The Kabaka of Buganda has celebrated the 26th coronation anniversary as he continues to put emphasis on African universal education:

July 31, 2019

Written by Denis Jjuuko

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi


A few years ago, Uganda was facing a serious health crisis. The government had started immunizing children but parents were keeping the children away.

Rumours swirled that the vaccines had serious side effects and the enemies of Africa were bent on eliminating the black race or something like that. No matter how much sensitization was being made, the parents were keeping away until Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II showed up in Mawokota and immunized a child. The populace believed that their Kabaka wouldn’t be administering drugs with side effects meant to kill his people.

It is no coincidence that as Kabaka Mutebi is lifted shoulder high by members of the Mbogo Clan to mark his 26th anniversary on the throne today, health and education are the main focus of this year’s theme: the role of cultural leaders in the promotion of education and health.


Kabaka Mutebi and indeed most of his advisors believe that Buganda to reclaim its glory, it must emphasize health and education. A Kingdom and a civilization like Buganda only grows and enjoys influence if its people are healthy and educated. It is also important to note that Buganda suffered the scourge of HIV/Aids that killed millions of Kabaka’s subjects. Kabaka Mutebi accepted to be a UNAIDS Goodwill ambassador on Male Involvement in the fight against HIV/Aids in Africa.

Most of the diseases that kill people in Uganda are preventable. Prevention starts with people having knowledge about a particular disease. Kabaka Mutebi has worked hard on that front. Whenever he tours the counties, he starts the day by doing physical exercises, a reminder that people need to keep a healthy body.

His now popular Kabaka Birthday Run that attracts 50,000 participants annually is dedicated to particular diseases. It started with fistula by creating awareness and providing funding and then moved to sickle cell anemia. A lot of people in Buganda had previously shied away from seeking fistula treatment and lived in isolation in their communities while others thought sickle cell was witchcraft.

At almost all his county tours, health camps are organized to create awareness on specific diseases, immunize children and treat people. Thousands of people throng Bulange and county headquarters regularly to receive Hepatitis B vaccines.

Kabaka’s special guest today is Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar, the Sultan of Sokoto in Nigeria. One of the reasons the Sultan is here is to understand how Buganda has managed to educate its people especially the girl child. As you might know, Boko Haram, a terrorist group in Nigeria opposes education to the extent of abducting and killing girls it finds in schools.

In Sokoto, education of the girl child is a challenge that the Sultan is seeking to address by learning from his host, Kabaka Mutebi. He will visit Lubiri High, Buloba campus for a familiarization tour and spend time learning from Kabaka’s education officials.

At the start of his reign, Mutebi instituted the Kabaka’s Education Fund, which has provided bursaries to over 20,000 people to date. At his Mutesa I Royal University, he provides bursaries for at least two students per district not only from Buganda but also across the country.

The Nnabagereka’s Ekisaakate has been able to institute morals into children and the much important informal education that enables the participants play a meaningful role in society as they grow up.

The Kabaka preaches what he practices. He has started schools and revived others from primary, secondary, to post tertiary institutions. At almost all his public speeches, the Kabaka talks about education and how important it is for his Kingdom. However, in that regard, he is fulfilling a dream started by his grandparents.

The role of Mutesa I in educating his people cannot be overemphasized. His so called collaboration with the whites in the 19th century was selfish on his part — to ensure his people learnt to read and write. Makerere University stands on land donated by the Kingdom. For many years, Buganda has understood that to remain relevant, it must emphasize education.

An educated populace will be healthy and their social life will change. But there are also people whose lives might be changed in other ways. Abubakar Ssentongo lives in Katabi subcounty near Entebe. He is an old man suffering from a broken spinal chord yet he has 10 children and a wife.

He is a destitute by any definition one may use. Yesterday, Kabaka Mutebi handed him a new four-room house — the first of 20 he will build for such people in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity as part of celebrations to mark his 26th Coronation Anniversary. The houses will be spread across all the 18 counties of Buganda.

It won’t stop at houses. One member of the family will be skilled in a profession of their choice so that there is sustainability. The materials and workers will be from the community so that people can acquire the skills to build such houses. And if somebody who is not on the programme can raise Shs 10m, the Kingdom and Habitat will build for them a similar house.

