Abavubuka mwenyigire mu bulimi - Kabaka awadde amagezi.

Dec 08, 2014

Kabaka ng’awuubira ku bantu be ku mbuga y’eggombolola y’e Buwama mu ssaza ly’e Mawokota e Mpigi ku Lwomukaaga ku mikolo gy’Abavubuka mu Buganda.


KABAKA Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II alagidde abavubuka okwongera okwegatta 

beenyigire mu bulimi nga balima ebirime eby’ettunzi okusobola okwekulaakulanya.

Omutanda ng’ali ku mikolo gy’abavubuka mu Buganda ku mbuga y’eggombolola y’e Buwama mu ssaza lya Mawokota mu disitulikiti y’e Mpigi ku Lwomukaaga, yawadde abavubuka amagezi okukozesa ebifo ku masaza ne ku magombolola okukolerako emirimu egy’enjawulo egy’enkulaakulana

n’asiima abatandiseewo emirimu ne bayambako n’abalala okwebeezaawo.


Ente Omubaka Kenneth Kiyingi Bbosa (Mawokota South) gye yatonedde 

Ssaabasajja ku Lwomukaaga. 

Kabaka alagidde abavubuka okwekebeza Kabaka yakubirizza abavubuka okwekuuma:

“Omwaka guno tujjukiziddwa ensonga y’ebyobulamu. Abavubuka tusaanye okwekuuma nga tuli balamu, okwekebeza buli mwaka kubanga si kirungi okugenda mu ddwaaliro nga tumaze okugonda ate omuvubuka alina okulya obulungi.”

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga yakunze abavubuka okukozesa emikisa Kabaka gy’abatee

reddewo; mu by’obulimi beekwate BUCADEF n’okuyingira Ssuubiryo Zambogo SACCO.

Omulamwa gwabadde; Omuvubuka omulamu ate nga mukozi ye nnamuziga w’enku

laakulana mu Buganda, era wano Minisita w’abavubuka e Mmengo, Henry Ssekabembe, we yategeerezza nga bammemba ba Ssuubiryo Zambogo SACCO bwe batuuse ku 1,500 nga kati balinawo n’obukadde 285.


Abamu ku Baamasaza ku mukolo gw’Abavubuka mu Buganda e Mawokota ku Lwomukaaga.

Omukolo gwetabyeko; ssentebe w’abavubuka mu Buganda, Richard Kabanda, Kayima David Ssekyeru, Katikkiro eyawummula Dan Mulika, sipiika wa Buganda Nelson Kawalya n’omumyuka we Ahmed Lwasa, Minisita Amelia Kyambadde, Omubaka Kenneth Kiyingi Bbosa (Mawokota South) ssaako baminisita b’e Mmengo, abakulu b’ebika n’Abaamasaza.

Abayimbi; Mathias Walukagga ne Fred Ssebbale be baasanyusiza abantu ba Kabaka.


The first bank in The Ganda Kingdom

By Henry Lubega

Posted  Sunday, March 1  2015 


Before 1906, there was no banking institution in Uganda until November of the same year when the national Bank of India opened its first branch in Entebbe, and four years later it opened the first bank in Kampala, although it was later taken up to become Grindlys Bank.

The National Bank of India was followed by Standard Bank of South Africa Limited when on September 19, 1912, it opened its first branch in Kampala. And a few years later it opened another branch in Jinja.


Barclays followed in 1927 when it opened two branches in Kampala and Jinja. In 1954 three more banks; Bank of Baroda, Bank of India and The Nedelandsche Handel-Maatschappij M.V (Netherlands Trading Society) opened in Uganda.

According to Saben’s commercial directory and handbook of Uganda, as early as 1949 the banking system had been established in Uganda but did not control much of the financial liquidity that was in circulation across the board in the country.

“Much of the money was controlled in the bazaars and other channels which were predominantly controlled by people of the Asian origin. These people played a key role in the buying of cotton.

However, areas where banks were non-existent, merchants in those areas played the part of the banks. This was through taking drafts in exchange for cash or physical items in exchange for hard cash,” Saben wrote.

By 1950, it was realised that to bring more Africans into the business there was need to provide them with credit. Unfortunately, the commercial banks at the time would not extend credit to Africans because of the nature of their securities.

Under Ordinance number 20 of 1950 the Uganda Credit and Saving Bank was created purposely to extend credit facilities to Africans with the aim of furthering agriculture, commercial building and co-operative society purposes.

On October 2, 1950, the bank was opened and by 1961 it had spread to places like Arua, Fort Portal, Jinja, Soroti, Gulu, Masaka and Mbale, taking only African deposits.

Building Society

Two years later, the first Building Society in Uganda was opened as a subsidiary of a Kenyan owned firm Savings and Loans Society Limited. 

More financial institutions continued to open up in Uganda with Lombard Bank from Kenya, in partnership with Uganda Development Corporation, opening the Lombank Uganda Limited in 1958. It was this bank which first introduced the hire purchase system of shopping in Uganda.

It was not until 1966 that through an act of Parliament that Bank of Uganda was created. Prior to this, issues to do with money were handled by the East African currency board which had its head offices in Kenya.

In daddy’s scientific footsteps: With her 5th degree, Butambala girl lives the American dream:

Written by Joseph W. Kamugisha & Ronnie Mayanja

 Created: 29 May 2012


PhD Holder: Dr Sala Nanyanzi Senkayi(centre) and mother(right) and supervising Professor(left)

   Sala and her Daddy.

It is every parent’s dream to see their children grow up and graduate from university.

But often do you meet a five-degree holder, topped off with a Doctorate degree or PhD?

Well, recently the Ugandan community in Dallas Fort Worth not only embraced one, they also welcomed their community’s first and youngest female PhD holder in the names of Dr Sala Nanyanzi Senkayi. It has been a long time coming for the young lady, the daughter of Dr Abu Senkayi (PhD) and Sunajeh Senkayi, having began her humble journey at Texas A&M University, with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree.

She would later pick up two other B.Sc degrees and a Master of Science degree) from the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). And then came her PhD in environmental science from the same University of Texas at Arlington, for which she wrote a dissertation on “Proximity to Airport and Cancer Incidences in Texas”.

Many people will be familiar with the adage that it takes a village to raise a child; that is what many friends and well wishers of the Senkayi family said during Sala’s graduation party. The proud parents could be seen beaming with excitement as speaker after speaker, spoke about their daughter’s achievement.

Emcee Frank Sentamu, added excitement to the evening when he suggested that the two doctors should change their names to Dr Senkayi Senior and Dr Senkayi Junior as a way of separating father and daughter.

The journey that first inspired the young Sala could be traced back to her childhood. According to her father, on the day he got his PhD, Sala ran to the stage, grabbed her Dad’s hat and put it on her own head, as if to suggest that one day she would wear her own. Several years passed but Dr Abu Senkayi did not imagine ever having the pleasure of participating in the hooding process of his only daughter.

The hooding process is normally reserved for the graduate’s major professor, but in one of those rare occasions when a parent of the student is a Doctorate degree holder, the pleasure and opportunity of carrying out this exercise is often passed on to the parent, which in this case was Dr Abu Senkayi an environmental scientist himself.

Sala owes her success to the inspiration and support of her parents, and brother Ali Senkayi, an electrical engineer. She is also quick to mention the collective effort of many other community friends and relatives who encouraged her along her academic journey.

Dr Abu Senkayi, an official Buganda Kingdom representative in North America, also mentioned that Sala had been involved in planning for Buganda cultural activities in Dallas. In 2001, young as she was, Sala played a prominent role during Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s, visit to Dallas. The same was the case when the Nnabagereka of Buganda, Sylvia Nnaginda, visited in 2005.

The Senkayi family, originally from Kibibi in Butambala, left Uganda in the 1970s and settled in the United States. They visit Uganda regularly and were here only last December, to participate in the Ugandan Diaspora conference the Serena Hotel. Dr Sala is also an active community organizer who spends time going to schools and colleges to talk about Environmental protection.

Besides her commitment to the community, Sala maintains a full time job in the same office block and department with her father, at the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Her EPA mentor proudly noted, during the evening graduation dinner, that Sala is “a very dedicated girl, who takes her job very seriously and devotes a lot of time into everything she does.”

Before Sala joined her father as an EPA employee, the father remembers bringing her to the office on special days when employees are allowed to bring their children to the office. One could say that all this gave the little girl some early inspiration to follow in her dad’s footsteps.

But when asked why she chose environmental science Sala said: “I’m not trying to follow my dad’s footsteps per se, because I like Biology and my dad is a soil scientist. But I also like my dad because he is a cool guy!”

Sala says she enjoys her work environmental protection, and her fellowship in the Ugandan community. “Getting a degree is just part of the story” she says. “Making friends, helping each other, as Ugandan community members to advance each other, is what will help us succeed here in the Diaspora.”

With her five degrees, the single Dr Sala intends to keep her job at EPA, although she could go into academia; and she still cherishes working with children on environment-related programmes.

“I can now say that I’m free at last,” she says. “I have all the time I need to live and enjoy my life.”

Pulezidenti Museveni atunze ente 400 mu lufula y’e Luweero

By Musasi wa Bukedde

Added 15th August 2016

 Pulezidebti ( mu byeru) ng’aggulawo lufula.

PULEZIDENTI Museveni mulunzi era mu kiseera kino agamba nti alina ennume 400 ze yamaze okufunira akatale mu lufula y’Abamisiri ey’omulembe gye yagguddewo e Luweero. Lufula eno yagguddwaawo ku Lwokuna lwa wiiki ewedde.

Pulezidenti yagambye nti ennume zino bagenda kuziggya ku ffaamu ye, bazitwale bazirunde zisobole okutuuka ku mutindo oguvaamu ennyama etundibwa ebweru w’eggwanga. Lufula eno ey’omulembe eyitibwa “Egypt Uganda Food Security Ltd “ ng’esangibwa ku kyalo Nyimbwa mu Luweero, yeesudde kiromita 30 okuva mu Kampala.

Erimu ebyuma ebiri ku mulembe ebikozesebwa okulongoosa ennyama y’ente nga bitandikira mu kusalako omutwe, okubaagako eddiba n’okusala amagumba mu bwangu. Mulimu ebyuma ebiyonja ennyama n’ebyenda n’ebitundu ebirala mu ngeri ey’omulembe . Oluvannyuma ennyama eno egenda kutundibwa ku katale k’ensi yonna .

