala mu kitundu kino.

Reginah Bakitte meeya wa munisipaali y'e Nansana , yagabye nti alese ebimotoka ebirima enguudo nga byakweyambisibwa abantu bonna mu kitundu kino.

Asabye abatuuze obutawuddisibwa abakulembeze abalina ebigendererwa byaabwe ng'abantu.

Poliisi okuva e Nansana  ng'eyambibwaako abasirikale ba LDU bazze nebayogera n'abatuuze.

Oluvannyuma abantu bakakannye embeera nedda mu nteeko.

The mess of the roads in the country of Uganda






Akayanja ka Kabaka wa Buganda, mukibuga Kampala kanafanana Canal ya Regent canal mukibuga London, UK:


By Multi Media


2nd October, 2019

Akayanja kano  kasobolera ddala okutwala amazzi nga Ssekabaka Mwanga bweyayagala  amazzi namaato nebakirira e Kibuye, Makindye, Lukuli, Katuuso okutuuka kunyanja Nalubaale, Ggaba beach. 






Abazimbye okumpi n''enyanja ya Kabaka tebagiremese enkulaakulana?

By Musasi Wa Bukedde, Dickson Kulumba


Added 23rd March 2015


OKUKULAAKULANYA ennyanja ya Kabaka esangibwa e Ndeeba mu ggombolola ya Mukulu wa Kibuga Lubaga kwolekedde okusomoozebwa naddala ku nsonga y’ettaka n’ensulo ezigiriikiriza.


2015 3largeimg223 mar 2015 113542450 703x422


OKUKULAAKULANYA ennyanja ya Kabaka esangibwa e Ndeeba mu ggombolola ya Mukulu wa Kibuga Lubaga kwolekedde okusomoozebwa naddala ku nsonga y’ettaka n’ensulo ezigiriikiriza.

Ekifo kino kibalirirwa obugazi bwa yiika 49 kyokka mu kiseera kino abantu bangi basenze okuliraana ennyanja nga yiika 21 zokka ze zigambibwa okuba nga zasigalawo.


Abantu abamu balinako liizi, abalala bamazeeko ebbanga ddene wadde tebalinako bwannannyini. Klezia erina poloti ezituukira ddala ku kifo kino ate ab’ekifo ekiyitibwa Tal Cottages nakyo kirina ettaka eririraanyeewo.

Kyokka ensonda mu kitongole ky’ettaka e Mmengo zaategezezza nti ekiseera ky’okutandika omulimu guno we kinaatuukira, bagenda kuddamu okupunta ettaka lino, okwerula yonna gye liyita. Okukulaakulanya ennyanja y’emu ku Pulojekiti eziri ku mwanjo ku nteeketeeka za Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga okuli bbanka, okuddaabiriza Olubiri e Mengo, ttivi n’ebirala.

Christopher Ssebuliba nga y’akulira emirimu ku Lukiiko lw’Obwakabaka olukola ku by’obulambuzi n’ebyobuwangwa yategeezezza nti ennyanja eno erina okusomoozebwa nti ezimu ku nsulo enkulu ezigibeezaawo, ziri mu ttaka ly’abantu abalala abaliraanye ekitundu kino naddala ekitundu omuli St. Lawrence University, Lubaga Miracle Centre n’ebirala.

Ssebuliba agamba nti “ ensulo z’ennyanja eno ezimu zisangibwa mu ttaka abantu abaliranyeewo kwe balina obwannannyini nga bwe bakozesa obubi ebifo ebyo, ebeera efuna obuzibu n’olwekyo enteekateeka weeri okwogera nabo okukozesa obulungi ebifo bino.” Okusinziira ku bantu abasiiba mu kifo kino, emidumu mingi okuva mu bizimbe ebyetooloddewo, gyazimbibwa nga giyiwa butereevu mu nnyanja.

Kino kyaleetera Minisita omubeezi ow’ebyobulambuzi e Mmengo nategeza ng’ennyanja bwetafiibweko mangu, ejja kusaanawo kubanga kasasiro n’ettaka byonna byekatta muli ng’ate erwawo okugogolwa. Ensimbi ezigenda okwetaagisa okukulaakulanya ennyanja eno, zaakubeera nnyingi nga zisuubirwa okubeera eyo mu buwumbi wakati w’obutaano 10 oba okusingawo.