And, if education and health are achieved as he has envisioned, Buganda and indeed Uganda will be able to restore its glory. The modernity that saw colonialists descend on the Kingdom now sees other leaders like the Sultan of Sokoto visit to learn a thing or two. It is a remarkable achievement for a Kingdom that was abolished for 27 years before Kabaka Mutebi restored it.



Denis Indeed one agrees 100 percent for education in Africa to be universal. But then this universal education has been an ongoing African experiment for now 20 years with the government of this country. And it is better to await for the report of the experts about its success. Again your article does not discuss  the declaration of recent by King Ronnie concerning the revival of the mainly coffee cooperatives and their marketing union which were wiped out in this country by bankruptcy with the determination of ambitious African leaders. These nasty leaders took every cent from the harvest of coffee and invested it in civil strife.


It would put some money in the pockets of every citizen of this Kingdom if the King mobilized his subjects for each landholder to start growing at least half an acre of coffee. And then this time round the farmers themselves can start to market their product free from the dodgy long arms of Central Government.






President Museveni atabukidde Katikkiro wa Buganda Mr Mayiga ku busubuzi bwemmwaanyi:

By Benjamin Ssebaggala


Added 20th July 2019



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Abakulembeze b’abakyala mu Kampala ne Wakiso nga bakwasa Pulezidenti Museveni effumu. Ku kkono ye Sheikh Guggwa, eyamusabidde.


PULEZIDENTI Museveni alabudde Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga akomye okusaasaanya obulimba ku bbago ly’etteeka ly’emmwaanyi nti Gavumenti etegeka kuwa balimi layisinsi ataagifune agobwe ku kuzirima. “Katikkiro ayogera byabulimba. Nnamuweerezza obubaka akomye okulimba,” bwe yategeezezza ng’ayogera eri eggwanga ku Lwokuna akawungeezi.


Museveni bwe yamalirizza okwogera ng’agenda, yakyuse n’akomawo ku muzindaalo n’ategeeza nti yawulidde Mayiga ng’ayogera ku by’emmwaanyi. “Yabadde alimba era nnaweerezza dda obubaka eri abasobola okumugambako akomye okusaasaanya obulimba.” Yannyonnyodde nti okutandika okulima emmwaanyi tekyetaagisa kufuna layisinsi wabula okuwandiisa abalimi babamanye kubanga bwe batuuka gye bazitunda, abagula baagala okulondoola okumanya emmwaanyi gye ziva bwe kitakolebwa babeera tebajja kugula mmwaanyi zaabwe.

Kuno kubeera kwewandiisa nga bwe kiri mu mirimu emirala. Yawadde ekyokulabirako nti Abanyankole abalunda ente ensagala balina ekibiina ekibagatta ekya Ankole Cattle Breeders Association ye nga Museveni baamuwandiika era mmemba.


Abavubi beewandiisa ne babamanya. “Oyo eyabadde agamba nti beewandiisa kubawa layisinsi bulimba bwennyini,” Museveni bwe yaggumizza. Mayiga bwe yabadde ku mukolo gw’okutuuza Omusumba omuggya ow’e Masaka yategeezezza nga bwe yakitegeddeko nga waliwo etteeka erijja okuwandiisa n’okuwa layisinsi abalimi b’emmwaanyi. Kino akiwakanya kubanga kijja kuterebula abalimi b’emmwaanyi.

Kyokka bwe yabadde mu lukiiko lwa Buganda ku Mmande, yakiggumizza nti enkola y’okuwandiika abalimi bonna ejja kumalamu amaanyi abalimi abasookerwako.

Ayagala okwagaza abantu okulima emmwaanyi nga bakikola kyeyagalire awatali kubassaako mateeka. Museveni yayogedde ku nsonga ezenjawulo okuli ebyenfuna, ebyokwerinda, obutebenkevu mu ggwanga, bannannyini ttaka abagobaganya abantu, abazimba mu ntobazzi n’okutangaaza ku tteeka mwe bavunaanira abantu be bagamba nti banyiiza pulezidenti.

Yalabudde nti ye nga Museveni tewali amunyiiza wabula etteeka mwe basinziira okuvunaana abantu liruddewo lyaleetebwa bafuzi b’amatwale erisaana okukyusibwa. Yannyonnyodde nti ekikulu abaserikale abakwata abantu bano basaana okukyusaamu essira baliteeke ku bulimba, okusiga obukyayi n’okuwaayiriza abantu bano bye basaasaanya ku mikutu.