Lufula eno egenda kusala ente 400 buli lunaku ng’ennyama etwalibwa bweru w’eggwanga. Pulezidenti Museveni we yasinzidde okukunga abalunzi abalina ennume bazirunde mu ngeri esingayo okuba ennungi basobole okuziguza Abamisiri bafunemu ssente eziwera.

Bannannyini lufula eno baatandiseewo ekifo eky’enjawulo mwe bagenda okutendekera abalunzi ku mutindo gw’obulunzi bw’ente ogw’enjawulo ezituukana n’akatale kano.

Lufula eno yaakugaziyizibwa epakirenga ennyama mu mikebe gattako okulongoosa amaliba gakolebwemu ebintu ebiralaDayirekita w’ekifo kino, Sherif El Kallini yagambye nti bagula ekika ky’ente zonna omuli maleeto n’ez’olulyo lwa wano. “Wabula tusinga kwagala ente eriko ebiwandiiko ebiraga ebyafaayo byayo nga birungi era nga tesukka myaka esatu wabula ng’erina obuzito bwa kkiro 300 n’okusingawo.

Zino zivaamu ennyama egonda eyeetaagibwa ku katale k’ensi yonna . Buli kkiro tugigula wakati wa 3,500 /- ne 4,000/.,” bwe yagambye. Omukugu okuva mu yunivasite e Makerere, Denis Asizua yagambye nti ente erundibwa mu ngeri ey’omulembe nga ya nnyama, omulunzi alina okugirabirira obulungi.

African Traditional Revenue and Taxation:

Money in dollar bills seized from a home of the Commissioner General of the Tanzania Revenue Authority is pictured down: Over 20 bags of it:




Oluguudo Lwa Kabaka Njagala, Mubweenyi

bw'enju ya Kisingiri ewa Musolooza.




Ssentebe - 256 712845736 Kla

Muwanika -256

712 810415 Kla




Email Links:









Kikirikisi-Mmese etera okuzimba mu kitooke.








Nkerebwe nkulu esima nga eggalira

Olukiiko lwa Buganda lwanjudde embalirira ya buwumbi 7

The Kabaka of Buganda launches a book on Ssekabaka Muteesa II struggles:

Kabaka Mutebi (centre) with Mr Patrick Makumbi (right) and Dr

Kabaka Mutebi (centre) with Mr Patrick Makumbi (right) and Dr Colin Sentongo (left) at the book launch at Bulange in Mengo, Kampala.



Posted  Friday, May 27  2016

Kampala in the State of Buganda:
Kabaka Ronald Mutebi on Wednesday, 25th May 2016,  launched a book about the struggles of his late father and former Buganda king, Edward Muteesa II, touching on Uganda’s history before and after independence.

The book titled The Brave King, revisits the stories of Muteesa’s exiling, first between 1953 and 1955, and again from 1966 to 1969 when he died in London. The author, Mr Patrick Makumbi, drew from the documents preserved by his father, 99-year-old Thomas Makumbi, who was an official at Mengo, Buganda’s power capital.

“I was very happy to write the preface to this book,” Kabaka Mutebi said, adding: “It will help the readers understand what Kabaka Muteesa went through in those days.”

When Mutesa was exiled in 1953, the older Makumbi, the father of the author, led a team of six Buganda officials to negotiate with the British about the king’s return to Buganda, which was secured in 1955. The other members of the team were Mr Apollo Kironde, Mr Matayo Mugwanya, Mr Amos Sempa, Mr Eridadi Mulira and Mr Ernest Kalibbala.

Kabaka Mutebi, while officiating at the function, called on more people to document what they saw during those days, saying “it is a good thing” that some of those who witnessed or participated in the events are still alive. Muteesa himself wrote about the period in question in his autobiography, The Desecration of my Kingdom, and Kabaka Mutebi’s endorsement of Mr Makumbi’s new book will be seen as an extension of the kingdom’s bid to manage the narrative.

Mr Apollo Makubuya, Buganda’s third deputy Katikkiro, at the launch held at Bulange-Mengo said there have been attempts to misrepresent history by “those who do not like us”.

Accusations and counter accusations of betrayal between Buganda Kingdom and Obote are rooted in a rather happy start, when Buganda’s party Kabaka Yekka (KY) teamed up with Obote’s Uganda People’s Congress to defeat the Democratic Party and form government at independence in 1962.

But the two centres of power soon quarrelled violently and were involved in what many have regarded as a critical turning point in Uganda’s history. The army, on Obote’s orders, stormed Muteesa’s palace on May 24, 1966, killing multitudes and forcing the king-president into exile.

Mr Makubuya said his grandfather was among those killed during the attack, an occasion the kingdom commemorates yearly on May 24. He said in addition to explaining how Buganda and Muteesa suffered during that period, Mr Makumbi’s book will clarify a number of other issues, including how colonialism thwarted Buganda’s development efforts.

He said Buganda stiffly resisted colonialism and the demands of colonial governor Andrew Cohen in particular, to the extent of winning a court case in London against the exiling of Muteesa. In all its efforts, Mr Makubuya said, Buganda was consistently seeking autonomy, and that the kingdom can “never” lose sight of this objective.

Mr Makumbi, the author, said his father could not attend the launch due to old age.

The publication of the book was financed by Dr Colin Sentongo, who said at the launch that KY, which ceased to exist in the 1960s, is the only political party he has ever belonged to.

The fathers of Mr Makumbi and Dr Sentongo met with Muteesa as students at Kings College Budo, from where, Mr Sentongo said, the three men forged a life-long friendship. It is probably much for this reason that Kabaka Mutebi warmed up to Mr Sentongo and Mr Makumbi at the launch.


Fiscal Budget y'Ensi Buganda ebiro bino

Jul 07, 2014



OMUWANIKA wa Buganda, Eve Nagawa Mukasa

asomye embalirira y’Obwakabaka bwa Buganda eya 2014/2015 ya buwumbi 7 (7,411,638,600/-) .


Embalirira eno eri wansi w’omulamwa 'Okwolesebwa n’Ebigendererwa' egendereddwamu okutumbula enkulaakulana okuli; okumaliriza Amasiro g’e Kasubi ne Wamala, Masengere, okulongoosa Ennyanja ya Kabaka, okussawo etterekero ly’ebyedda, okukulaakulanya ettaka ly’e Kigo ne Makindye 'State Lodge', okuzimba olubiri lw’omulangira Juma Katebe, okuzimba olubiri lwa Namasole, okuddaabiriza embuga z’Amasaza wamu n’okuzimba eddwaliro ly’abakyala.


Nagawa yagambye nti ensimbi zino zisuubirwa okuva mu Buganda Land Board, Amasomero, Minisitule ez’enjawulo, mu bupangisa, amakampuni g’Obwakabaka, ebitongole ebigaba obuyambi n’obuwumbi buna okuva mu Gavumenti eya wakati.


Ng’ayogera mu lukiiko luno, Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga yasabye abantu okutambulira ku kiragiro kya Kabaka eky’abantu okujjumbiro ebifo by’obulambuzi era n'ategeza nti pulojekiti zonna Obwakabaka ze butandiseeko ssi zaakukoma mu kkubo, zirina okumalirizibwa n’olwekyo enkola y’okunoonya Ettoffaali ekyagenda mu maaso kubanga Kabaka ayitibwa mufumbya Gganda n'antabalirira batyabi- ensimbi zikyetaagisa.


Olukiiko luno lwetabiddwamu abakiise bangi ddala ne baminisita ba Kabaka nga lwakubiriziddwa, Sipiika Nelson Kawalya eyagambye nti embalirira eno abakiise basaanye okugenda n’ekiwandiiko kino, bwe banakomawo mu lukiiko luno basobole okugiyisa.


Omusujja gw’omu byenda
(Typhoid fever) gwesibye mu Kampala, Uganda.
Feb 25, 2015

Bo abantu mu kibuga Kampala besombye bangi ddala.


OMUWENDO gw'abalwadde b'omusujja gwa Typhoid ogw'omu byenda] oguzinze Kampala n'emiriraano gweyongera buli lunaku.

Ku nkomerero ya wiiki ewedde abaakebeddwa ne basangibwa n'akawuka k'omusujja guno baweze 170 naye olwa Mmande we lwazibidde nga basoba mu 365.

Kino kitiisizza baddereeva, bakondakita, abasuubuzi n'abasaabaze ne bagamba nti wadde Gavumenti evuddeyo ku bulwadde buno naye tennakola kimala. Abalala balina okutya nti ebyokulya, okunywa n'ebifo bye bagendamu ebyobuyonjo tebinnaba kukyuka bikyali nga bwe bibadde era obulwadde bukyayinza okweyongera.


Ssentebe wa baddereeva e Nakivubo, Mustafa Mayambala yagambye nti gavumenti egezezzaako okulwanyisa obulwadde naye tennakola kimala.

“twetaaga emisomo, mmotoka ya ambulensi okuba okumpi ne ppaaka era bwe kiba kisoboka n'abasawo babasembeze ku ppaaka zaffe balwanyise obulwadde buno.Kizuuse ng'abamu ku baddereeva tebaagala kugenda mu malwaliro era omulala yafudde eggulo,” Mayambala bwe yagambye.

wabula baddereeva bakyagenda mu maaso n'okulya emmere etambuzibwa mu ppaaka, ebibala ebitundibwa, okunywa amazzi agatambuzibwa mu bucupa. Obulwadde buno bwatandikira mu ppaaka ya takisi enkadde ne busaasaanira mu ppaaka endala okuli eya USAFI, Kisenyi, ppaaka empya, mu kizimbe kya Qualicel mu basuubuzi b'omu luggya lwa ppaaka ne mu butale naddala aka Nakasero ne St. Balikuddembe.

Baddereeva be baasooka okutegeera obulwadde buno era we baabumanyira nga bannaabwe bataano bubasse ate ng'abalala 30 bapooca.

Abamu ku baddereeva n'abasuubuzi baasooka kwerumaaluma nga balowooza nti bayinza bannaabwe be babaloga.


Amyuka omwogezi wa KCCA, Robert Kalumba yagambye nti nga bakolagana ne minisitule y'ebyobulamu, basobodde okwanguyira obulwadde.

‘tutaddewo mmotoka ya ambulansi ku malwaliro ag'enjawulo naddala mu Kisenyi okuyamba abantu abafuna obuzibu. Tuyungudde abasawo abenjawulo okuwa abasangibwa n'akawuka k'obulwadde buno eddagala amangu ddala era bangi balifuna ne bawona,’ Kalumba bwe yagambye.