Akazinga akali wakati mu nnyanja

Okufuna ssente zino, Mmengo erina okusala amagezi mangi ddala, Pulojekiti eno bwebeera yaakugenda mu maaso. Waliwo okusomoozebwa kw’okukuuma embeera oba obutonde obusangibwa mu kifo buleme kusaanyizibwawo
enkulaakulana eneetekebwawo.

Okugeza amazzi okusigala mu mbeera yaago, ebinyonyi ebisangibwa mu kifo kino okusigala nga bikyatwala ennyanja
eno ng’amaka gaabyo.

Ye Ssentebe w’olukiiko olukunganya ebirowoozo by’okulaakulanya ennyanja, Dr. Keneth Ssemwogerere agamba nti weetaaga entegeka y’okusobozesa abantu okumanya n’okutegera Pulojekiti eno oluvannyuma babeere nga baggyagazisa abalala.


Ebimu ku bisuubirwa okuteekebwa mu kifo kino kuliko; Wooteeri, ekirabo ky’emmere ekiseyeeyeza ku mazzi, awazanyirwa abaana, emizannyo gy’okumazzi, ekifo abantu we banawummulira, ekifo ky’ebyedda nga kirambulula ebyafaayo by’ennyanja eno.


Okusinzira pulaani y’ekitongole kya KCCA etwala ekifo kino ng’ekimu ku by’obulambuzi ebikulu eby’okuleetanga abalambuzi mu kibuga. Ennyanja eno y’esinga obunene mu nsi yonna ezasimibwa abantu nga bakozesa mikono ate nga kiyamba ku mbeera y’obutonde bw’ensi.

Kya bulambuzi ekisobola okufunira Obwakabaka n’eggwanga nsimbi okuva mu balambuzi nga
bwe kibeera kitumbuddwa, kyamuwendo ddala, ekitasangika mu nsi ndala.

Wadde ettaka erisinga lyasengwaako abantu kyokka neririwo lisobola okukozesebwa obulungi ne kuteekebwako ebintu eby’enjawulo omuva ssente ate ekisinga obukulu, kisangibwa mu kibuga wakati. Okukulaakulanyizibwa kw’ekifo kino kutegeza kwongera kufunira bantu mirimu naddala abavubuka abali ku nguudo nga banoonya mirimu


Omwaka oguwedde Katikkiro yatongoza olukiiko okukung’anya ebirowoozo n’aluwa nsalessale wa myezi mukaaga nga gino gigwaako omwezi ogujja.

January 21,2015 olukiiko luno lwayita abantu n’ebitongole eby’enjawulo ebikwatibwako ensonga y’ennyanja eno okuli ebitongole bya gavumenti eyawakati, abantu abaliranye ennyanja eno,
Bannaddiini, abalina wooteeri n’abalala okukubaganya ebirowoozo. Mu mbeera eno kisuubirwa nti

ku Lwokutaano March 27, 2015 olukiiko luno lwerugenda okukwasa Katikkiro, lipoota omuli ebirowoozo munaana, omuggyibwa ebyo ebinaateekebwa mu nkola


Enyanja ya Mwanga 1890

Enyanja ekyasigaddewo mukibuga Kampala awali okulwanira obwananyini kuttaka lye kibuga Kampala

Omuzzukulu wa buganda international Kanoonya Juma asomesa Obuganda kumbeera zobudde eri obulamu bw'Omuganda nga bwaggumiza nobuwangwa






TWEKOBE:,Ensonga ezikyagaanyi kabaka okugisulamu ziragiddwa:

By Musasi Wa Bukedde, Anthony Ssempereza


Added 26th November 2012 and then 2nd September, 2019


KABAKA akyalemeddwa okusulamu maka ge amatongole aga Twekobe agasangibwa mu lubiri lwe e Mengo wadde nga gaamalirizibwa ne gakwasibwa mmengo mu Butongole.