OBUMENYI BW’AMATEEKA N’OBUBBI BW’EBISOLO Ku bubbi bw’ebisolo naddala mu byalo yagambye nti eyo nsonga nkulu esaana okussaako essira kikome naye kirabika kivudde ku bulagajjavu bwa poliisi. Gavumenti ezze esala amagezi okulwanyisa obubbi n’eteekawo amakubo nga kkamera n’okuteekayo abaserikale abakuuma ebyalo.

Yagambye nti ssinga ababbi babeera bavudde wala nga bagenda kukozesa mmotoka oba pikipiki, ku nguudo kwe bayita gavumenti etaddeko kkamera ezisobola okukwata ebifaananyi ne balondoolwa. “Bwe babeera nga babbi ba mu kitundu abatambuza ebigere, abo embwa za poliisi zisobola okubalondoola ne tubakwata.

Nze baagezaako okubba ente zange e Kisozi nga bagamba nti Museveni alina ente nnyingi katubbeko eza Kulisimaasi naye nnabakwata. Abavubuka abaatuga munnaabwe eyali ku bodaboda ne balowooza nti badduse poliisi yabalondodde n’ebakwata.

Omu twamukutte kyokka omulala gwe yali naye, baamuttidde mu bubbi obulala. Okubakwata kyasobose lwa kkamera ze twateekawo. Mbakakasa nti obutebenkevu bwe twateekawo mu ggwanga bwakugenda mu maaso era tewali agenda kubutabangula.” Yagambye nti mu kibuga mukyalimu obumenyi bw’amateeka ng’ettemu ly’okutta abakyala, obubbi n’ebirala. Bino gavumenti ebirabye n’eyongera amaanyi mu byokwerinda nga teyeesigama ku bantu bokka wabula etaddewo kkamera era ereeta n’ebyuma ebirala eby’omulembe. Gavumenti egenda kuteekawo obuuma obulondoola emmotoka ne pikipiki nga basobola okugirondoola okumanya wa weeri.


Bwe yabuuziddwa ku kuteeka omukono ku tteeka erirambika bannannyini bizimbe n’abapangisa yategeezezza nti akyalyetegereza kubanga lirimu ensonga nnyingi okuli okugaana bannannyini bizimbe okusasuza abapangisa mu ddoola.

OKUYAMBA ABAVUBUKA N’OKUBAWA SSENTE Yalambuludde enteekateeka gy’abaddeko mu biseera ebiyise mw’alambulidde abavubuka mu Kampala okuli abookya ebyuma, ababazzi, bamakanika, abalina saluuni ezisiba n’okukola enviiri.

Enteekateeka eno egenda kusaasaanira eggwanga lyonna kubanga ssente weeziri era okusinziira ku kwetegereza kw’akoze akizudde ng’emirimu egyengeri eno giri 16 okuli abavuga bodaboda, abakyala banneekoleragyange, saluuni, takisi, abalina ebirabo by’emmere, abakulembeze b’abavubuka, abalina obulemu, abagula n’okutunda ebirime, abatunga ebyalaani, bamakanika, abakola ku mikutu gy’amawulire bonna abalowozaako.

Yagambye nti ye omuntu bw’abeera talunda nga talima tamujjukira mangu kyokka baamutegeezezza nti abAamawulire gye bali, abayimbi ne bannakatemba, abavubi bonna abagwa mu biti by’amenye waakuteekayo SACCO ku buli disitulikiti omuntu agwa mu biti ebyo afune ssente.

Eby’okugamba nti omuntu talina ntandikwa bikomye era waakuteerawo n’abakulembeze SACCO eyaabwe kubanga mu nteekateeka ya Bonnabagaggawale abakulembe bwe bagenze okufuna ku ssente ng’abantu beebuuza nti ate nammwe muzze?

UGANDA W’ETUUSE l Abalambuzi balinnye buli mwaka tufuna 1,400,000 kyokka ensi nga Spain efuna abalambuzi obukadde 30 nga tewali nnyo kye bagenda kulambula. l Yategeezezza nti Uganda erina okwongeramu amaanyi okusikiriza abalambuzi okujja mu Uganda. l Uganda efubye okukuuma obutebenkevu okulaba nti enyweza ebyokwerinda abalambzi basobole okugyeyuna.

l Engeri Uganda gy’etaddewo emikutu egituyunga ku yintanenti kati tusobola okukola ebintu bingi kubanga ensi yonna etambulira ku tekinologiya. Yalabudde abantu naddala abalima bakomye okukolerera olubuto bateeke ekibalo mu buli kye bakola bakikole mu bunene nga bw’ofunako eky’okulya ofissa eky’okutunda.