Yategeezezza nti balondoola nnyo ebyokulya n'okunywa ebitundibwa mu bifo omukolera abantu abangi naddala mu ppaaka za takisi n'obutale. Yagambye nti baludde nga bategeeza bannakampala okwegendereza ebyokunywa n'okulya mu Kampala naye nga tebawulira.

"ebifo bingi omuli kiyosiki tuzze tubiggala naye ng'abamu balowooza nti tubatulugunya kyokka nga tutangira mbeera ya bulwadde ebadde eyinza okugwawo,” Kalumba bwe yagambye.


Ssentebe w'ekibiina ekirwanirira eddembe ly'abasaabaze ekya Passengers Protection association Badru Nyenje yatidde nti embeera y'obulwadde eyinza obutataliza basaabaze. Abamu ku basaabaze bava mu bitundu bya byalo nti bwe batuuka mu ppaaka nabo baagala okugula ebyokunywa n'okulya.

"Abakola ku mutindo batuyambe bakebere amazzi gonna ag'obucupa agatundibwa mu bifo byonna okwetoloola ppaaka n'obutale kubanga agasiga galabika mafu. Bangi bajingirira amazzi ne balowoozesa abaguzi nti malungi ate nga majama. Batuyambe bagakebere ate amalala kkampuni ezimu baziwere" Nyenje bwe yagambye.


Abasawo abasinga babasindise mu ddwaaliro lya Kisenyi Health Centre.

Waliwo erya Kisugu. Naggulu. Kawaala , Kitebi. Kawempe ne Komamboga.


Fred Kato eyali akolera ku siteegi y'e Luzira. 

Jimmy Olando ku Ssembule siteegi.

Diriisa Ssemakula.

Meddie Mutebi ku Bweyogerere.

Jimmy Kijjambu ku paaka enkadde.


Bweyogerere, Luzira, Ssembuule, Kasubi, Namuwongo, Mengo , Nateete, Wakaliga, Nakulabye , Bwaise, Ntebe, Kamwokya, Kikono ne Makindye.

Omusawo ayogedde ku musujja guno

Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng Dayirekita w’ekitongole ekikola ku byobulamu ategeeza nti  “omusujja gw’omu byenda buba bulwadde nga bwegaseemu omusujja naye nga guva ku buwuka obusirikitu obuyitibwa ‘Salmonella Tyhi’. Era buyinza okuva ku kawuka akasirikitu akatera okuleeta omusujja ogwamaanyi. Obuwuka buno buteekebwa mu mazzi oba mu mmere nga muntu yabusaasaanya mu bubi bwe.

Bukwata butya?

Obulwadde busaasaana nga buyita mu kulya emmere oba okunywa amazzi agalimu obubi. Kyandibadde kirungi abantu ne bajjanjabibwa mu bwangu okwewala okusaasaana.

Kiki gavumenti ky’esobodde okukolawo

Waliwo ttiimu y’abantu eteekeddwaawo KCCA wamu ne Minisitule y’ebyobulamu okudduukirira omulanga guno. 

KCCA etaddewo ekifo eky’okufuniramu obujjanjabi ku ddwaaliro lya Kisenyi Health Center IV okukola ku balwadde abakakasiddwa nti babulina

. Era abalwadde abasinga bakolwako ne badda awaka era tebaweereddwa bitanda. 

Ekitongole ekibunyisa eddagala ekya National Medical Stores (NMS) kitadde eddagala lyonna eryetaagisa mu kifo okusobola okukola ku balwadde mu bwangu.

Abasawo ku ddwaaliro lya Kisenyi Health Center IV baatendekeddwa okusobola okukola ku bateeberezebwa okuba abalwadde n’abakakasiddwa okuba abalwadde.

Gavumenti esaba abantu bonna okuteeka mu nkola bino wammanga;

Abantu bonna abalina obubonero bw’omusujja naye ng’eddagala ly’omusujja gw’ensiri teribawonya batuukirire eddwaaliro Kisenyi Health Center IV okufuna obujanjabi okusingawo.

Minisitule y’ebyobulamu eri mu kulaba embeera mu disitulikiti endala bwe kiba kyetaagisa bateekewo ekifo ekirala eky’obujjanjabi.

Abantu bonna basabibwa okukuuma obuyonjo okutangira okusaasaanya. 

Abantu bonna balina okubeera abeegendereza okumanya ensibuko y’amazzi ge banywa n’ebyokunywa. Abantu bakubirizibwa okufumba amazzi ge banywa oba okugateekamu ‘water guard’, n’ebintu ebirala ebyakakasibw

okulongoosa amazzi

Abantu bakubirizibwa okwewala okulya emmere ennyogoga, enva endiirwa zirina okufumbibwa obulungi n’ebibala okubyoza ne bitukula bulungi n’amazzi amalungi.

Abasawo bakubirizibwa okutwala obulwadde bwa Typhoid ng’obumu ku bulwadde obusumbuwa abantu. 

Ennamba z’essimu bbiri ziteekeddwawo okuloopa ensonga eno okuli 0794661095 oba 0794661128 mu KCCA.

Abantu bafuna batya obulwadde buno?

Typhoid musujja gwa mu byenda ogufunibwa oluvannyuma lw’okuywa amazzi oba okulya emmere erimu obuwuka oba enjama.

Abantu abalwadde ennyo basobola okubusaasaanya nga bugenda mu mazzi agaliraanyewo nga buyita mu bubi bwabwe obulimu obuwuka obungi.

Omuntu okulya emmere ennyogoga.

Okulya ebintu nga bijama.

Obubonero bw’omusujja gw’omu byenda

Obulwadde busobola okumala ebbanga lya wiiki 3-4 era ng’obubonero bwe buno; 

•Obutayagala kulya

•Okulumwa omutwe

•Obulumi mu mubiri gwonna

•Omusujja nga guweza 104

•Obukoowu oba obunafu


•Okulumwa mu kifuba/ ekifuba 


•Obulumi mu lubuto

Bujjanjabibwa butya?

Obulwadde buno bujjanjabwa ne n’eddagala eritta obuwuka buno.

Waliwo n’eddagala erigema abo abatambula. Obujjanjabi bumala wakati wa wiiki bbiri n’omwezi era ng’omulwadde ayinza okusaasaanya wakati wa 50,000/- ne 300,000/- okusinziira ku ddwaaliri ly’aba agenzeemu. 

Amataba gagobye ssentebe mu maka ge
Apr 01, 2015

Era emirimu gy’ekyalo n’abagenyi be abalabira wabweru wa nnyumba anti gy’asiiba. Nobala ssentebe wa Central zooni mu Ndeeba.

Twamuguddeko nga bali mu kaweefube wa kusena mazzi nga bagaggya mu nju ne famire ye.

Agamba nti abantu abatadde ebigoma ebitono mu mwala be baleetedde amazzi okwanjaala mu maka ge.

Okulonda obukiiko bwa LC1 ne LC2 kuli mu lusuubo: Tewali ssente
Dec 23, 2015
Eno ye nonda eya bafuzi, Omufuzi ava e Ruanda owa NRM gyeyaleeta mu Ssemmatteeka gweyateeka mu Uganda.

Bya Muwanga Kakooza

OKULONDA obukiiko bwa LC1 ne LC2  omwaka ogujja kuli mu lusuubo oluvannyuma lwa gavumenti okulemwa okussa mu bajeti y’akakiiko k’ebyokulonda ssente ezimala okukola omulimu guno.

Akakiiko k’ebyokulonda keetaaga obuwumbi 44 okutegeka okulonda kw’obukiiko bwa LC kyokka mu bajeti mulimu obuwumbi musanvu zokka!.

Ssentebe w’akakiiko ka palamenti ak’ebyamateeka, Steven Tashobya (mu katono) ye yategeezezza bino mu lipooti y’akakiiko ke  ekakwata ku bajeti y’omwaka ogujja (2016/17) gye yayanjulidde akakiiko ka palamenti eggulo.

Yasabye wabeewo ekikolebwa okulaba nga gavumenti ewaayo ssente z’okutegeka okulonda kuno kuba ensimbi ezeetaagisa bwe zitaweebwayo eby’okulonda obukiiko bwa LC1 ne LC2 tebijja kusoboka.

 Obukiiko bwa LC buludde nga tebukola kuba abamu ku baabuliko baafa, abalala ne bakyusa ebyalo ng’ate n’obuliwo kigambibwa nti bumenya mateeka kuba buli luvannyuma lwa myaka etaano waliwo okubaawo okulonda ku mitendera gyonna egya gavumenti. Kyokka bwo bumaze emyaka egisoba mu kkumi nga tebulondebwa.

Ebyo nga biri awo n’ensimbi  obuwumbi 12 ez’okusasula emisaala gy’ababaka ba palamenti abapya 70 abagenda okwegatta ku palamenti egenda okulondebwa omwaka ogujja emisaala gyabwe tegiri mu bajeti. Palamenti empya egenda kubaamu ababaka 459. Eriwo erimu ababaka 265.

Kabaka Anjagala; Oluguudo olusinga obulungi mu Kampala!


By Dickson Kulumba


Added 29th October 2019


Kabaka Anjagala; Oluguudo oluyunga Abaganda ku Kabaka waabwe.


Bika8 703x422

Ekika ky'ensenene.


Ebibumbe bino bisangibwa ku mayiro y'oluguudo oluva ku wankaaki y'olubiri e Mmengo okutuukaku Bulange.
Lutoneddwaako ebibumbe by'ebika bya Buganda.

 Ekika ky'enyonyi ennyange.

 Ekika ky'omusu

 kika kyengeye Ekika ky'engeye.


 Ekika ky'ekkobe.

 kika kyempologoma 


 kika kyendiga Ekika ky'endiga.


 Ekika ky'effumbe

 Ekika ky'enfumbe


 Enyonyi Endiisa.

 Ekika ky'ente.

 Ekika ky'Envuma

 Emmamba Kakoboza.

 Ekika ky'engabi.

 kika kyomutima Ekika ky'omutima.


Ekika ky'empindi

  Ekika ky'enjovu.

 kika kyenkima Ekika ky'enkima.