2012 11largeimg226 nov 2012 090810797 703x422




KABAKA akyalemeddwa okusulamu maka ge amatongole aga Twekobe agasangibwa mu lubiri lwe e Mengo wadde nga gaamalirizibwa ne gakwasibwa mmengo mu Butongole.

Ennyumba ya Twekobe yaddaabirizibwa yonna n’ezzibwawo bulungi era kati etemagana, kyokka kabaka tagisulangamu.


Omulimu gw’okugiddaabiriza gwamalirizibwa mu 2009, nga gwakulirwa Mw. James Mulwana.

Okuva olwo, abantu ab’enjawulo bazze basaba Mmengo ekole enteekateeka esobozesa Kabaka okusula mu Lubiri lwe luno olukulu mu Buganda.

Okusaba kuno kwakulemberwamu Abataka abaasisinkana Kabaka gye buvuddeko ne bamusaba atandike okusula mu Lubiri e Mmengo.

Kabaka, mu kwanukula yabategeeza nti okusaba kwabwe yali ajja kukutuukiriza era n’alagira gavumenti ye ekole enteekateeka ezimusobozesa okutandika okusula mu Twekobe.

Wabula omwogezi w’Obwakabaka Mw. Peter Mayiga bwe yatuukiriddwa, yagambye nti ekikyalemesezza Kabaka okusula mu Twekobe kwe kuba nti temuli ntebe ne kalonda omulala ateekeddwa okubeera mu nju.

Wabula ensonda e Mmengo z’ategeezezza nti Kabaka, agera ekiseera n’asulako mu lubiri lwe kyokka tasula mu Twekobe, ajja ne weema ye gye basimba wabweru wa Twekobe ne yeebaka omwo nti era ne ku mulundi gwe yasembyeyo okusisinkana Abataka mu Lubiri yasuzeemu.

Mu twekobe ye ayingiramu kuba mulimu ofiisi ye mw’akolera emirimu gye n’okusisinkana abantu be. Ate era buli lw’aba agabula Obuganda, abatwala mu Twekobe ne Nnabagereka gy’agabulira abagenyi be.

Twekobe erimu buli kintu kyonna ng’amasannyalaze, amazzi n’ebirala kyokka Mw. Mayiga yagambye nti ekikyabulamu z’entebe n’ebikozesebwa ebirala ebitonotono. Naye teyayogedde kiseera bintu bino lwe binassibwamu Kabaka asobole okugikozesa.

Kangawo ayogedde ku Twekobe Kangawo Gideon Kisitu yagambye nti, Kabaka tasula mu Twekobe, Nnaabagereka yekka y’asula mu Twekobe, Kabaka alina okuzimbirwa ennyumba eyiye emabega wa Twekobe. Ate era ne Namulondo erina okuzimbirwa ennyumba yaayo mu Lubiri.

Kuno kw’ogatta eng’oma za Mujaguzo. Kangawo yagambye nti ennyumba eziwera nga musanvu ze zeetaagisa okuzimbwa mu lubiri nga Kabaka tannadda mu butongole okusula mu Lubiri. Bino nga biwedde, Kabaka asobola
okusiima n’asalawo okudda mu lubiri lwe era tulina kufungiza okulaba nga Kabaka azimbirwa ennyumba eyogeddwaako.

Yagasseeko nti waliwo n’ensonga enkulu etesaana kubuusibwa maaso ey’okunaaziibwako omusaayi ogwayiikaamu mu
biseera by’entalo. “Abantu bangi abattibwanga mu Lubiri nga lufuuliddwa enkambi y’amagye.

Naye ensonga eno ya bajjajjaffe abataka be balina okugikwatako bagitereeze,” Kangaawo bwe yagasseeko.







Munsi ya Uganda, Omuyimbi omuvubuka President wa Uganda gweyalonze okumuyambako mukulwanyisa obwavu obuli mubavubuka  akiguddeko bwatuuse munsi ya South Africa:

By Musasi wa Bukedde


Added 4th December 2019




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Catherine Kusasira omuyimbi, president gweyalonze okumuwa kumagezi kubavubuka wano mu Uganda.