Ebirime okuli ebikajjo, kasooli, ppamba, okulunda ente ennansi byonna ofunamu kitono ssinga obeera okolera wafunda. Tekinologiya y’asobola okuyamba akolera awafunda.

OKULIMA N’OKULUNDA Ebyobulimi bikolebwa mu byalo naye n’ebitundu ebyetoolodde Kampala nga Wakiso musobola bulungi okubeerako bye mukola ng’okulunda ebyennyanja ku mbalama z’entobazzi, okulunda enkoko oba okulima ebimuli mweggyemu endowooza nti ebyobulimi birina kukolerwa mu kyalo.

Ekirala n’aba Kampala ne Wakiso bangi balina ettaka lye baagula y’ensonga lwaki balina okufaayo ku njiri y’okulima. Waliwo omukadde yafudde ennaku ezo yamutegeeza nti yali talabangako gavumenti erowooleza bantu nga NRM kubanga etaddewo ensawo y’abavubuka, ensawo y’abakyala, ssente ez’okukozesa n’okwewola ziringa obuwumbi 400 buli mwaka.


Yalabudde nti ekimu ku biremesezza okukulaakulana, abantu balina endowooza nti nnannyini ttaka bw’afa balina okulitemaatemamu baligabane n’asaba bakoppe enkola y’Abazungu nti famire ekola kkampuni n’eteekamu ettaka eryo ne balikozesa olwo abafamire ne basigala nga bagabana amagoba.

Yalabudde bannannyini ttaka abakaka abeebibanja okwegula nti tewali alina buyinza kugoba wa kibanja oba okubakaka okwegula era tewali akkirizibwa kusala ku kibanja kyo nti akuwe ekyapa. Yagambye nti abakikola bajja kuvunaanibwa.


Singa no bano bombi abemikwano balekerawo okukayanira abalimi bemmwanyi ababonabona enyo okuzirima wano mu Uganda. Nebatandika buli season yemwanyi nga kakati bwezitandise okumulisa nebalanga ebbeyi eyokugula emwanyi. Kibooko shillings 10,000 endebbe, ate Arabica endebbe shillings 20,000 ekyo kyokka kijja kuyamba kumirimu gyabwe okutambula obulungi. Ensi eno ebiseera bino ejjudde nyo abafere, abalimba ate nabasubiza obugagga bwensi n'eggulu.


Bakitaffe babonabona nokudduka entalo ezitaggwa wano e Buganda emmwanyi yabwe nebaleka awo, bagenda okuwulira nga omu kubanunuzi omusirukale eyali yakakulira Coffee Marketing Board afudde ne million 700 eza pounds ku account ye Switzerland. Sente ezo ne Mukyalawe zamulema okujjayo. Osanga singa abalimi be mwanyi mu Uganda mukiseera ekyo baali bewaandisa, sente ezo bandisobode okuzinunulayo mubazungu bano. Nekakati abazungu bano abatayagala nakamu kuzanyira kusente bakanudde amaaso bewuggusa baganidde sente ezo.


Kisanidde ddala okuwandiisa buli ndebbe eyemwanyi omulimi wa Uganda gyalima, gyateeka mumusaana nagikaza, ate nagitwala kukyuuma nesunsulwa bulungi netwalibwa netundibwa. Sente ezivudemu zisaanidde okuwandiikibwa obulungi mubitabo okukakasa nti sente zino ezomulimi zezigenda nate okumuyamba okugula emwanyiye omwaka ogujja. Era amagoba gasanidde okulanjibwa ku radio kabe kasinge amagoba gano negongeza nebbeyi yemwanyi omwaka ogudako. Sente za Coffee Marketing Board zeyabuza bukya Uganda etandika kulima mwanyi ziriko amagoba gomulimi we mwanyi zalinze okufuna. Ekitono Pounds million 700 kakati emyaka 33 ku 15 percent interest every year mu Swiss bank ze billion za pounds 3465 ezempeke omulimi wemwanyi za Uganda zabanja CMB.