Kubanga era Abaganda bajajja baffe banyumya nti wano e Buganda Ebisolo bino bye bya Nkansangwawo. Nebwebisenguka nebigenda okukyala nga binonya emmere mwatu bikomawo awaka waabyo nebituula, nebizaala, nebifa, nebikola nebijja byebilekera abazzukulu na bazzukulu. Bwebutttaka bwa Buganda.


    Bukedde webale naye no bino byolaze bubunero bwa architecture kulabako kudda muka kunyumya. Mubikolwa kyandisanye nekilabika nga ebika bya Buganda bitukiriza okwegatta kwa batuuze ba Buganda buli lunnaku, buli mwezi, nabuli mwaka. Ate nebitonde Mukama Katonda byeyatuwa tubeere nabyo nga bwebilabika awo muluguudo, ettaka lyabyo liri luddawa wano e Buganda? Otambula mukibuga Kampala nga tolabye yadde Green Park yonna. Mumasaza ga Buganda teriyo ttaka lyabisolo bino. Nti lino ttaka lyabensenene nensenene zabwe. Wano e Kenya ebisolo nga bino byetweddira mubika bya Buganda nga ffe abantuuze be Buganda, birina square miles kumpi ensi ye Rwanda yonna.






"Bobi Wine mulabe wa nkulaakulana, yagenda mu Amerika n'ayogerera Uganda amafuukuule" President wa Uganda ayombeseza omuzzukulu:


By Benjamin Ssebaggala


Added 19th October 2019


Look 703x422


“Ekyo kitegeeza oyo mulabe wa nkulaakulana. Bw’ogenda n’otegeeza abagwira nti tebateekwa kujja kusiga ssente mu ggwanga obeera oggudde olutalo ku nkulaakulana.


Kati lwaki ayagala yeeyagaliremu?” Museveni bwe yategeezezza ng’ayanukula ebibuuzo bya Alan Kasujja owa BBC.

Museveni yagambye nti asuubira ng’eyo y’ensonga lwaki poliisi esazaamu ebivvulu bya Bobi Wine kyokka n’akiggumisa nti tannaba kwogera ne poliisi kumunnyonnyola kawonvu na kagga naye alaba Bobi Wine ng’omulabe w’enkulaakulana.


Wabula omwogezi wa People Power, Joel Ssenyonyi yagambe nti Bobi Wine tagaanangako Bazungu kujja mu Uganda, bwe yagenda mu Amerika yabasaba balondoole obuyambi bwe bawa Uganda ng’ebyokulwanyisa kubanga babiwaayo kukuuma Bannayuganda kyokka abali mu buyinza ne bafundikira nga babikozesa kutulugunya bantu.

Museveni ng’ayogera ne BBC yagambye nti mu buyinza taliiwo kuyisa bivvulu era gavumenti ye teri mu kifo we bazannyira katemba.

Mu buyinza aliwo kukola ku nsonga ennene ezibobbya Uganda ne Afrika omutwe. N’ayongerako nti aliwo lwa bantu abaamulonda kyokka aba NRM abaamulonda bwe balimukoowa ne bamusaba aveewo ajja kutambula agende kubanga alina bingi ebimulindiridde okukolako mu maka ge.

Ssenyonyi yayanukudde nti pulezidenti Museveni yava mu nsiko ne banne nga baavu kyokka baamanyiiko mu kiseera kino bagagga bavundu, emyaka 33 gy’amaze mu buyinza obwavu bubadde buluma Bannayuganda we yasinzidde okubuuza nti ky’agamba emyaka egyo gyonna Bobi Wine y’abadde akotoggera enkulaakulana obwavu bulyoke bulume abantu!

Museveni yategeezezza Kasujja nti gavumenti tetulugunya bantu ng’abalyolyomi bwe bakimussaako kyokka ekola ku balabe b’eggwanga nga Bobi Wine.


Omuzungu akiyita abantu okuba nobugunjufu (Civilization)


Kibi nyo. Omuzzukulu bwayambala engoye nenkufiira nti totekwa kwambala ngoye ezo. Omuzzukulu bwayimbako nga gwe Jajja omugana. Omuzzukulu bwajjayo omutwe munyumba, naye awumulireko muntebe zawaka mu sitting room nga omugobaganya! Kakati omuzzukulu bwakyadde ko e Bulaya gwe gyosiiba ogenda ate otandiise kumwogerera biwanvu. Wano mu nsi y' Africa obuntu bulamu obwomuzadde buli ludda wa baganda banange eri abaana ate era nabazzukulu?


Kirabika nga Jajja asobede nyo abazzukulu be era abakuba entiisa okukamala. Olwo abazzukulu bwebanaba abalabe olwo gwe Jajja nga totuuse kugenda kundagu wano mu Africa?






Emizanyo gy'ebika bya Buganda egya buli mwaka mu Summer eri abatuuze abali munsi ya Bungereza:



By World Media


28 July, 2019

Kano kekatabo kabatuuze akayitibwa"EMPAPULA ZA KAKOBE" Okukafuna kuba essimu ya Fred Ssemugera ku +447956455133, E-mail

Waggulu bye bimu kubinyuma okusoma mu katabo kano omwaka guno 2019.






The making of political decisions by Ugandans without intimidation by word or action is turning into a nightmare for African liberators:

And anybody who threatens this determination might end up loosing his or her life in Uganda: 

Bobi Wine's driver was a keen mobiliser who unfortunately has been gundown in NRM political campaigns:

By Eddie Ssejjoba


Added 16th August 2018


Besides campaigning for several Opposition eventual leaders, Yasin Kawuma also founded a football academy to nurture youthful talent.


Yasinkawuma 703x422



The driver of Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi (aka Bobi Wine) was buried Wednesday at his ancestral home in Sango-Buwama, off Kampala-Masaka road in Mpigi district.

A group of youths rode motorcycles from Kiteezi to Buwama to pay tribute to Yasin Kawuma. They described him as a social, kind and hardworking person, who loved seeing the youth get a better future.

Kawuma's life was snuffed out several miles away from home on the last day of campaigns in the Arua Municipality by-election Monday evening. Eventually, independent candidate Kassiano Wadri was announced winner late Wednesday after beating 11 others in arace to replace slain legistlator Ibrahim Abiriga.

Kawuma was shot dead inside Bobi Wine's vehicle amid a series of chaotic events that unfurled in Arua as candidates scrambled for last-minute votes in a very competitite battle.

He was a political activist within the Uganda Young Democrats, a youth wing of the Democratic Party (DP), who had been campaigning for parliamentary candidates for Opposition political parties countrywide.

He had gone as a driver of Mityana Municipality MP, Francis Zaake, who had to campaign for former Terego County MP Kassiano Wadri.

Wadri contested for the Arua Municipality seat on an independent ticket.

It s said Kawuma was part of a group of young politicians who had been moving from constituency to constituency campaigning for Opposition candidates, in what they described as political activism to "liberate Uganda".

Batulumawo Kabuga, the Kiteezi parish councilor in Kasangati Town Council, Wakiso district, said that this time, Kawuma was invited by Bobi Wine to drive Zaake to Arua.

While there, he continued to drive him to campaign rallies.



A trail of victories
During the 2016 presidential campaigns, according to Kabuga, the Kawuma crossed from DP to join President Yoweri Museveni's long-time political challenger Dr Kizza Besigye of the FDC.

But at the time of his death, he had reportedly made a U-turn back to DP and was part of the group that traversed constituencies to campaign for both DP and FDC candidates.

He also campaigned for Brenda Nabukenya, who would go on to lose the Luwero district Woman MP seat to NRM’s Lillian Nakate.

Kawuma also campaigned for Butambala County MP Muwanga Kivumbi, who defeated NRM’s Faisal Kikulukunyu.

He was on the campaign team of Paul Mwiru, the  FDC candidate in the Jinja Municipality race. Mwiru would eventually reign supreme over his main challenger, NRM's Nathan Igeme Nabeta.

Kawuma was involved in JEEMA candidate Asuman Basalirwa's victorious participation in the hotly contested Bugiri Municipality race.

In Bugiri, according to colleagues, Kawuma was one of the drivers for the heavy trucks that Bobi Wine used in the campaigns to woo support for Basalirwa.

According to Kiteezi parish councilor Kabuga, during the LC1 elections, Kawuma stood down for his brother, Sabiiti Male, in for Lusanja village race in Kiteezi parish. He had even printed campaign posters. After paving way for his sibling, Kawuma rallied behind him to win the seat.


Passion for football

Kawuma was a mobiliser for the youth and a soccer lover.

He formed a football academy based at Lusanja Church of Uganda Primary School, known as Kiteezi Soccer Academy, where he would mobilise holidaymakers and trained them in football.



Many current boys in his soccer academy turned up at his home in Lusanja on Wednesday dressed in football jerseys to pay respect to him. Several other youths revealed they had gained skills in football because of his coaching. 



According to Godfrey Ssekabira, a councilor in Kasangati, Kawuma also mobilised many youth to abandon smoking marijuana and using other drugs.

He instead connected them to get jobs at service contracts, where they got to work at trucks ferrying sand, stones and timber.

Kawuma was a tenderer for Wakiso district and a service provider. He owned the tender of collecting dues from washing bays and night parking facilities in the town council.

Before becoming a service provider, Kawuma was also a property dealer in Lusanja and was attached to a number of property companies.

He was also a hire truck driver and before, he was a tenderer for Kiteezi Taxi Stage.

During the Kyadondo East by-election, Kawuma joined the ‘Team Kyagulanyi Ssentamu’ and was involved in the pinning posters and mobilising the youths for Bobi Wine during the door-to-door campaign.

He was also a driver of Kasangati town mayor Tony Ssempebwa.

Kawuma studied went to Kiteezi Church of Uganda Primary School, before joining Kawempe Muslim Secondary School for his secondary education.

He did not further his education and instead pursued the self-employment path.






Bannansi ba Polond bajjukidde bannaabwe abaafiira mu Uganda wakati wa 1942-1951, nga ensi nyingi zitabaala Ssematalo owokubiri owensi zonna:

By Henry Nsubuga


Added 18th November 2017


Bannansi ba Polond bajjukidde bannaabwe abaafiira mu Uganda wakati wa 1942-1951


Po1 703x422

Wano nga bali ku ntaana z'abagenzi


BANNANSI ba Poland bajjukidde baannaabwe abafiira mu Uganda wakati w'omwaka 1942-1951 bwe badduka e Serbia mu ssematalo ow'okubiri.