CATHERINE Kusasira bwe yatuuse e South Africa yayaniriziddwa mu ssanyu abategesi b’olukuηηaana lwa NRM olugenda okwogererwamu Pulezidenti Museveni. Ebintu byatabuse ku Ssande ekiro bwe yagenze okuyimba mu kivvulu kya Bannayuganda ekyabadde e Santon mu Johannesburg.


Bwe yasuddeemu oluyimba lwa “Lino ssi ddogo, nnina mukisa bukisa”, olwo aba NRM ne bamuyiira ssente wakati mu nduulu n’emizira. Kyokka aba People Power abagambibwa nti be baabadde basinga obungi kino baakitutte ng’okubajooga. Ne beekunga okumulemesa okwongera okuyimba.

Baatandise okulekaana nti “twakoowa, mubbye eggwanga. Vvaayo, sirika, tetwagala by’oyimba”. Baabadde ng’abakkakkana ate Kusasira n’abasaanuula bwe yagambye: Nze ndi mwana wa misambwa. Temulina kye mujja kunkola.

Mwenna aboogera muli eno South Afrika mu kweyagala. Ani kummwe eyali alabyeko ku mirambo egyali mu Uganda? Ensi evudde wala okutuuka we tuli kati. Eyo gye twava gye mwagala tudde? Muwagire NRM n’enteekateeka za Museveni. Bakira ayogera bwe bamwanukula ng’abaduumire nti “vva ku siteegi.

Twabakoowa” n’ebirala. Mu kubasirisa, Kusasira yalagidde eyabadde akuba ekidongo (DJ) n’amuteeramu oluyimba lwa “Pokopoko” ng’omuzindaalo gwogerera waggulu. Kusasira yatandise okuyimba n’okuzina ne yeegattibwako abakyala bakira abamufuuwa ssente n’okuzina naye. Aba NRM olwo nabo baabadde balekaana “NRM oyee, jjuu! People Power ‘chini’” n’ebirala. Kusasira yayimbye n’amalako ennyimba ze.

Pulezidenti Museveni asuubirwa e South Afrika gy’anaayogerera mu lukuηηaana lw’aba NRM e Johannesburg ku Lwomukaaga. Entegeka z’amaanyi era waliwo abakungu ba NRM abenjawulo abaasitula edda okuttaanya enteekateeka.


 oel sennyonyi omwogezi wekiwayi kya ipo ower Joel Ssennyonyi omwogezi w'ekiwayi kya People Power

Aba NRM beegattira mu NRM African Chapter. Mu kiseera kye kimu, aba Bobi Wine nabo bategese olukuηηaana. Bobi asuubirwa kusitula nkya ku Lwokuna okugenda mu lukuηηaana luno omunaabeera n’okusonda ensimbi z’okumuyambako mu kalulu ka 2021. Enteekateeka za Bobi Wine zikuliddwa eyakazibwako Jjajja Ibrahim.

Kusasira yategeezezza Bukedde ku ssimu nti aba People Power okumulumba baalowoozezza nti agenze kulemesa lukuη− ηaana lwa Bobi Wine. Ekyo kikyamu kubanga ekyamutwala e South Afrika kusangulawo bulimba n’okukyusa Bannayuganda abaabula nga balimbiddwa nti Museveni mubi. “Ogwantutte ngukoze.

Balinze Museveni bamulabeko era abawe ekifaananyi ekituufu na wa Uganda gy’eraga okwawukanako n’ebibalimbiddwa okuyita ku mikutu gya yintaneti”, bwe yagambye.

Omu ku Bannayuganda abakuba ekyeyo e South Afrika, Peter Sentongo amanyiddwa nga Taata Santon abeera e Santon yategeezezza Bukedde eggulo nti basobeddwa kubanga abantu abaagenda okupakasa ate eby’okunoonya ssente babivuddeko obudde babumalidde mu kakuyege wa NRM ne People Power.

Alowooza nti aba Bobi Wine okugezaako okulemesa Kusasira baayagadde kutataaganya kukyala kwa Museveni kye batasobola kubanga oli mugenyi wa ggwanga lya South Afrika alina obukuumi bwa Gavumenti. Alowooza nti wadde Bobi alagiddwa ng’agenda e South Afrika okuyimba, kyokka agenda lwa byabufuzi.