Bano bakulembeddwa Senator Maciej  Luczak nga basoose kugenda ku ntaana ezaziikibwamu abantu abali eyo mu 100. Baganzise ebimuli ku ntaana n'okukoleeza emisubbaawa.

Bano babadde ku kyalo Mpunge-Kkojja mu ggombolola y'e Mpunge mu disitulikiti y'e Mukono.



Gavumenti eya wakati ekulembeddwa ssentebe wa disitulikiti y'e Mukono Andrew Ssenyonga ne RDC Maj. David Matovu.

Senator Luczak era agguddewo ekizimbe kye bazimbye ku ddwaliro ly'e Mpunge nga kino kiriko waadi y'abakyala, abaami, n'abaana.



Bano baataddemu n'amasannyalaze g'enjuba n'ebitanda ng'awamu biwemmense ensimbi obukadde nga 250.

Senator agambye nti baakoze kino olw'okusiima omukwano Uganda gwe yalaga abantu baabwe mu kiseera ekyo.



RDC Matovu alabudde abantu okwewala okutabula emirembe n'agamba nti bano baava e Poland okujja e Uganda olw'entalo ezaali ewaabwe. Matovu asabye nti Bannayuganda basaanidde okulonkoma abo abaagala okutabula emirembe eri ab'eny'okwerinda.



Ate Abaganda mbawa gabwerere. Temugeza nemukunganya entana zabantu abo nemutunda ettaka eri ba Investors abamalilidde okugula buli kataka ka Buganda kona ebiro bino.


Osaasira nyo ayagala entalo wano ewaffe mu Africa bwosoma ebyafayo byokufa kwa 1st ne 2nd World War. Bano no bo abagenyi aba Polish abazze okujjukira abantu baabwe bazzukkulu. Naye omuganda agamba nti ensi egula mirambo, nga no temuli wuwo nyabo oba sebo!


Emundu eyali wano e Germany, Poland ne Europe yonna yali nkambwe okufa. Omu Girimani yakuba bbomu nga bwalaya nti ebibuga byonna nensi ya Poland biggwewo byonna obutaddayo kuyimirira. Kibi nti emundu ezafikayo muntalo ezo embi enyo ate ensi nyingi mu Africa zigula ebissi bino okukamala!

President Museveni ayanukudde propaganda omuzzukulu we Bobi Wine gwebawanyisiganya ku ky'ekkomo ku myaka gya President  egyokufuga wano mu Africa:

By Musasi wa Bukedde


Added 8th October 2017



Lob2 703x422

Pulezidenti Museveni bwe yabadde e Lugogo mu mwoleso gwa bannamakolero.


PULEZIDENTI Museveni awandiise ng’ayanukula Bobi Wine ku kiwandiiko kya propaganda kye yamusindikira omwezi oguwedde, ekyekuusa ku nteekateeka z’okuggyawo ekkomo ku myaka gy’Obwapulezidenti n’okukyusa obukulembeze mu mirembe.

Omubaka wa Kyaddondo East Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) yaakawandiikira Museveni enfunda bbiri era nga Pulezidenti amwanukula ku propaganda ono mumawulire ga Uganda. Mu kiwandiiko kya Pulezidenti ekiriko ennaku z’omwezi October 1, 2017 yasoose kulambika nti:

Nkizudde nti Hon. Bobi Wine agifudde nkola okuwandiika by’alowooza ebirina okukolebwa mu Uganda. Bobi Wine yasooka kuwandiika nga July 16, 2017 ng’ayanukula ku kiwandiiko Pulezidenti kye yali awandiise nga kyesigamiziddwa ku kalulu Bobi Wine ke yali yaakawangula


Museveni mu kiwandiiko kino, yasoose kwogera ku kyali e Makerere n’ategeeza nti: Mu kukuza olunaku lwa Muzeeyi Nelson Mandela, Bobi Wine y’omu ku baali mu kibinja ekyagezaako okuwamba omukolo bagufuule ogw’okuvumirira Museveni ne NRM.

Nasalawo obutaanukula ku byabwe nze essira ne ndissa ku Muzeeyi Mandela ne Afrika. Kyokka nalabawo obusiiwuufu bw’empisa, obutamanya n’amalala mu ngeri ekibinja ekyo gye kyali kyeyisaamu.

Oluvannyuma yayogedde ne ku ky’ebbago ly’okuggyawo ekkomo ku myaka, Bobi Wine kwe yeesigamya ekiwandiiko kye n’agamba nti ky’atagenda kukkiriza kwe kutiisatiisa n’okukola effujjo.

Museveni yagasseeko nti: Enkola ey’okutiisatiisa n’okukola effujjo ku bantu ya basibiramubbwa. Buli muntu aweebwe omukisa okwogera ky’alowooza n’okuwa ebirowoozo bye, awatali kutiisibwa.

Tujja kwahhanga buli muntu yenna atiisatiisa oba okutabangula emirembe era tumumegge. Yategeezezza nti waakwogera ebisingawo ku by’ekkomo ku myaka mu kiseera ekituufu.


Yasoose kwewuunya Bobi Wine bye yawandiika ku kabondo ka NRM okuwagira ekiteeso Museveni ayanukudde Bobi Wine ku ky'ekkomo ku myaka ky’ebbago ku myaka bwe yategeeza nti, “ Kino bakikoze mu kiseera ng’eggwanga likulukuta musaayi mu myaka 31 egiyise.

Ettutumu ly’eggwanga lyaffe lyonna lisaanyeewo.” Awo Museveni we yasinzidde n’abuuza nti: Ttutumu ki ly’oyogerako eggwanga lye lyalina ng’abantu tebaalina munnyo, ssukaali, amafuta era nga tewali bukuumi ku bulamu bwabwe n’ebintu byabwe.

Yalambise nti n’okukolokota Gavumenti ku bintu eby’enjawulo omuli n’abavubuka abatalina mirimu, Bobi Wine yakikola akyesigamizza ku butamanya oba ng’asazeewo kulimba mu bugenderevu.

Yanokoddeyo eky’okutemula abakazi n’agamba nti abatemula abakazi bakwatiddwa n’alaga nti e Nansana gye batta abakazi 10 bakutteyo abantu 16 ne batwalibwa mu kkooti; e Kawempe battayo omuwala omu era poliisi n’ekwata 2 ne bavunaanibwa; e Ntebe gye basse abakazi 11, bakutteyo abantu 13 ne bavunaanibwa ate e Bulaga mu Wakiso gye batta omukazi nayo bakutteyo abantu 2 ne bavunaanibwa.

Yawunzise agamba nti NRM erina bingi by’etuuseeko era ekyakola bingi ebitwala Uganda mu maaso.



Naye Buganda ekoye entalo enfu ezitajja kuggwa wano e Buganda nga banabyabufuzi ensi yaleeta batusuza tebukye nga enkoko yo mutamivu.


Aboludda oluvuganya governmenti mbawa gabwerere. Ensi eno mpozzi yetaaga Abazungu e Bungereza kyebayita House of Lords ate mu America nebakiyita Congress. Ensi zino abakadde abatamiira ebyobufuzi gyebabateeka okutuuka okufa. Ekyo mulina kukiyiga.


M7 avudde wala nga ayagala nyo obuvuyo bwebyobufuzi mu Uganda. Bwatyo mu 1980 nga yegase nebanne bakomyawo Obote neyetaba mukulonda. Laba nga bisobye nadduka mbiro neyegatta kubayekera ba Kayiira wano e Buganda. Anti nga mu Ankole bamugobyeyo bano Abanyankole enaku zino abagala afuge okutuusa okufa.

Bamubuuza lwaki abegattako. Yagamba nti Obote abbye obululu. Nebamubuuza obanga abbye bubwe. Ebyadirira mwe ba Bob Wine mwali temunazalibwa naye mubisoma.


Kubanga ebyafaayo bikulu nyo mukukakasa omukulembeze. Tayinza naye kubyegaana. Naye kakati munyumye mu nga abakasisinkana wano mu mawulire gammwe aga Bukedde. Anti gegoka gemukiririzamu okukuba ekyapa.


Forum for Democratic Change erangiridde olutalo ku by'okuggya ekkomo ku myaka gya Pulezidenti

By Muwanga Kakooza


Added 18th September 2017



Nan1 703x422

Nathan Nandala Mafaabi ng'ayogera mu lukung'aana lw'abannamawulire ku kitebe kya FDC e Najjanankumbi


FDC erangiridde ‘olutalo’ oluzingiramu okusaba essaala n’okwekalakaasa nga bawakanya eby’okukyusa Konsityusoni okuggya ekkomo ku myaka gya Pulezidenti kye balumiriza nti kigenderera kulemeza Pulezidenti Museveni mu buyinza okutuusa lw’alifa.

Basabye bannaddiini okuli ne Paapa okuvaayo okwogera ku nsonga zino ne basuubiza n’okukolagana n’ebibiina by’obufuzi ebivuganya gavumenti okuli DP n’aba NRM abakiwakanya okulaba nga Konsityusoni tekyusibwa.

Ebikonge by’ekibiina okwabadde Ssabawandiisi Nandala Mafabi,akolanga pulezidenti Alice Alaso ne ssentebe wakyo Wasswa Biriggwa bino be baabitegeezezza bannamawulire e Najjanankumbi mu Kampala.

Era ne boogerera Pulezidenti Museveni amafukuule nga bamugerageranya n’eyali Pulezidenti Idi Amin eyerangirira nti yali agenda kuba Pulezidenti okutuusa okufa.

Alaso yategeezezza nti ekibiina kigenda kuddamu essaala eza buli wiiki ez’okusabira eggwanga okulaba nga Konsityusoni tekyusibwa. N’agamba nti ekibiina kigenda kutalaaga eggwanga nga kikunga abantu okulwanyisa eby’okukyusa Konsityusoni okuggyamu akawayiro 102 (b) akaggya ekkomo ku myaka gya Pulezidenti.

Nandala Mafabi yagambye nti Lwokuna bagenda kwekunga beekalaase  nga batwala ekiwandiiko mu palamenti nga bawakanya eby’okukyusa akawayiro kano. Ate Biriggwa n’agamba nti okukyusa akawayiro kujja kuleetawo okuyiwa omusaayi mu ggwanga.

‘’Tusaba bannaddiini okuli abalabirizi, abasumba ba Klezia ne Paapa okutwegatako okulwanyisa ekikolwa ky’okukyusa Konsityusoni’’ Mafabi bwe yagambye.

Biriggwa yalangidde ababaka ba palamenti abawagira okukyusa Konsityusoni nti balina omulugube ogubaletera okulowooza ku kukkusa embuto zaabwe. Ate Mafabi n’agamba nti abamu ku bawagira bino ‘’akawunti’’ zaabwe mu bbanka ‘’nkalu’’ nga bwavu bwe bubakoza bino.

Abamu ku babaka ba NRM bategeka okuleeta ekiteeso nga basaba sipiika olukusa abakkirize okuleeta ebbago ly’etteeka ly’okukyusa  Konsityusoni   baggyemu ekkomo ku myaka gy’obukuku 75 eyagala obwa Pulezidenti gy’alina okukomako.



Ate nammwe mukama wammwe M7 yabalangira nga bwetulina abalangira ba buganda, nabagamba nti twajja ffena kakati mungoba naye nga nammwe temmwagala kugenda. Oba ddala kugenda nammwe mugenda ddi?

Kibi nyo nti era mulanze olutalo nate ffe Abaganda muttutte nate tuffe kubanga omufuzi gwemubadde mupepeya naye mukitanda abefulidde! Abalemye okumuzayo ewa bajjajja be awumule.


Ate M7 nebanne bangi nga kwoteese ne Obote 1 ffe Abaganda batutta nga bagoba President wabwe Idi Amin kubanga yagoba Parliament ya Uganda ne Ssematteeka wa Republic nafuga namagye ga Uganda okwagala okutuusa okufa.

Banabibiina obanga mutya nti era okulonda okujja okwa 2021 M7 ajja kubabba obululu nga mutabani wa Kenyatta mu Kenya, oba nga bwabadde ababba kakati emyaka giweze, muli ddala batuufu okumukomya okwetaba mu kulonda kwa Uganda. Alekere awo okubabba obululu ekiyitiridde buli lwemwesimbawo mukulonda kwe buli myaka 5!


Ffe wano e Buganda M7 yatukomya nga asinzira Luweero okututta mbu Obote 2 yabba obululu mukulonda okwasooka okubeerawo mu Uganda 1980 kasokedde twefuga mu 1962. Twazirana nga Getukaaba ge........

Sipiika wa Buganda Nelson Kawalya awanjagidde abakulira eby'okwerinda ku ttemu erisusse mu Bwakabaka bwa Buganda:

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Owekitiibwa Nelson Kawalya ng'ayogerera mu bantu abavudde mu magombolola ga Busiro

By Dickson Kulumba

Added 5th September 2017



SIPIIKA w’Olukiiko lwa Buganda awanjagidde ebitongole bya Gavumenti eby’okwerinda okulwana obwezingirire okumalawo ekitta bantu ekikyase mu bitundu by’e Ntebe wamu ne Nansana mu Disitulikiti y’e Wakiso kubanga kino kiraga nti waliwo obunafu obwetaaga okunogerwa eddagala mu by’okwerinda kw’eggwanga.

“Okutta abantu kugenda kugaziwa bugaziyi, abatta abantu tebakwatibwa ate tebabattira wala nnyo, omuntu okuttirwa mu kifo ky’ekimu ne battirawo n’omulala ne battirawo n’omulala kitegeeza waliwo ekitali kituufu.


Wandittiddwaawo omu ne wakuumibwa emisana n’ekiro okulaba abalala tebattirwawo naye ne battirawo omu..10 okutuuka ku 19..20 kibeera kintu ekyeralikiriza nga bannaffe ab’ebyokwerinda balina okuyimukiramu,” Kawalya bweyategezezza.

Bino abyogedde asisinkanye abatuuze okuva mu magombolola agakola essaza ly’e Busiro omusangibwa ekitundu ky’e Ntebe ng’omukolo gubadde Bulange- Mmengo olwaleero n'akubiriza abantu okwetaba mu kulonda Bassentebe b’ebyalo kubanga bano bagenda kwongera obuwereeza mu bantu ba Kabaka.

Minisita Omubeezi owa Gavumenti ez’ebitundu e Mmengo, Joseph Kawuki ategeezezza nti Obwakabaka bukola ku nsonga y’okukuuma n’okutaasa ekifo ekiyitibwa Entebbezamugula ekisangibwa mu kibuga Ntebe obutasaanyizibwawo nkulaakulana.

Kawuki yeebazizza abaami b’amagombolola okujjanga embuga n’ebiti by’abantu eby’enjawulo mu bitundu byabwe era n’abasaba nti buli lwe babeera bajja e Mmengo, balina n’okuggula ku bantu baabwe ababeera ku kibuga okusobola okujja nga baggumidde.



Ssebwana Charles Kiberu Kisirizza nga ye Mwami atwala essaza ly’e Busiro yasinzidde ku mukolo guno nakubiriza abantu okwetanira enkola y’okufuna ebyapa ku ttaka lyabwe yonna gyeriri okusobola okwewala abafere okubayita emabega nebafuna ebyapa bino ku ttaka kwebatudde.

Kiberu yawadde eky’okulabirako eky’embeera mweyayise omufere bweyamuyise emabega nagenda ayita emabega ew’omuntu eyamuguza ettaka nafuna ekyapa olwo omufere nagenda amuwawabira ku poliisi ng’amulanga kusalimbira ku ttaka lye era ensonga zatuuse wala.

Amaggombolola gano kwabaddeko Ssabaddu Nsangi, Mumyuka Wakiso, Namayumba, Katabi, Kasanje n’amalala baleese ensimbi 19,850,000/- saako eggombolola Mituba XIII Kisekka e Masaka (baleese 2,700,000) nga bonna wamu baleese ensimbi obukadde 22,550,000/- Omukolo gwetabiddwako Hajj Abdul Kiyimba ne bannabyabufuzi okuva mu bitundu bino nga Nsangi yeyasinze amaggombolola amalala bweyaleese obukadde obusoba omukaaga.



  • Obanga abe Mengo mwagala nyo okulonda kwennaku zino mu Africa nammwe mutegeke okulonda okwammwe tubalonde mu Lukiiko lwa Buganda mulyoke mutufuge wano e Buganda!


  • Kigikakatikako governmenti ya Buganda okubeera ne copy oba original yabuli ttaka lya Buganda nabalilinako ebyapa naye no Obote bingi nyo byeyayokya omuliro mu Bulange ekizimbe kya Bulange nakifuula Republic house mpozzi era nebyonna ebyo bwakabaka bwa Buganda nabifula republic okutuusa kakano.


  • Kisanidde nyo okumanyisibwa Abaganda wa omusimbi omunene bwegutyo abakulembeze bano gyebagujja bwekitabe nti batunda oba bapangisa ettaka lya Buganda.

  • Abamagombolola nabemiruka mpozzi nabamasaza bajjibwako obuyinza mu byalo. Obateganyiza bwerere basajja batu nabakazzi battu. Omusaala ku musolo gwetuwa tebafuna ko. Ba chairman bebitundu mwebatudde bebabadde befunira enjawulo za sente mumirimu emingi gyebakola mubitundu byebalinamu obuyinza. Mubibuga nga Entebbe Police ya Uganda yelinamu working budget enene enyo esasulwa omuwi womusolo.

The Central Governmet of Uganda has failed to make national education accessible and cheap for all the children in the country:

Parents and a student line up in a bank

Parents and a student line up in a bank to pay school fess in Bushenyi District, Uganda recently. PHOTO BY RACHEL MABALA 


Kampala- The Ministry of Education and Sports has set up a committee to study fees structures in both government and private schools.
The committee will make recommendations to guide the government on regulating charges in the learning institutions across the country.

Mr Robinson Nsumba-Lyazi, the director of Basic Education, said in an interview yesterday that they have been receiving many complaints from stakeholders that schools are overcharging them, forcing the ministry to establish a committee to look at school needs and guide the ministry on how to control school fees.

“There is a committee on fees chaired by Gulu University Vice Chancellor Prof Frederick Kayanja. It is looking at the fees from different schools and it will give recommendations and work out implementation guidelines. That is what we are waiting for. I think fees should be controlled so that schools focus on priorities,” Mr Lyazi said.

“Schools have tendencies of looking at many projects. They then stress parents to contribute money to implement them. Some schools want to buy buses. They want to construct swimming pools and laboratories at ago. Schools can’t be built in a day. It is a process,” he said.
According to Mr Lyazi, they have received many complaints from parents. He advised head teachers to control their scope of work.

Prof Kayanja was restrained in his response when contacted yesterday. “I am a soldier. Discipline is key. I don’t want to comment on the report,” Prof Kayanja told Daily Monitor yesterday. 
But Mr Patrick Kaboyo, the Federation of non-state Education Institutions general secretary, has questioned the composition of the committee.

While he appreciated the fact that government needs to control the fees charged in education institutions, Mr Kaboyo said the ministry should have considered including stakeholders from the private sector on the committee for balance in order to have a feel of what proprietors go through in running these institutions. 
“Membership of that committee is purely from the Ministry of Education. They have kept it internal. We should be seeing representation from all sides. The concerns are global and we should have regulations on fees. To determine this threshold, it should be scientifically supported. Where is the fees highest? Is it at primary, nursery or secondary?” Mr Kaboyo wondered. 
In February, the minister of Education, Ms Janet Museveni, directed all schools to submit to the ministry their budgets for the last three years. The schools were also tasked to seek permission from the ministry’s permanent secretary before increasing fees.

“There has been rising public outcry against the increasing number of schools which continue to levy unrealistic and prohibitive fees thereby denying access to secondary education to a number of students whose parents are unable to afford the exorbitant fees. This compromises government’s objective of providing affordable education for all,” Ms Museveni said then.
The prestigious traditional schools where most well-to-do most parents prefer to take their children charge not less than Shs900,000 per term even before considering costs of other school requirements.

For example, parents who sought admission to Uganda Martyrs’ Secondary School Namugongo this year parted with Shs1.1m in tuition alone and development fee of Shs450,000. 
In addition to these expenditure, every parent was also required to buy school uniform at Shs450,000 besides a dictionary, mathematical set, mattress, jerrycan, toilet and washing soap, slippers, sandals, night dress and a gown.