Lwaki olukiiko lwa People Power lwakubaayo Lwamukaaga nga December 7 ate nga bamanyi nti n’aba NRM bategese olwabwe ku lunaku lwe lumu?

ABATEGESI BYE BOOGERA Franc Muhangi, Ssentebe wa NRM Youth Brigade wansi w’ekibiina kya NRM Southern African Chapter agamba nti ekyabayisa Museveni abakyalire kwagala kumusemba nga ye yekka alina okwesimbawo mu 2021 ku lwa NRM. Aba People power bwe baawulira ng’agendayo nabo ne bayita Bobi Wine.

Yalabudde aba People Power nti bwe baba bategeka kubatabula, South Afrika y’amateeka era bajja kuvunaanibwa. Poliisi ya Southern Africa Police Services (SAPS) emanyi enteekateeka zonna era ejja kubawa obukuumi obwetaagisa. Agamba nti Bobi Wine e South Afrika agenzeeyo kuyimba n’agattamu ebyobufuzi era okumulaba bagenda kusasula Rand 200, eza Uganda 45,000/-

. N’agamba nti tebatidde kubanga Kusasira naye ajja kuyimba zaabike emipiira. Omukulembeze wa NRM omulala, Boris Bede Ssentebe w’ekibiina kya Yellow Family Soldiers (YFS) ekigatta abavubuka b’e Durban e South Afrika yagambye nti bagenda kusaba Museveni akkirize ekifaananyi kye kiteekebwe ku ssente z’eggwanga ng’akabonero k’okumusiima by’akoledde Uganda.

Omwogezi wa People power Joel Ssenyonyi yategeezezza Bukedde nti, abawagizi ba NRM bakitegeere nti bo tebalina budde bwa kugoberera Museveni kubanga nabo balina bingi eby’okukola.

Agamba nti e South Africa, Bobi n’ekibinja kye baayitiddwa baweebwe engule y’okumusiima by’akoledde eggwanga n’okumuzzaamu amaanyi olw’ebyo by’akoze. Era kino baakiteekateeka dda nga tebamanyi nti ne Museveni agenda kubeera e South Africa.

Era nabo baakyekanze bwekanzi nga Museveni naye agenda. Akwanaganya People Power e South Afrika, Jjajja Ibrahim agamba nti Bobi Wine ajja kusisinkana Julius Malema akulira ekibiina kya Economic Freedom Fighters (EFM) ekimu ku biwakanya Gavumenti y’e South Afrika.

Ku Lwokutaano ab’ekibiina kya African Freedom Fighters Association bagenda kumuwa engule y’okulwanirira eddembe mu Afrika. Ku Lwomukaaga akube olukuηηaana lw’ebyobufuzi bwe lunaggwa abakube n’omuziki.

Agattako nti, aba NRM be baabayingiridde kubanga olukuηηaana lwabwe lwasooka kutegekebwa November 23, 2019 ate baagenze okulaba nga baluzizza nga , December 7, nabo kwe balina olwabwe


Kyewunyisa nyo abaddugavu bano okukyala e South Africa nebatagendako e Sharpeville abafuzi bamatwaale ate nga mwalimu nabaddugavu abasirikale mu mwaka 1960, 21 March, bwebakuba abaana abato abatanatuuka na mu University amasasi nebatta 69 abaali bekalakasa. Ate oluvanyuma yo ensi ya Uganda bi lorry bya Police eno embi enyo eye South Africa, nebigula nebitwala e Kampala. Tewali atamanyi mulimu ebimotoka bino gwebikoze wano e Kampala.


Kyetagisa okumanya obanga African Freedom Fighters Association kibiina mu Africa ekirwanira Abaddugavu be South Africa okulaba nga balina eddembe nokweddiza ettaka lyabwe nokuwona obwavu? Oba balwanira okununula abaddugavu okufuna okulonda okwobwenkanya okwa Democracy ate nga kwaddembe (free and fair) okulonda abakulembeze mu Africa. Kubanga obufuzi obwokufuga amatwaale bwo bwaggwawo dda munsi y'Africa omwali okulinyirira eddembe lyobuntu bwabatuuze b'Africa nokubanyagako ettaka lyabwe.