St Mary’s Namagunga 1,700,000 
Mary’s College Kisubi 1,900,000 
Gayaza High school 1,520,000 1,230,000
Kibuli SS 1,400,000 
Makerere College 1,200,000 
Ndege SS 1,530,000 1,000,000
Bweranyangi 1,000,000
Trinity College Nabbingo 940,000 
MaryHill HS 916,000
Ntare School 940,000
Mengo SS 810,000 
St Henry, Kitovu 1,000,000 900,000
Tororo Girls’ school 900,000 792,000
Iganga SS 800,000 730,000
St Peters’ SS , Nsambya 900,000 780,000
Teso College, Aloet, 976,000 770,000
Iganga high 570,000 420,000
Mbale SS 410,000 410,000
Nabumali high school 797,000 810,000
Manjasi high school 500,000 470,000
St Paul’s College, Mbale 584,000 584,000
Masaba SS 460,000 400,000
Ediofe Girls SS 680,000 510,000
Mvara SS 670,000 486,000
Muni girls SS 770,000 642,000
Kyambogo college 350,000 262,000
Jinja SS 350,000 250,000
Christ the King SS 420,000 400,000
Dzaipi SS 215,000 157,000
Bukedea Lifelive SS 554,000 370,000
Usuk SS 215,000 161,000
Wanale View SS 430,000 340,000
Comprehensive SS, Mbale 450,000 340,000
Manafwa high school 350,000 300,000
Amanang SS [Bukwo] 192,000 110,000
University Link 370,000 310,000
Rubona SS 129,000 95,000

Wano e Uganda, Omuserikale eyakubye amasasi mu bantu ne gatta omwana n'okulumya abalala 2 akwatiddwa

By Luke Kagiri

Added 23rd March 2017


Nabakooza baamuggyeemu essasi limu ate omwana we yafudde. Mu kiseera kino ali mu ddwaaliro e Mulago.


POLIISI ekuttte omu ku baserikale eyakubye amasasi mu bantu e Busujju okukkakkana nga gasse omwana ow'emyaka ebiri n'okulumya abakulu babiri.

Sgt. Geoffrey Egwang yasangiddwa Kampala gye yabadde addukidde. Ku Mmande, abaserikale ba poliisi baagenze ku kyalo, Buluma ne bakuba amasasi agasse omwana omu n'okulumya abantu babiri.

Ekyalo Buluma, kiri mu ggombolola y'e Butayunja mu ssaza ly'e Busujju mu disitulikiti y'e Mityana.

Ku kyalo kino omutuuze gwe bamanyiiko erya Kulumba bamulumiriza okubeera n'ebyawongo ebitta abantu.

Abatuuze bagamba nti bwe baagezezzaako okumunenya kwe kuyita poliisi eyazze n'ekwata abantu.

Ekiwandiiko akulira Poliisi mu ggwanga, Gen. Kale Kayihura kye yafulumizza eggulo ku Lwokusatu eri bannamawulire ku ttemu lino

Mu kugezaako okuwakanya okubakwata abaserikale kwe kutandika okukuba amasasi ne gakwasa bbebi ow'emyaka ebiri agaamuttiddewo.

Essasi eryasse omwana lyakwasizza ne nnyina Dinah Nabakooza mu kibegabega ate omusajja Ivan Kitto ye gaamukwasizza mu kabina.

Abaserikale olwamaze okukuba amasasi emmundu ne bazitwala ku poliisi e Mityana ne babulawo.

Ssentebe wa disitulikiti y'e Mityana Joseph Luzige, yatuuse ku kyalo kino n'asaba abatuuze okuba abakkakkamu kubanga abaserikale bano bagenda kubanoonya.

Omulambo gw'omwana gwatwaliddwa mu ddwaaliro lya Gavumenti e Mityana ate abaalumiziddwa ne batwalibwa e Mulago.

Omuduumizi wa poliisi mu Wamala Region Fred Kidima, yagambye nti, "Kino baakikoze ku lwabwe naye si ku lwa poliisi era bwe tubakwata bagenda kuvunaanibwa ng'abantu kubanga kye baakoze poliisi tennaba kubatuma", Kidima bwe yakkaatirizza.

Yagambye nti n'omuserikale eyakwatiddwa yeewozezzaako nti, yabadde yeewonya batuuze ababadde bamukuba. Kyokka n'agamba nti, bagenda kuvunaanibwa emisango ebiri okuli ogw'okutta omuntu n'okugezaako okutta abantu.

Ivan Kitto ng'ali mu ddwaliro gy'akyajjanjabirwa. Omuvubuka ono naye bweyakyuuse okudduka nebamukuba essassi emabega mukiwato (kukabina).

Ate DEBORAH NANFUKA eyatuuseeko e Mulago agamba nti, Dinah Nabakooza 23, essasi gwe lyakutte mu kifuba.

Ye Ivan Kitto eyakubiddwa mu kabina bombi baalongooseddwa mu ddwaaliro e e Mulago ne babaggyamu amasasi nga kati bajjanjaba biwundu.

Nabakooza agamba nti bba Pius Kato yabadde mu nnyumba n'alaba mmotoka mu kikomera n'awalampa n'adduka olwo abaserikale ne bayingira mu nnyumba nga bamunoonya.

Oluvannyuma baabalagidde okufulumya abaana kubanga baabadde bagenda kukuba ttiyaggaasi mu nnyumba.

Nabakooza agamba yakutte abaana badduke, omuto n'amuweeka ku mugongo era ono essasi gwe lyasookeddeko ne limukuba n'erikwata ne nnyina.

Ate Ivan Kitto naye yabadde adduka ne bamukuba abiri mu kabina.




Kakati Maama womwaana nga wawonedde wala nyo abatemu bano, ate ye baby nakufaako. Mukazi watu kikyamu nyo eky'Omusirikale gwe gwosasula okukuuma ate ye nalyoka akukuba ekyasi ng' akulaba omukubye omugongo nga odduka nomwaanawo kumugongo era nga tolina mayinja, jambiya oba ekintu kyonna ekiyinza okuleeta obulabe kumusirikale oyo. Essassi nelikuba omugongo gwomwaana nerimuyitamu nawe nerikukuba.


Mubyalo byaffe bakukwasa nga enkumbi osime entaana yo. Oluvanyuma nebakuba akawanga ko nogwamuntaana nga wena ofuuwa nomusaayi. Anti bakuwulidde ko nga abayekera wabogedeko nti bali munimiro yo balya emmere yo nga tebakusabye. Okutuuka mukufuga abantu oba okubakulembera ate empisa zezimu envundu nezikomawo! Kibi nyo.


Muswadde abakuumi be ddembe lya Uganda!Empisa embi nga zino mu Police ya Uganda elambika bulungi obukulembeze obwava munsiko nga busse abantu bangi nyo mungeri eyali yesittazza abantu ababilabako mu myaka gya 1980/86. Empisa envundu ezo, ezitasaamu kitiibwa obulamau bwabantu, zissanidde okukoma.


Abaserikale munsi zonna batendekebwa obutakuba byasi nakamu mubantu babulijjo naddala abakazi nabaana abatalina byabussi byonna byebakute ebileeta omusirikale okwelalikirira obulamu bwe. Kyayinza okukola kwekwebalama ekibinja kyabantu abo nayita obuyambi kunsonga eno.



'Nange ndi mu kutya, mu mmotoka ntambula mmagaamaga'

By Musasi wa Bukedde


Added 20th March 2017












Namwandu Annet Kaweesi ---- Omugenzi Kaweesi



Yategeezezza IGP Kayihura nti oluvannyuma lw’okutemulwa kwa Kaweesi, kati Bannayuganda bali mu kutya okw’amaanyi n’agamba nti naye (Mayiga) ali mu kutya atambula mu mmotoka ng’amagaamaga.


Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga


Mmisa ey’okusabira omwoyo gw'omugenzi Andrew Felix Kaweesi bwe yawede, waabaddewo okungazika ebimuli ku Ssanduuke nga Nnamwandu Annet ye yasoose, ne kuddako abaana n’abalala ne bagoberera okwabadde IGP Kayihura, Katikkiro Mayiga n’abalala.

Eyayogedde ku lwa Famire, Vincent Kityamuweesi Musuubire yayitiddemu abakungubagizi engeri gye yakuzaamu Kaweesi n’agamba nti Kaweesi yali mwana mwegendereza, omuwulize ebbanga lyonna lye yamala mu mikono.

Yagambye nti okusoomooza kwe baafuna nga Famile, bye biseera Kaweeesi lwe yaduumira Poliisi mu Kampala n’emiriraamo abooludda oluvuganya ne batandika ebya Walk to Walk.


Katikkiro Mayiga yategeezezza nti Uganda erina ebizibu bingi mu kiseera kino omuli eby’obwavu, enjala, endwadde, ebbula ly’emirimu, empalana ku mirimu n’okugugulana mu byobufuzi kyokka tewali nsonga lwaki omuntu omu atta munne.

“ Tetujja kumalawo buzibu bwe tulimu nga bannayuganda nga tuyita mu kuttihhana, abasse Kaweesi babadde bamuvunaana ki kye baabadde tebasobola kugonjoola nga bayita mu kuteesa”, Katikkiro bwe yabuuzizza.

Yategeezezza IGP Kayihura nti oluvannyuma lw’okutemulwa kwa Kaweesi, kati Bannayuganda bali mu kutya okw’amaanyi n’agamba nti naye (Mayiga) ali mu kutya atambula mu mmotoka ng’amagaamaga.



Ate Kattikiro amagamaga kiki. Wano kukasozi e Buddu Omugenyi wa Muteesa I, Captain Lugard yayolekeza Ssekabaka Mwanga luwandula ya masasi nga no kiki enyo wano e Buganda. Tekako olutalo lwe Mengo, Masaka, ne Luweero. Omuganda oyigirizibwaamu kimu. Obanga oyagala mirembe munsi yo wetegekere olutalo! Owamanyi totegeraganika naye. Wano Obote yalumba Ssabasajja nga akozesa Amin ku order. Amin bwagyako Obote yabuzibwa amugyeko nga ani amuwadde order. Bona kakano abafuze ensi ya Buganda ani abawa order olyoke otugambe okutegeragana nabo? Ebyokuyigiriza Abaganda ababonabona enyo ebiro bino biveeko. Ziika bafu ode eka ffe abalina abantu baffe abaafa nga ebiwuka muntalo enyingi eza Buganda tewali byotuyigiriza mukutondebwa era ne mukufa.


With hardly any job to go to, many youths in Kampala find themselves trapped in the shackles of gambling addiction hoping, at best, lady luck would smile at them, or, at worst, that their losses do not drive them deeper into a pit they might not be able to dig themselves out of, writes ALON MWESIGWA.

At least one in every four adults or 24 per cent of the people in Kampala is engaged in some form of gambling, a new study has found out.

And those who gamble as a source of livelihood or to escape poverty were more likely to get addicted to it compared to those doing it for leisure, the report added.

The study, which was done by the Makerere-based Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) and covered the 12 months to April 2015, reveals that of those who bet, more than 60 per cent felt the urge to return and win more.

For those who lose, at least 57 per cent reported having felt to return as soon as possible and win back the losses. The respondents said the desire to make money is the major driver.

“It was noted that the desire to make quick easy money is driving the youth into gambling to the extent that some look at gambling as a source of livelihood in lieu of undertaking jobs that may require substantial time, mental and physical commitments,” says the study.

One of the dodgy Licensed sports betting houses in
Kamwokya, on the outskirts of the capital Kampala


The study was done to assess the extent of betting in Kampala. At least 27 per cent of those who bet on sports do it on a daily basis while 40.5 per cent do it at least once a week, the study revealed.

The different modes of gambling range from sports betting, casino gambling, national lottery/play lotto, slot machines, ludo (board game), pool betting, and online betting.

The survey covered people aged 18 years and above, socio-economic characteristics and the status of participation in gambling activities. The youth aged between 18 and 30 years were more likely to engage in gambling compared to their older counterparts. Males were more likely to gamble than females.


As more and more people engage in gambling, the sector has become government’s main target for tax revenue. Government has levied a number of tax measures on the sector such as gaming and poll betting tax, tax on winning bets, and income tax.

In 2013/14, the sector generated Shs 11bn in government revenue – contributing 0.15 per cent to the total revenue. While the gambling tax yield is expected to grow this financial year, the study warns that the presence of many unregistered gambling promoters and branches makes gambling tax collection an expensive venture.

Researchers also warn that the revenue bit should not blindfold policymakers to leave the industry in free-wheel.

“It is important that policy and regulation takes cognizance of the relatively-high poverty and inequality levels in Uganda, and to ensure that gambling does not affect the most vulnerable sectors of our society negatively,” it said. At least four in every 10 gamblers do not budget for their expenditure, it added.


The climate change concept should be put into the syllabus(curriculum) of all African schools on the vast African continent:

Publish Date: Dec 24, 2015

By Madiina Bakar

Common Sense in world farming advances that there is need to reduce green house gas emissions in developed countries by 80% by 2050 in order to have a chance of staying below an average temperature rise of two degrees Celsius. 

Although the countries of Africa have some of the lowest overall and per capita global warming emissions on the planet, they are also likely to suffer from some of the worst consequences of climate change, studies have shown.

The African continent has warmed about half a degree over the last century and the average annual temperature is likely to rise to an average of 1.5-4°C by 2099, according to the estimates from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Africa is suffering deforestation at twice the world rate. 90% of  Africa's original forests have been wiped out by selfish and individuals insensitive to the green environment and its conservation. 

It is estimated that about 620 million people; two out of three people in Africa do not have access to electricity. The 2015 Africa progress report, this over dependence on bio gas puts strain on the environment.

The New Vision reported last week that the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Paris, France, dubbed COP21, which started on November 30 and ended on December 11, had moments of shifting attention to live images of the receding snowline at two peaks of Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains: Margherita and Edward.

The images, the paper reported that beamed into the summit by a team of seasoned mountaineers on location atop the Rwenzoris, helped show the manifestation of climate change around the world, aiding delegates from 195 countries in deliberations that resulted into the global Climate Change Accord.

This means Uganda is no exceptional to Climate Change effects and the country must wake up now to this threat otherwise we may “lose” our country.

Energy supply in Uganda is dominated by traditional biomass, with electricity and other fuels playing a very small role. The current balance between supply and demand for biomass, however, is very fragile and predictions are that there will be a huge deficit of biomass in the 2020s and beyond.

Although we have high stakes on sensitization on climate change through the media and other stakeholders there is so little time left to save the planet most people would do nothing unless we make it much easier for them by tapping the future generations.

It is against this background that integrating climate change in the school curriculum is ripe for the national curriculum development center in Uganda. We have seen a number of campaigns done in schools succeed and easily twinkle into the communities. The hand wash campaign in schools.

Educating future generations about the causes and effects of global climate change is imperative since implementing solutions depends on an informed public, for both societal and individual level actions.

The curriculum probably designed for Primary, secondary and higher institutions of learning would lead the young generation through a progression of understanding climate and weather.

The local impact of temperature level rise, caused by green house gas emissions, deforestation, energy use allowing them to understand that climate change is almost certainly caused by humans.

Climate change can have devastating effects on food production, higher temperatures could place further stress on water scarce regions and make it harder to rear animals and grow crops. It promotes diseases and pests, soil erosion by wind among others.

The human action still will lead to planet change like renewable energy consumption, reforestation this will promote food security and economic growth.

The writer is a lecturer IUIU Kampala Campus



Ekibinja ky’abaana abalenzi abali mubuzibu obutagambika, batigomya Bweyogerere ne Kireka, wano e Buganda: Bakozesa ekigambo: KADOKADO:

Dec 17, 2015


KADOKADO ky’ekibiina ky’ababbi ekitigomya abatuuze b’e Bweyogerere ne Kireka. Ekibinja kino kibeeramu abaana abali wakati w’emyaka 14 ne 17, bali eyo mu 30 n’okusoba. Batigomya abantu okuva ku ssaawa emu ey’akawungeezi okutuukira ddala ku mukaaga ogw'ekiro.

Batambula n’ebiso ebiwagale, obutayimbwa, ebiyiso ebikadde n’emiggo, bw’obagwamu bino bye bakukubisa. Omu y’asooka mu kkubo ng'abalala beekwese, era olukugamba nti 'Suula ekido' n’ogaana oba n’omukaayanja ng’abeekwese babuukayo nga bakukuba.

Ekido kigambo kya luyaaye ekitegeeza siringi 500/-. Poliisi mu kunoonyereza kwayo yazudde nti abaana bano oluusi batambula n'ababbi abakulu era be bakozesa okulinnya mu ssiiringi, ne bagwa munda olwo ne basobola okuggulirawo ababbi abakulu ne bayingira. Abaana bano be bakola nga bambega!

Basula mu bifulukwa by’amayumba amakadde, mu nsiko, mu bibanda bya firimu, ate waliwo n’abatonotono abava mu maka ga bakadde baabwe.

Joachim Ssembatya, ssentebe w’e Kirinnya- Kito yagambye nti poliisi esaanye okufuuza ebikaali bya firimu, kubanga ssente abaana abo ze babba gye ziggweera.

“Abazadde nabo balina okufa ennyo ku baana baabwe naddala mu luwummula luno, omwana ayingira atya ewuwo nga ziweze essaawa bbiri ez’ekiro?,” bw’abuuza.

Akola ng’aduumira poliisi mu Kira munisipaali, Almafzi Tai Ramadhan yakubye olukiiki e Bweyogerere ku ntandikwa ya wiiki eno abatuuze ne bamuloopera ababbi be bamanyi n’enfo mwe basula. Ebimu ku bifo ebyayogeddwaako mulimu mu kkoona okumpi n’essomero lya Mandela College, ku luguudo lw’eggaali y’omukka e Namboole, ne ku leerwe e Kireku mu Bweyogerere.

Francis Wasswa, ssentebe wa Kirinnya Development Association, era atwala ebyokwerinda mu kitindu kino, yagambye nti omubbi omu ayitibwa Shafic Cairo yattiddwa abatuuze bwe yabadde abba, ng’ono y’abadde akolera mu katale e Bweyogerere ng’amaanya nkoko mu kimaanyiro. “ Waliwo ababbi abalala okuli Ibrahim ne Pius, kati be bakyatigomya ekitundu. Bano balina ebibinja bye bakolagana nabyo mu bitundu eby’enjawulo okugeza e Kireka, Kiwatule, Kasokoso ne mu Kiganda,” bwe yagambye.


E Bweyogerere bagumba mu kifulukwa ky’eyali club X-M eyaggya omuliro omwaka oguwedde. Muno balinamu n’obuliri obw’obufaliso obukadde, ebiseppiki mwe bafumbira  n’ebigoyegoye. Nga 13/08/2014, poliisi ye Bweyogerere eyakulemberwamu David Epedu yabakwata n’ebaggalira naye abamu baakomawo ne batandikira we baakoma.

Abaana bano beetuuma amannya okusinziira ku nneeyisa ya buli omu. Kuliko abeeyita ba ‘Snake’(omusota) nti balina obusagwa bwa maanyi. Abalala beeyita ‘mukyamu’. Abeeyita bati bo  babba ssente na nva. ‘Badman’ aba abba sseppiki, fulasita, bugaali; eyeeyita Lugafulo abba ebikozesebwa mu nnyumba ng’amabaafu, ebidomola n’ebikopo, Gaviiri mubbi wa byamasannyalaze nga DVD, Wuufa n’ebirala.

Bagumba ku leerwe mu Kireku zooni ssaako okumpi n’essomero lya Bweyogerere High eriri ku kikubo eky’oku kiswa,  ne banyaga abantu obusawo, ssente, essimu nga n’abamu beegumbulidde okusobya ku bakazi!

Gideon Byomuhangi, akulira poliisi y’e Bweyogerere, ategeezezza nti bafubye okukwata abaana bano, nga muno mwe baakwatira n’eyali kafulu w'ababbi gwe baakazaako erya Kawalabu abadde abba abantu ate n’abatta nga n’olusembyeyo baamukwata asse omuntu era kati akyali ku meere e Luzira.

Isaac Ongom, atwala poliisi ye Kiwatule agamba nti yaakakwata ba Kadokado abawerera ddala mukaaga okuli David Nyombi,  Geoffrey Zimbe, Edward Okooli, Emmanuel Linabyona era nga bonna babeera mu Waboduuku zooni e Kiwatule.

Agamba nti bano baamulonkomedde bannaabwe abalala be babba nabo okuli Eric, Joshua, Kitumba, Arafa, ne Bata era ali ku kaweefube wa kubanoonya.

Sharif Mumbiya, omuvuzi wa bodaboda ku siteegi ya musajjaalumbwa- California  era omutuuze w’e Kiganda mu Kireka D agamba nti omwezi oguwedde, abavubuka bano baamunyagako pikipiki.